K-Drama Review: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch ‘The Liar and His Lover’

the liar and his lover

Korean Adaptation of Japanese Manga Kanojo wa Uso O Aishisugiteru

This time, we came up with another K-Drama review, The Liar and His Lover! The drama was released on March 20th, 2017. This drama was popular due to the simplicity of the story and the popularity of many of the actors in the cast. Channel Korea will give you the details about it, so stay tuned!

The Liar and His Lover was an adaptation from a Japan Manga with the title Kanojo wa Uso O Aishisugiteru, which was written by Kotomi Aoki. The manga itself was really popular in Japan and there was a Japanese version of this drama with the same title, The Liar and His Lover, which was released in 2013. Even though it was adapted from Japanese manga,  there are differences between the Japanese version, the manga, and the Korean version, right?

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the adaptation K-Drama The Liar and His Lover, and the details you need to know about it!


The Liar and His Lover: Review

the liar and his lover

The drama told a story about an ordinary girl who fell in love with music. She’s Yoon So-rim (played by Red Velvet’s Joy). She used to always be with her best friends, Baek Jin-woo (played by Song Kang) and Lee Gyoo-sun (played by Park Jong-hyeok). The three of them were also fond of music and formed a band called Mush & Co, and were always involved in music competition, although they never did well. That wasn’t because of their bad performance, but because Yoon So-rim had a panic attack every time she stood up on the stage. Yoon So-rim’s best friends never had a problem with that because they knew the reason behind Yoon So-rim’s trauma.

Meanwhile, there’s also Kang Han-kyeol (played by Lee Hyun-woo), he was famously known as the songwriter for the band named Crude Play. Kang Han-kyeol used to be one of the members, but he decided to leave the band and remained to be a songwriter for Crude Play. He was one of the major factors in Crude Play’s success. Accidentally, Yoon So-rim met with Kang Han-kyeol in Han River while she was cycling around. At first place, Han-kyeol didn’t tell Yoon So-rim that he was the songwriter for Crude Play, although Yoon So-rim was a Crude Play fan.

As time went by, Kang Han-kyeol and Yoon So-rim started getting closer than before. Even though Kang Han-kyeol used to have a singer girlfriend, Chae Yoo-na (played by Hong Seo-young), he wasn’t really in love with her. He just loved her appearance, not sincerely in love with her.

the liar and his lover

Eventually, Kang Han-kyeol and Yoon So-rim were working at the same company. Kang Han-kyeol as a songwriter, and Yoon So-rim with her band with her friends, Mush & Co. The band was produced by Seo Chan-young (played by Lee Seo-won), who was also Crude Play’s bassist. Yoon So-rim loved Kang Han-kyeol at  first sight in Han River, meanwhile Kang Han-kyeol fell for her after he heard her voice. Even though Kang Han-kyeol often lied to Yoon So-rim and ended up hurting her, they always found a way of getting back together, as well.

Even though all of the story seemed to go well, they also faced some of problems in their life. There were love conflicts, decision making between occupations and private life, competition in music industry, the obstacles from their agency, and other issues! But still, The Liar and His Lover was kind of a light-conflict drama and a light romantic series that made you fall in love easily!

the liar and his lover

The Liar and His Lover is highly recommended for those of you who are fond of teenage love relationships and less conflict. But still, the love conflicts obviously color this drama, the love triangle between Yoon So-rim, Seo Chan-young, and Kang Han-kyeol was adorable, yet sad at the same time. With a simple love story, sweet interaction between the couple, and good chemistry, The Liar and His Lover gained a lot of attention in its viewers as well!

And here’s the general information and official poster of The Liar and His Lover!

the liar and his lover

Title: The Liar and His Lover

Genre: Music, Romantic-Comedy

Written By: Kim Kyung-min

Directed By: Kim Jin-min

Based On: Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru by Kotomi Aoki

Starred By: Lee Hyun-woo, Joy (Red Velvet), Lee Seo-won, Lee Jung-jin, etc.

Episodes: 16

Network: tvN

Scenes in The Liar and His Lover

Let’s take a look at some of magnificent scenes from The Liar and His Lover!

the liar and his lover

The interaction between Yoon So-rim and Kang Han-kyeol went into music!

the liar and his lover

Yoon So-rim when she was trying her best to perform on the stage!

the liar and his lover

The first encounter of Yoon So-rim with Seo Chan-young. Unknowingly, Kang Han-kyeol was there and saw their encounter too!

the liar and his lover

Yoon So-rim along with two of her remarkable friends, Baek Jin-woo and Lee Gyoo-sun!

the liar and his lover

Here are Crude Play while they were performing on the stage!

Spoiler Alert!

Warning! This part contains spoilers for The Liar and His Lover! After reading the synopsis and seeing some of the scenes from The Liar and His Lover, let’s get to the ending of the drama, and here we go!

The ending was pretty good and fair for all of the characters After all of the problems that they have been through, they could finallyset their lives free. Crude Play’s members admitted to the media that all of them except of Seo Chan-young used to lip sync all the time, after they were hiding it for a long time. Then Seo Chan-young seemed like got over his feelings towards Yoon So-rim. And, of course, the relationship between Kang Han-kyeol and Yoon So-rim remained and got even better than before!

One of the beautiful scenes from The Liar and His Lover‘s ending was when Crude Play and Kang Han-kyeol, as the bassist, had a collaboration with Mush & Co. They sang a song, which was written by Kang Han-kyeol, together on the stage and they looked happy together while performing. Such a splendid ending!