Who Is The Leader of EXID?


Get To Know The Leader of EXID

EXID have been through so many drama’s until their succeeded. Member’s replacement and more issues came along. And when the girl group in their hiatus, rumors said they will disperse. But, rumors are just rumors they are back now with their new album ‘Full Moon’ with a title track DDD. They already did the promotion since the last october 2017.

Talked abot that, did you guys knows about who’s the real leader of EXID?. If you don’t let’s check it out!

Who is EXID Leader in 2015 ?

EXID Full Team

From the very beginning in 2013 until 2015, Solji is the leader of EXID. Her wonderful talent in singing makes the agency believing it in Solji. Besides, she’s the older member among the others. Solji is one of the person in group whose born in 80’s, so that is one of the reason. Not a few agencies using these kind of rule for choosing a leader.

As a leader, Solji carry a big responsibility for the group. She had to become a bridge between the agency and the group itself. Still crawling to reach a popularity, EXID finally get more attention after Solji participate in a singing contest (The Mask) and win it. It really bring some fresh air to the group.

Maybe not many people know about this, but, before Solji became a member of EXID. She is the vocal mentor for EXID.

Who is EXID Leader in 2016 ?


In the last of 2016 Exid fans shocked with the news of Solji sickness. On December 20, 2016. The agency release a news about Solji will getting more rest and hiatus for a while from EXID activity because of being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

The agency more fully stated “Solji was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She felt some symptoms such as fever and swelling of the eyes. After performing a detailed examination by a special doctor, it is confirmed that she has hyperthyroidism. We decided that her health was the top priority, so Solji would take some time off and focus on treating her illness first. “

With Solji’s inactivity, the other four EXID members Hani, LE, Hyelin, and Jeonghwa will continue the activity as usual. And it doesn’t change the position of Solji being a leader of the group.

Who is EXID Leader in 2017 ?


So many speculation about the changes of leader in EXID. Not a little people guessing LE is the new Leader of EXID because she produced so many song. Also, she had that leader outlook. But the truth is, Solji never leave the seat.

From EXID reality series ‘Re:play EXID’ the members bragging about how much they miss Solji. Hyerin said “For me, honestly, than promoting our song right now, I really miss her presence when we sang our old song. There is some image where EXID is the talented girl group, which is because of Solji. I really affraid if I have to compare her…”

But, On November 1, 2017 the agency released a statement, saying, “EXID’s leader and main vocal Solji participated in both the recording and jacket photo shoot for the group’s fourth mini album ‘Full Moon,’ but she will not be joining them in broadcast activities.

Solji has been taking a break since the end of last year due to hyperthyroidism. She really wanted to participate in this upcoming album so we leaned towards the possibility of having her return. Her health has improved considerably compared to before, but because of the physical limitations and deterioration in health that could result, we’ve ultimately decided not to have her resume activities.

Now all the members and Leggo (Exid fans) wishing for the best scenario for Solji, so she can back to the stage performing with other members.