The Rose’s Jaehyeong: Profile, Military, Ideal Type, Etc.


Meet the Handsome Bassist of The Rose—Jaehyeong

Do you know that not only girl groups and boy groups, but K-pop also has bands? Yes, there are some K-pop bands that are getting popular around Korea and outside Korea. Some of the popular K-pop bands are FT ISLAND, CNBLUE, Day6, and N Flying. They have been known by Korean and international fans. They have also produced and created a lot of good songs.

In this article, we are going to be talking about one of the members of the popular K-pop band The Rose. They are a band that consists of four talented members, who are Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong. The Rose made a debut officially in 2017, but they have been existing as an indie band since 2015.

Just like any other band, The Rose have been producing their own songs and they have been writing lyrics and creating their music since they were an indie band. Jaehyeong and Dojoon started their band by doing a busking around the Hongdae area.

Let’s find out more about the handsome bassist of The Rose, Jaehyeong!

The Rose’s Jaehyeong’s Profile


Full Name: Lee Jaehyeong

Korean Stage Name: 재형

Korean Real Name: 이재형

Stage Name: Jaehyeong

English Name: Jeff

Nickname: Sexy Bassist

Birthplace: Gangwon-do, Samcheok-si, South Korea

Nationality: Korean

Occupation: Bassist

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Birthday: November 3rd, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Zodiac: Goat

Position: Bassist

Blood Type: B

Hobbies/Specialties: Playing bass, cooking, etc.

Debut: 2017

Agency: J&Star Company

Instagram: @gud0011

The Rose’s Jaehyeong’s Facts

  • Jaehyeong has two basses. The wooden bass named Juicy, while the other bass, the one that has a red color, he still hasn’t given it a name.
  • Jaehyeong took part in producing music for The Rose.
  • Jaehyeong likes acoustic music so he likes Jason Mraz very much.
  • Jaehyeong and Dojoon have a similar taste in music.
  • Jaheyong also likes One Ok Rock.
  • Jaehyeong is often bitten by mosquitos.
  • Jaehyeong’s favorite song of The Rose is “Insomnia”.
  • Jaehyeong became a trainee when he was in the third year of high school but he managed to graduate from his school in Samcheok then moved to Seoul.
  • Jaehyeong said that he would choose Woosung as his shopping mate because his fashion sense was influenced by Woosung.
  • Jaehyeong said that his soul mate is Hajoon among The Rose members.
  • As for the late-night mate, he chooses Hajoon and Dojoon.
  • Jaehyeong has the same name as Jae the guitarist of Day6.
  • Jaehyeong likes to cook and his favorite TV show is Delicious Guys.

The Rose’s Jaehyeong’s Pre-Debut


We have seen the profile and list of facts about Jaehyeong. Now we know that he’s such an adorable person. Not only his face is handsome but his personality and tastes just make him more attractive.

We mentioned before that Jaehyeong took a part in the formation of The Rose. He started the band in 2015 along with Hajoon and Dojoon before they entered into a company. But you probably wondered how the boy named Lee Jaehyeong then became interested in music and decided to form a band?

Let’s see the full story of Jaehyeong’s pre-debut era below!

Jaehyeong was born with the name Lee Jaehyeong. He was born in Gangwon-do, Samcheok-si, South Korea on November 3rd, 1994. There, he spent his childhood and lived with his parents. Even when he was young, he was already into music. He also learned hapkido when he was in elementary school. Jaehyeong attended the schools in Samcheok-si until he graduated from high school.

When he was in the third year of high school Jaehyeong got accepted into a K-pop agency in Seoul. He then left his hometown and became a trainee of the Music Works agency. At first, he was trained to be a member of a dance group. But since the trainees had talent in musical instruments, the group changed to a band instead. Especially Jaehyeong caught the attention with his bass, even though he also can play the guitar.


Jaehyeong met Kim Jaehwan the solo artist and ex-WANNA ONE member, when he was a trainee. They prepared to be part of a band named Sherlock that also included other members, such as Matthew, Min Chanki, and Kim Yijae.

Jaehyeong also appeared once as a guitarist for the musician called Gilgoo Bonggu (GB9) and performed a song named “DalAh” on Mnet Countdown in 2014.

In 2015, Jaehyeong met Dojoon and they often went busking in Hongdae street, one of the busiest streets in Seoul where musicians like to have live performances. However, Dojoon was a trainee of DSP Media at that time. He was busy with the trainee schedule, so he couldn’t go there often.


Jaehyeong then met Hajoon, he is a drummer and he can sing too. The two of them went busking in Hongdae street while Dojoon busy with his trainee schedule. But in the end, Dojoon left his agency and became a part of their busking band. They named themselves Windfall and became an indie band.

After he was sure to be a bassist, he only searched for an agency that wanted to debut a band instead of an idol group. Therefore, he got accepted as a trainee in J&Star Company who later on debuted him as a member of the band called The Rose.

Jaehyeong’s Debut with The Rose


The Rose’s journey to making a debut was quite hard. Jaehyeong, especially, one of the pioneers of the band had to face some problems before they finally formed into a solid band. After the three of them, Jaehyeong, Hajoon, and Dojoon declared themselves as Windfall, J&Star company recruited them as trainees in 2016.

There, they met Woosung who was originally preparing to be a solo singer. Woosung is a former contestant of K-pop Star who has been known for his singing talent and he can also play guitar. He became the new member of Windfall. The band then had four members. And their formation has become complete too.

the rose

In 2017, the band prepared for its debut. They changed their name to The Rose instead of Windfall. Even so, the formation of the band was still the same. Woosung as the vocalist and electric guitarist, Dojoon as the vocalist and acoustic guitarist, Hajoon as the drummer, and Jaehyeong as the bassist. Both Hajoon and Jaehyeong are also sub-vocalists.

On August 3rd, 2017, The Rose released their first official song titled “Sorry”. Let’s check out the music video below!

The song is so captivating. Woosung and Dojoon’s voices are matched so well. Don’t forget to put this song on your playlist!

The Rose also performed in some music shows just like other K-pop boy groups and girl groups. Let’s see the debut stage of The Rose in music shows performing their single, “Sorry”!

We’re really sorry to people who haven’t listened to this masterpiece. The Rose’s debut song is just too good!