K-Drama Review: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch ‘The Liar and His Lover’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Liar and His Lover

the liar and his lover

Even though The Liar and His Lover didn’t got huge ratings, the drama still got a lot of engagement from its viewers. It became one of the most popular, and obviously one of the recommended dramas for you! With light conflict and a teenage-romance love story, The Liar and His Lover was loved by people due to the simplicity of the story. So, don’t forget to add The Liar and His Lover to your drama list!

And here are 5 reasons why The Liar and His Lover is highly recommended for you!

  1. Teenage Romance, Love at the First Sight!

There’s a lot of people out there who still believe in love at the first sight. Through this drama, you can see the real action of love at the first sight from how Yoon So-rim was fallen for Kang Han-kyeol’s charm. Since the setting was around teenagers, the drama was lower in conflict and the romance will make your heart flutter, as well!

2. Mostly Within Music and Casual Love Story

Since Yoon So-rim was a girl who was really in love with music, and the drama’s genre was also music, obviously you will be seeing a lot of music here. Whether it was song performances, the song writing process, song recording, or a band with full of playing instruments skill. Not only that, you will love the simple love story between teenagers, with the mixture of a love triangle!

3. Revealed About Korean Music Industry

Many people think that the Korean music industry is one of the best careers for real, but that’s from the outside. People didn’t know about the struggle inside. Through The Liar and His Lover, people can see how an agency or management company can be cruel and greedy to gain a lot of profits from their artists, without paying attention to the effects the cause.

4. Taught Us How to Reach Our Dreams

Yoon So-rim and her best friends were really fond of music. Even though they haven’t get any achievement at the first place, they don’t give up until, one day, one of their teachers paid attention to their struggle and eventually they joined one of the agencies and debuted with their band, Mush & Co!

5. Lots of Beautiful Soundtracks

From The Liar and His Lover, you can hear a lot of beautiful soundtracks. Moreover, the soundtracks are sung by the characters in real life. Red Velvet’s Joy was sang some of the soundtracks, including Yeowoyaa, A Fox, Shiny Boy, The Way To Me, and many more! There’s also some soundtracks from Crude Play, such as In Your Eyes, I’m Okay, Peterpan, and many more!

That’s all of the information about The Liar and His Lover that you need to know! The drama obviously had its own attractiveness, so don’t waste your time, watch the drama as soon as possible!

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