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Song Triplets


Song Dae-han


Song Dae-han is the son of Song Il-kook and Jung Seung-yeon. Song Dae-han was born on March 16th, 2012. As the eldest son, Dae-han had a very mature face when he was born compared to his younger siblings. The name Dae-han means “Republic.”

In the Korean reality show The Return of Superman, Dae-han was a very obedient child, he was able to give his younger siblings advice and warn them not to do bad things. Dae-han had never been picky about food and has always been the first to finish his meal. Dae-han could even be left by his father, even if only for a while.

Dae-han is very unhappy with dirty things, such as mud and color paint. He often wakes up the earliest. Dae-han is the quietest child among his siblings, but lately, he does a lot of talking. Dae-han never wanted to interfere when his brother was fighting over something. Dae-han is often told by his father to look after his brothers.

Song Min-guk


“Born Tobe Cuteness” is a term that is often given to Song Min-guk because he likes to act cute by winking his eyes. Min-guk has a bigger head than his two siblings. Min-guk means “Korea.”

Min-guk really likes to dance and sing. At birth, Minguk suffered from severe atopy which made him dislike being touched. This makes his father and mother always stay awake at night to look after him, who often scratches his body. Min-guk is most often the victim of bullying done by his two brothers, especially Song Man-se, who often fights over toys.

As a second child, Min-guk is often jealous. Min-guk always wakes up the earliest, so he got the title “The Morning Angel.” Min-guk has the strongest memory compared to his two siblings. Min-guk doesn’t like dirty things, just like Dae-han. In the Korean reality show The Return of Superman, Min-guk most often interacts with the cameraman by asking “Uncle, what are you doing?” repeatedly.

Song Man-se


“Free Spirit” is the nickname given to Song Man-se. Man-se is an active and ignorant child, more active than his brother. Man-se has cute and sexy lips compared to his siblings. Born on the same date but Man-se weighed the least with 1.54, but with the development of time, Man-se grew large and healthy. Man-se means “Hooray” or “Glory.”

Man-se is the most stubborn child compared to his two brothers. Man-se often doesn’t obey his father’s words. Because he is the last child, Man-se has a spirit of freedom. Man-se often annoys Min-guk and fights over goods with him. Man-se often picks food. If he doesn’t like his food, he won’t swallow it. Man-se is very obsessed with cars. If you hold the steering wheel, Man-se doesn’t want to leave the driver’s seat. He will cry when he is angry and scared.

Man-se most often makes his father troubled because he is very passionate and active. Man-se doesn’t always come when his dad calls his name. Man-se talked most often and asked questions. Man-se is the bravest compared to his two brothers. In contrast to his brother, Man-se is not afraid of dirty things like mud.

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Song Triplets Rake in $4.26 Million from Endorsements Alone at the Age of Three


How much are celebrity endorsements worth? For South Korea’s Song triplets, it is a whopping $4.26 million.

The nation’s most adored triplets – Dae-han, Min-guk, and Man-se – have been voted by netizens as the fifth most popular celebrities in South Korean advertising. According to Apple Daily, the triplets raked in $4.26 million this year by appearing in a total of 11 advertisements for a wide variety of products, ranging from fruit juice to electronics.

At the early age of three, the adorable triplets have gained a massive following both in their home country and abroad, thanks to the KBS reality show The Return of Superman, which they star in alongside their dad, actor Song Il-kook. The show features Korean celebrity dads who have to spend 48 hours alone with their children. Other children who have found enormous fame from the series include MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon’s daughter Sa-rang and comedian Lee Hwi-jae’s twin boys Seo-eon and Seo-jun.

Despite being so popular, the Song triplets’ average fee of $387,500 per commercial is still a far cry from My Love from the Star actress Jun Ji-hyun’s $1.29 million average fees. 34-year-old Jun was ranked the most popular Korean celebrity for endorsements and currently appears in regional TV commercials for Japanese skincare brand Hada Labo. Coming in second is singer Suzy, a member of the K-Pop girl group Miss A. Although she is only 21 years old, the sexy starlet has many fans across Asia and charges an estimated $900,000 per endorsement. Her current boyfriend, actor Lee Min-ho, was not included in the top 5 list.

Actor Cha Seung-won, is said to be third most popular and charges around $770,000 per endorsement. Sharing the fourth place are figure skater Kim Yu-na, and boyish actor Kim Soo-hyun, who earn an average of $1.55 million and $1.29 million per endorsement deal. Last year, Kim Soo-hyun, who starred alongside Jun in My Love from the Star, reportedly set a record for having 35 product endorsements at one time.

Tying with the Song triplets at fifth place is actor Hyun Bin, who is best known for his leading roles in My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Secret Garden. Hyun Bin reportedly earns an average of $900,000 per endorsement deal.