Who’s the Leader of the Sensational Rookie Group Wanna One?


Wanna One and Their Leader

Wanna One is a new South Korean boy group appointed by the CJ E & through a survival idol show called  “Produce 101” during their Season 2 program. This was an event aired by Mnet from April 7 to June 16, 2017.

This group has 11 members in all! ALL of these fantastic entertainers are part of Wanna One: Kang Daniel, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Dae-hwi, Kim Jae-hwan, Ong Seong-wu, Park Woo-jin, Lai Kuan-lin, Yoon Ji-sung, Hwang Min-hyun , Bae Jin-young and Ha Sung-woon. These eleven members were selected through a combination of audience voting and live broadcast announcements.

The boy group Wanna One officially debuted on August 7, 2017 and released a mini album titled 1 × 1 = 1 (To Be One). Like so many similar groups, Wanna One’s fame was short-lived as the band only did promotions only until December 31, 2018 under YMC Entertainment and CJ E & M.

Wanna One has now become one of the hottest stars in South Korea. It didn’t take long after the band debuted on August 7, 2017, for the group formed through the Produce 101 Season 2 survival show event to achieve phenomenal success.

One of their most famous singles, titled “Beautiful”, was released in November, 2017, and eventually won the top ranking in South Korea’s six largest music streaming services. As if that’s not enough proof of their fame, there’s more! In addition, based on data from Hanteo, their repackage physical album titled 1-1 = 0 (Nothing Without You) hit 245,000 sales on just the second day after its release.

With this popularity, it is not surprising that public interest in the newcomers immediately peaked. It didn’t take long for a number of facts about each of the Wanna One personnel to be revealed to the public.

Maybe you have one or two siblings. But can you imagine spending all your time with TEN other people your age? Having a lot of members in one band can sometimes cause problems. Of course taking care of as many as eleven unique members who all have different personalities is a huge challenge, but someone has to be in charge! So the group appointed one of their members, Yoon Jisung, to be their leader.


Yoon Ji-Sung

Initially, Yoon Ji Sung was only Wanna One’s temporary leader. Getting all the members to agree on one person to be in charge of them must have been pretty complicated! Finally, after many rounds of voting by the group’s members, Ji Sung was named the official leader of the Wanna One for the one and a half years of their promotion as a group.

Aren’t you curious about how the voting process unfolded? During the Wanna One Go program that aired in October of 2017, the eleven members of Wanna One tried to determine who would be the group’s leader. All the bandmates started by announcing potential candidates. During this phase of the leader-selection process, Ong Sung Woo suggested Yoon Ji Sung, while Ha Sung Woon recommended Hwang Min Hyun, and finally Kang Daniel nominated Ha Sung Woon.

Each member cast his vote, and finally Yoon Ji-Sung got the most votes. Eight members chose him, while Ha Sung-Woon received two votes and Hwang Min-Hyun received one vote. Everyone immediately applauded the election of Yoon Ji-Sung. Min Hyun closed the election event by saying, “I hope all ten of us can help our leader while doing fun promotions for the next year and a half.”

Yoon Ji-Sung was a natural-born leader, being the oldest member of Wanna One at the age of 26. As it turned out he was popular not only with his bandmates but with the audience too! He was selected as the candidates’ favorite during Season 2 of Produce 101. Kang Daniel even called Ji Sung “Mom.” Why?? Because Kang Daniel thought Ji sung is a man with great leadership, and took care of others well just like a mom would. Aww-That’s actually a really sweet compliment!

But as a leader, Ji Sung reported it was not that easy to take care of the group’s ten other members. One of Ji Sung’s main tasks, it turns out, was to gather the eleven members of Wanna One. Even in a music program, it was easy to see how difficult it was for Ji Sung to make those he called ‘his children’ to gather.


Fortunately, Ji Sung is famous for his patience. He once divulged that before becoming a Wanna One member, he had gone through a difficult time. As a result, taking care of members was not a difficult job compared to other challenges he’d faced. He went on to say he was very happy to take care of his bandmates, who he considered to be his own family.

As one of the oldest contestants in Produce 101 Season 2, many people feel that this is Yoon Ji Sung’s last chance to debut. Yoon Ji Sung, who was born on March 8, 1991, even admitted something similar himself. If he hadn’t qualified for the Produce 101 Season 2 event, Ji Sung claimed he’d planned to give up on starting a career in the entertainment world. Fortunately for the world, he was selected and a star was born!

During the training period, Yoon Ji Sung chose to live very simply. On ‘Happy Together’ variety shows, he claimed to live in a small room in the basement. His accommodations were so modest that not even basic utilities were reliable! One time the heating unit in his room was dead, making the air extremely cold. “At that time the electricity was also dead and I was shivering. I thought I would freeze to death. I panicked, but then I remembered that the hot water in the bathroom was heated with gas, so I slept under the shower,” he reported. Not wanting to bother his parents, Ji Sung never told his father and mother about those hard times.

Besides being a caring individual who enjoys looking after people, another thing that made Ji Sung the perfect choice as the leader of Wanna One was his independent and mature personality. Throughout all the time that he performed as a singer in Wanna One, he never forgot his education. Ji Sung has just graduated from his bachelor degree at Myongji University majoring in Theater. He is now continuing his education at Dongguk University’s Fine Arts and Performing Arts Graduate School.


Ji-Sung’s Thoughts about Wanna One

As a leader, of course Ji-Sung also takes care of the problems between the agency, the contract, and matters relating to the members. Because of these responsibilities, hosts often ask him about Wanna One’s future. 

It was recently discovered that Wanna One has moved from the agency YMC Entertainment to Swing Entetrainment. This kind of news certainly makes many people curious! What’s the story behind a change like this, fans might wonder. It was no surprise when the group was asked about their move to Swing Entertainment from YMC Entertainment.

In response, leader Yoon Ji Sung commented, “The reason why we switched agencies was because a company was established to fully and actively support Wanna One ahead of our world tour and the remaining albums. YMC Entertainment is also still helping.”

Everyone was excited when Wanna One appeared on an episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” on April 6. In this event the leader, Yoon Ji Sung, shared some of his thoughts about the group’s future. During the episode, members of Wanna One visited a classroom at a university. While on this visit, they surprised the students and got to meet some of their fans. After the event, the MC sat with Wanna One members to conduct interviews. In the interview, the MC mentioned that the upcoming end of their time together as a group was no surprise, because they are a group with a predetermined contract length. For this reason, the MC also asked Wanna One members “What do you think you would do a year from now?”

As the leader of Wanna One, Yoon Ji Sung replied, “To be honest, we don’t talk about the end.” Yoon Ji Sung went on to say that he and all members of Wanna One are currently thinking more about their upcoming appearances. “Really, we only think about the very next appearance that we have tomorrow, instead of what it will be like when we’re not together anymore. But,” he continued, “I think wherever we are in the future, we will think about each other every time we work hard on whatever project we’re doing.” Whatever the eleven members of Wanna One will experience in the future will be up to each of them as individuals. Hopefully this one leader can go on to even better things once his time with the group comes to a close.