K-Drama Review: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch ‘The Liar and His Lover’

The Liar and His Lover: The Cast

the liar and his lover

Let’s get to know about some of The Liar and His Lover’s cast!

Red Velvet’s Joy as Yoon So-rim

yoon so rim

Red Velvet’s Joy was cast as Yoon So-rim, a girl who really loved music. She had some kind of trauma every time she stood up on stage, even though she had beautiful voice. She just lived with her grandmother. Yoon So-rim met Kang Han-kyeol accidentally in Han River, and she fell in love at first sight when Kang Han-kyeol borrowed her phone to record his voice on her phone in River Han.

Lee Hyun-woo as Kang Han-kyeol

kang han kyeol

Lee Hyun-woo was cast as Kang Han-kyeol, a former bassist and the songwriter for the band Crude Play. At first, he just approached Yoon So-rim just to take advantage of her, but eventually he fall in love with her when he heard her sing. He hurt Yoon So-rim a couple of this with his lies, but as time went by, their relation became better and stronger than before.

Song Kang as Baek Jin-woo and Park Hong-jeok as Lee Gyoo-sun

the liar and his lover
the liar and his lover

Song Kang was cast as Baek Jin-woo and Park Hong-jeok was cast as Lee Gyoo-sun. Both of them were Yoon So-rim’s best friends since they were in kindergarten. They were also really obsessed with music and involved in a lot of music competitions even though they haven’t had any achievements. They also supported Yoon So-rim no matter what, even though Yoon So-rim didn’t know that Baek Jin-woo was secretly in love with her.

Lee Seo-won as Seo Chan-young

the liar and his lover

Lee Seo-won was cast as Seo Chan-young, current bassist of Crude Play and also producer for Yoon So-rim and her friends in new management. He was really close with Yoon So-rim and always helped her with her music. He fell in love with her even though he knew she was in love with Kang Han-kyeol.

The Liar and His Lover: The Soundtracks

the liar and his lover
  1. Yeowooya by Red Velvet’s Joy

First, we have Yeowooya from Red Velvet’s Joy! From the song and the lyrics, we could match the song with Yoon So-rim’s feelings towards Kang Han-kyeol. Since she was the first one to fall in love with him, and even though he mostly hurt her, her feelings for him remained the same.

At one point, I was so happy that I met you

I had fallen into that dream

But I didn’t know I’d feel this kind of pain“.

2. In Your Eyes by Crude Play

Next, we have In Your Eyes by Crude Play! The song has one of the most beautiful lyrics within it, with the easy listening music and great voices from Crude Play, you’ll love it! The song also reminds us of the love story between Yoon So-rim and Kang Han-kyeol, and slightly reminds us of Seo Chan-young’s feelings towards Yoon So-rim!

Among the countless stars, you especially shine

They say it’s coincidence

But I’m sure fate brought us together“.

3. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Hong Seo-young

Also, there’s Hong Seo-young with Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! The song might be quite sad, and the delicate voice from Hong Seo-young will fill you with a thousand emotions at the same time. From the lyrics translation, we could imagine when Yoon So-rim was brokenhearted when someone she loved was hurting her feelings.

I know how stupid it is

The love that I could not save

It was too much, it flows in tears“.