Everything About The Rose’s Dojoon: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Military Enlistment, Etc.

the rose dojoon

The Red Rose of The Rose, Dojoon!

Dojoon is one of the early members of The Rose along with Hajoon and Jaehyung. He was even the one who recruited Woosung into the band since he was also a former trainee from DSP Media and a close friend of Woosung. Same with Woosung, he also speaks English fluently since he lived in New Zealand for 5 years. In The Rose, he represents the red rose among the members, which means passion and enthusiasm much like himself.

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Full Profile of The Rose’s Dojoon

the rose dojoon
  • Stage Name: Dojoon (도준)
  • Birth Name: Park Dojoon (박도준)
  • English Name: Leo
  • Birthday: April 20th, 1993
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
  • Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Instagram: @parclassic
  • Twitter: @parclassic


The Rose’s Dojoon’s Fun Facts That You Should Know

the rose dojoon
  • Busan, South Korea, is his hometown.
  • Dojoon graduated from Changnyeong Okya High School.
  • His English name is Leo.
  • Dojoon is a former DSP Media trainee.
  • In the group, he filled the position as the main vocalist, keyboardist, and acoustic guitarist.
  • Dojoon learned to play the piano during his childhood.
  • Dojoon was one of the original members of the band along with Hajoon and Jaehyung under the name Windfall.
  • In the grouphe represents the red rose among the members, which means passion and enthusiasm.
  • Dojoon used to live in New Zealand for 5 years.
  • Dojoon said one of his happiest moments in New Zealand was when he was running through the fields.
  • Dojoon can do the Haka dance.
  • At the beginning of his debut, Dojoon showed off his Haka at Arirang’s Pops in Seoul.
  • While busking in Hongdae, he met Jaehyung and later formed a band with him.
  • Dojoon can speak English fluently.
  • Dojoon is a very organized person.
  • Neighborhood Leader is his childhood nickname.
  • Dojoon made an appearance on SBS’ 2016 drama Entertainer.
  • Dojoon wants to learn acting.
  • Dojoon made an appearance in Eddy Kim’s “Coffee & Tea” MV along with Hajoon and Jaehyeong
  • Dojoon is a fan of the movie Sing Street, and he watched it monthly with other members in The Rose.
  • Dojoon’s favorite animal is the tiger.
  • Dojoon used to play soccer, and he can play golf.
  • Dojoon collects Iron Man merchandise.
  • Dojoon used to work as a waiter at a restaurant.
  • Dojoon loves international food, especially Italian foods such as lasagna, pizza, and pasta.
  • Every time he fell asleep he would snore loudly.
  • Dojoon said he’s struggling to speak standard Korean.
  • Dojoon role model is singer Jason Mraz.
  • Dojoon respects the Korean musician Kim Dong-ryul.
  • Dojoon has a close friendship with K.A.R.D’s J.Seph and April’s Ye-na.
  • Dojoon once served as the president of a whole school.
  • Coldplay and The Script are his favorite bands.
  • Dojoon uploaded a dance with Kim Shin-young where they showed their sibling chemistry.
  • Dojoon named actresses Han Ji-min and Moon Chae-won as his ideal types.
  • For over 10 years since middle school, Dojoon picked Han Ji-min as his ideal type.
  • Whenever he talks about his ideal type, his expression brightens.
  • Dojoon said that he wants to receive a Grammy Award.
  • On July 6, 2020, Dojoon enlisted in the military.


Dojoon’s Official Debut with The Rose

the rose dojoon

Dojoon was born in Busan and graduated from Changnyeong Okya High School. As a child, he lived in New Zealand for 5 years (that’s why he can speak English fluently and is in charge of teaching English to the team with Woosung). He studied in New Zealand for five years to broaden his horizons. After he returned to Korea in his second year of middle school, he auditioned at DSP Media and became a trainee. Apparently, he knew Woosung from there.

Dojoon wanted to do music. So, he went to Seoul and started busking. He was lucky enough to pass the audition at DSP Media, and for two years he worked hard to prepare for an idol group. But, Dojoon was later frustrated because of the long wait to debut.

One day, while Dojoon was playing music in Hongdae, he got to know Jaehyung when he was preparing to be an idol. Then, after a long time, he got in touch with Jaehyung, and the two plus Hajun formed a band under the name Windfall.

Dojun said that he always had a desire to be in a band, and he was intrigued by Jaehyung and Hajun’s idea to form a band.

At first, Dojoon couldn’t let go of his dream of being in an idol group, but when he talked with the members of The Rose back then, that thought suddenly disappeared. In an interview, he explained the beginning of the band, “While preparing for an idol, the band wanted to do it too much.

The desire to become a band came together and asked to share, and at first, I formed a band in 2015 under the name of Windfall and became active. I thought that this might be attractive, so I sent a love call to join the band.”

Dojoon then recruited Woosung to the band who fell in love with the team as soon as he saw the first performance. And, Woosung turned out to have a connection with the CEO who helped The Rose debut. The band then formed the agency J & Star Company with 4 members: Kim Woosung on vocals and the guitar; Park Dojoon on vocals, keyboard, and the guitar; Lee Hajoon on the drums; and Lee Jaehyung on the bass.

Dojoon debuted as a band with The Rose on August 3, 2017, through the release of the single “Sorry.” Dojoon is in charge of the piano and acoustic guitar and is also active as vocals in the team. Dojoon has a clear vocalization and sings the soft vocal parts to accompany Woosung’s voice.

The Rose’s first single received huge international recognition within the first year. A month after debuting, Rolling Stone India called The Rose’a song “A fantastic introduction to the band’s soft-rock vibe.” On December 14, 2017, “Sorry” managed to become one of the best Korean pop songs of 2017 according to Billboard.

At that time, their music video on YouTube managed to get over 3 million views, which is a huge number for a new band. “Sorry” was also selected to be among the best 20 K-pop songs selected by Billboard U.S. and rose to 8th place on the U.S. iTunes K-Pop chart.

On top of being talented, all the songs by The Rose are co-written and composed by all the members. Although there is always a conflict of opinion, the proportion of participants in the lyrics and composition is almost the same, about 24.9% and 25.1% per member. With this note, it is not far to say that The Rose has one of the most solid teamwork in the K-pop industry. Do you agree?