The Secret Behind K-Pop Idols Make Up


What is Actually the Secret Behind K-Pop Idol Make Up?

South Korea is famous for its K-pop, its hallyu wave, its culture, and last but not least its citizens’ beauty. And of course it is no longer a secret that every girl uses makeup whenever and wherever they go. If you visit Korea, you will be amazed by the amount of makeup stores you can find in all areas of South Korea. But among all the makeup and beauty brands, have you ever wondered which ones are used by K-pop idols? Which products make them look super stunning? Here we will give you compilation of Kpop Idol makeup products, and how you can apply that makeup on you and so you can be as pretty as them, so check it out!

Makeup Kpop Idols Tips for Facial Treatments

1. SPICA Jiwon

Spica Jiwon

Though most Korean girls like to use thick makeup, SPICA Jiwon shared her thoughts about makeup, and she prefers to apply only basic makeup, since it is more natural. She usually wears eyeshadow, applies some mascara, and puts on a little bit of eyeliner along the edge of her eyelids because her eyelids aren’t thick enough and look too thin. Jiwon also told Billboard that she prefers to use only tint rather than lipsticks while most Korea girls think that applying only tint and no BB (blemish balm) at all means “not using makeup”.


2. SISTAR Hyorin


Hyorin is known for her tanned but glowing skin. What is her secret behind it? Well, it is Omija tea, the South Korea famous traditional tea, that is served from Korea berry with pine nuts.


3. 4Minute HyunA


This 4Minute member is known for her sexy body and cute face. What makes her face looks cute is her puppy eyes. Instead of applying cat-eye liner, Hyun-A usually makes puppy eyes that can follow the natural shape of her eyes, it also makes her eyes look full and round. During an interview for the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, she shared her favorite makeup tips. She mentioned that she usually doesn’t use makeup, but always applies lip products. Hyun-A likes lip tints since applying lip tints make her look natural and also give a look like she is wearing full makeup when actually she is not even applying base makeup.

While other Kpop idols use makeup all over their faces, Goo Hara prefer to use cucumber to moisturise her face. She posted it on her social media account which then attracted everyone to try her special recipe.


5. MissA Suzy


This Korea Nation’s First love, revealed tips not about applying makeup, but about ways to clean off makeup. She uses the 4-2-4 rule of cleaning, which includes 3 steps. First, she uses oil cleanser to clean off her makeup while giving her face a relaxing massage. After that, for the next two seconds, she uses regular facial soap and massages her face again, last but not least for the next four minutes, she rinses her face using water and lets her face air dry. Suzy doesn’t use a towel to dry her face.


6. TWICE Tzuyu

tzuyu twice maknaeThis TWICE member has a unique tip in applying face masks to moisture her face, which she applies as her daily routine. She applies multiple masks all over her face, which is known as “Phantom of the Opera” style. This style helps her to get all the benefit from multiple types of face masks.


7. JYJ Jaejoong


Its not only Kpop female idols that need to take care of their appearance, but also male idols. JYJ Jae Joong admitted that he has an extremely sensitive skin which is why even after using makeup for a performance, he washes his face only with water. But when needed, he will use cleanser but it is rare.


8. Infinite Sungyeol


Instead of applying skincare on his skin, this member of Infinite prefers to treat his skin by consuming vitamins. Sungyeol usually drinks cabbage juice, this is to keep his face glowing. This tips is actually really popular in South Korea now.


9.  B1A4 Baro


The secret behind his good face is his food. Baro always avoids foods that are oily. As oily foods are known to lead to acne and breakouts.


10. ASTRO Eun-Woo


Eun-Woo’s secret for glowing and healthy skin is the steps in his skin care routine. It consists of: water hydration mint, toner, cleaner, and face cream that he uses over night.


11. Song Joong-ki


This man who married to Song Hye-kyo mentioned that his clean and shiny skin secret is the treatment he applies before going to sleep. Song Joong-ki usually washes his skin with milk at night. He also prevents his skin from drying by avoiding heaters.

12. Girls’ Generation Seohyun


Girls Generation members are known for their beautiful faces and slim body ever since they debuted. And Seohyun, one of those beautiful angels, of course has her own tips. The secret of her moisturised face is applying facial oil but only a thin layer after she washes her face.


Let’s Find Out Kpop Idol Makeup Products

Previously, we have discussed about Kpop idol makeup and treatment, here we will reveal some makeup products and brands that are used by Kpop idols

1. F(x) Sulli


Sulli, is F(x) member who was appointed as the brand ambassador of one of Korea’s makeup brands that has gone worldwide, Etude House. So, it is no wonder that F(x) Sulli makeup is all about Etude. This main cast of “To the Beautiful You”, shared her favorite Etude House product, which she usually uses. It is Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base. She usually uses it before applying BB Cream. It is to smooth out her complexion.


2. After School Nana


Nana admitted that she often colored her hair and changed her hairstyle which then cause damage and ruined her beautiful long hair. For Nana, skin care isn’t everything that Kpop idols deal with, hair is also an important thing. That’s why, she now applies hair oil for her hair treatment, and she told Instyle that her favorite product is Moroccanoil Treatment Light. It helps her to nourish and also strengthen her hair.


3. Shinee Jonghyun

shinee jonghyun

Jong Hyun is a brand model for one of famous skincare in Korea, SAEM. While being the brand model, Jong Hyun also shares his favorite skincare treatments from SAEM, which are facial packs including eyes creams and masks. The facial packs keep his face glowing and healthy.


4. 2NE1 CL


The leader of 2NE1, CL, mentioned that she prefer strong eyeliner and loves trying on many lip colors. As for eyeliner and mascara, she usually uses Maybelline products. She was the spoke-woman for Maybelline.


5. SPICA Jiwon


Talking about makeup products, the brand that is totally Jiwon is Yves Santi Laurent and The Benefit. As you read above Jiwon loves putting only tint, The Benefit tint is her favorite one. As for time she put on full makeup, she usually applies eye shadow from Dior and Mule Foundation by Saem Mul Mule Foundation. Dior is her favorite brand for mascara as well, especially the one that can dilute in water and extend her eyelids. Not only that, Jiwon also uses Korean brand O-Hui, eye cream lotion and also toner from a natural herb cosmetic brand “Be the Skin”.