K-Drama Review: ‘The Light in Your Eyes’ Starring Han Ji-min Will Teach You A Life Lesson

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Light in Your Eyes

the light in your eyes

The premise of The story is unique and different from another time travel-themed dramas

The fantasy Bergen, The Light in Your Eyes, tells us about the magical ability of an old watch that Hye Ja found on the beach. The watch can make its owner go back to the past, whether it’s a few minutes to a few hours. But unlike most other time-themed dramas, there is a price to pay after using the watch. If, in other dramas, the only thing that changes because of the main character’s time travel to the past in the present situation, then it is different from The Light in Your Eyes. Not only changing the current situation, but a trip to the past made Hye Ja also got old. That is, every time she uses to return to the past, she must pay with her own time in the present and future. Unique and unusual, right.

Many hilarious scenes that make loud in each episode

One of the main strengths of this drama is its hilarious abundant scenes. Starring Son Ho Jun, who often plays absurd, eccentric, and laughing characters, even in The Light in Your Eyes, he successfully became the “main star” of scenes that shuffle the stomach.

Not just hilarious scenes, but there are also touching scenes.

Personal conflicts of each character that are relatable to the real situation in the real world 

Because the main characters are in their mid-20s, the personal conflicts are genuine in the real world. Starting from work-related conflicts, chasing dreams, wanting to make parents happy, still being bored with their ex, to various obstacles that create doubts about their talents and abilities to pursue dreams.

Many life lessons can be learned from this drama.

Many life lessons can be learned from Having a relatable conflict drama. It starts with love, friendship, the pursuit of dreams, family, respect for parents, and appreciation of the time before you begin to age. How inspiring this drama is!



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