The Rose’s Jaehyeong: Profile, Military, Ideal Type, Etc.

The Rose’s Jaehyeong’s Performances on Stage


A band is all about live performances. It’s no fun to just see them on the music video singing their song with the studio version. Although it’s already good, but listen to their performance live while the band is actually playing the instruments and the vocalists are singing live! It’s really such a feast for the ears to listen to a great live performance.

So, let’s see the performances of The Rose, not only performing “Sorry” as their debut song, but also other songs that are just as good as their debut song.

What do you think about The Rose’s performances? Hopefully, The Rose will hold a concert soon in your area so you can see their performances live!

The Rose’s Jaehyeong’s Ideal Type: Girlfriend?


Jaehyeong is such an ideal boyfriend with his gorgeous visual and his talent in music. Imagine him being your crush in high school, the popular bassist of your school band. Oh my gosh, Jaehyeong really has that power.

But have you imagined if he already has a girlfriend or not? Well, with a handsome face and all that charisma that he has, no way that he hasn’t made someone fall in love with him in real life. But we’ll never know because Jaehyeong never has any rumor linked to him about his relationship status.


As you may know, usually Korean celebrities try not to expose their relationships to the public. Only some celebrities go public about their relationships, especially after reporters have spilled the photos of them with their partners. Up until now, Jaehyeong has never been caught with a girl. So it could be that he hasn’t been in a relationship up till now, or he just doesn’t want to share his relationship status.

But you probably wonder what kind of girl does Jaehyeong like?

He likes a girl with chubby cheeks and when she looks at him with her big rounded eyes, it will make his heart flutter. Jaehyeong also likes a girl who can understand him really well.

Whatever it is, let’s just hope that one day Jaehyeong will find his true love!

The Rose’s Jaehyeong’s Military Enlistment


One of the saddest things when stanning a Korean male celebrity is seeing them gone for around 21 months. It is their responsibility as a Korean male to serve their country and we have no right to forbid them. So, what we can do as a fan is just to wait and support them while they’re gone, until they come back and return as a better person.

And why did we bring that up now? That’s because on November 4th, 2020, Jaehyeong posted on his Instagram account that he would soon be joining the military. In the letter that he wrote by himself, Jaehyeong said that he would enlist in the military on November 12th, 2020. This decision was made following the other members in The Rose, Dojoon and Hajoon.


Hopefully, they will be coming back even greater in 2022 as a whole band. Can’t wait to hear their music soon!


Well, how was it? Jaehyeong from The Rose is really such a talented guy, right? Not only he’s a cool bassist and his face is just so gorgeous, but he’s also such a lovable person. Not to mention that he is one of the pioneers in The Rose. Just imagine how passionate he is about his band. He’s really the type of guy who someone would have a crush on in real life. Which of Jaehyeong’s charms do you like the most? Kindly let us know in the comment section!