Get to Know The Rose’s Woosung: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Dating Rumor, Etc.

The Rose’s Woosung’s Appearance on Superband

On April 12, 2019, The Rose performed as one of the participants in the JTBC entertainment program Super Band which gathered various bands and musicians in Korea.

From the moment The Rose went on stage and checked the sound that day, the judges expressed their anticipation because it was the first time the entire band competed as a team on the show. The band then captured the audiences’ hearts by playing The Script’s song “Breakeven” on the first broadcast.


Among the many talented participants on the show, Woosung was definitely one of the contestants who gathered a lot of attention with “the strongest vocal,” according to a judge. After the performance was over, Nell’s member Kim Jong-wan specifically praised Woosung by saying, “The voice of vocalist Kim Woo-sung is good. It’s a big advantage.”

The Rose was well-received for their stable sound and strong teamwork. But, in the end, only Woosung went up to the finals.

Reflecting on the experience when he entered the finals alone, Woosung said, “It was a feeling that the front was dark when the results were announced,” he added, “I was scared at the thought of it.” However, he said that this appearance had given him a valuable lesson. “Through Super Ban, The Rose also had a lot to learn. I think it was just another hill to overcome,” he added.

“While participating in the program, music is really made with the difference of one sheet of paper, but I feel deeply how much the difference between that sheet of paper is,” he concluded.

But, although Woosung went to the finals alone, it seems like he also brought the band’s success along with his own since after The Rose’s appearance on the show, the music video for their debut song “Sorry” exceeded 10 million views and became a hot topic among netizens. The Rose was also ranked in the top of real-time search terms on major portal sites right after the broadcast.

Wow, a true stepping stone for the band!


The Rose’s Woosung’s Solo Debut

After acquiring success with the appearance on Super Band, Woosung preceded to announce that he’d release his first mini-album titled Wolf on July 25, 2019. It is actually an album that Woosung was been preparing for over two years after telling the company that he wanted to show the lonely figure of a wolf through a PowerPoint presentation.

At the time of the shooting, he even had to practice for SBS’ Super Band and finish the album at the same time, so he said that he fell asleep a lot while filming.

He released the photo concept album on July 16, 2019. Although the Wolfdog on the album cover was cute, the filming was very difficult because the dog wouldn’t really listen.

On July 19, 2019, he began pre-releasing the song included in the mini-album titled “I’m Lonely.” He then released his title track “Face” along with the album on July 25, 2019.

When he promoted his album on After School Club ep 379, he went on explaining the meaning of his title track “Face.” He said, “Everybody has the right to get respected by what kind of faces they like, so when I say ‘I like your face, it doesn’t need to be some face that I especially— yeah, it could be something that you know, that you like or he likes, she likes or whatever so that’s the biggest message of the face.”

In that episode, he also reaffirmed that he likes all kinds of faces.

When he was asked why he chose the wolf concept for his solo album Wolf, he explained, “Because I think there are two sides of a wolf that I wanted to show people and like normally when people think of wolves they think of like, really like, kind of scary kind of like very wild, but at the same time there’s, I think there’s a side of the wolf…”

”…One side is wild and the other side is sensitive,” he added.

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