Everything You Need to Know About the Variety Show ‘The Return of Superman’

Dancing Together While Playing Guitar, Sweet Peeking at EXO’s Kai and Chanyeol Trying to Take Na-eun and Geon-hoo’s Hearts!


The episode of the KBS2 program The Return of Superman aired on Sunday, December 23rd, 2018 featured two EXO members, namely Chanyeol and Kai. They visited the show to meet Na-eun and Geon-hoo.

On that occasion, both Kai and Chanyeol tried to get close with Na-eun and Geon-hoo. Knowing that they like to dance and sing, Kai danced to the song “The Three Little Bears.” Na-eun and Geon-hoo eventually danced together with Kai.

However, after that, suddenly the music changed. Kai also performed the swag version of “The Three Little Bears.” But, instead of making Na-eun and Geon-hoo fascinated, the two were shocked and they moved away. When Kai asked Na-eun if his appearance just looks cool, the little girl shook her head immediately.

Afterward, Chanyeol tried to draw Na-eun and Geon-hoo’s attention by removing his guitar. Chanyeol also let both of them play his guitar strings, he even played a song while the two danced happily.


Also happy to see the action of Na-eun and Geon-hoo, Chanyeol praised both of them by saying, “They have a good sense of rhythm. We have to recruit them to join SM Entertainment.”

Next, Chanyeol introduced Na-eun and Geon-hoo to his small pet dog named Toben. As is known, Toben is Chanyeol’s favorite poodle dog, which he often exhibits on his social media accounts.

Geon-hoo immediately fell in love with Toben after Chanyeol introduced them. In addition, Na-eun and Geon-hoo also spent a lot of time playing with Toben, from feeding it to trying to do some simple tricks.