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Lay Collaborating with Far East Movement and Attending the 2019 Grammy Awards Red Carpet


American hip-hop band, Far East Movement, and EXO’s Lay have good news for fans. On Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, Far East Movement signaled a collaboration with Lay through their Instagram account. “Far east x Lay,” they wrote, including a photo with Lay, posing with a backdrop of city scenery at night. Another photo shows they are in a music studio.

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Far East Movement also marked the Lay Instagram account and added the number “3/15” or March 15th, which is estimated as the date of the release of their collaboration through the music label Transparent Arts. Lay himself also gave some hints here and there that he was working on something and now fans have finally found out. It is reported that Far East Movement and Lay will release a new song called “Love Bird” on March 15th, 2019.

Lay is not the only EXO member to have collaborated with Far East Movement. In 2016, Far East Movement also collaborated with EXO’s Chanyeol for the song “Freal Luv,” which also featured Tinashe and DJ Marshmello.

Chinese Singer and EXO Member Lay Zhang to Attend the 61st Grammy Awards

EXO’s Lay will be going to the 61st Annual Grammy Awards!

On January 9th, China Music Vision Ltd. (the exclusive partner of the Grammy Awards in China) announced that Lay will be attending both the red carpet and the live ceremony of this year’s Grammy Awards. Lay will be attending as FM101’s music ambassador, and he is the only artist who has received an invitation from China Music Vision and FM101 to attend the show.


Lay was also named a promotion ambassador for the GRAMMY Festival China in April 2018. He released his third solo album NAMANANA last October, which became his first release to enter the Billboard 200 chart when it took No. 21, the highest ranking ever reached by a Chinese artist on the chart.

The 61st Grammy Awards took place on February 10th, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and started airing at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Chan-yeol Attending the Paris Fashion Week

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Chan-yeol recently left for France to attend the prestigious Paris Fashion Week event. This EXO member is one of the specially invited guests at the fashion show owned by American fashion house Tommy Hilfiger.

On this occasion, Chan-yeol looked cool with the casual fashion suit he wore. This 26-year-old idol combined a white shirt with pants and a jeans jacket, which is definitely a Tommy Hilfiger outfit.

Besides that, Chan-yeol also looks cute with the round glasses he wears. But he managed to steal most of the attention when he was posing with Hollywood actress and singer Zendaya Coleman and Gigi Hadid.

Se-hun is Accused of Showing Support for Seung-ri

Big Bang’s Seungri is currently involved in a controversial issue. The 1990-born singer was named a suspect, to make it easier for the police to carry out investigations, in cases involving prostitution that dragged his name.

One of the idols known to be close to Seungri is Sehun, where Seungri once sent a coffee truck to the location of Dokgo Rewind, starring Sehun. Recently, EXO’s youngest member was thought to be encouraging Seungri to post on Instagram.

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On Sunday, Sehun uploaded a photo in which he wore a dark sweater with a V-posing hand covering his smiling face. “Time will fix it. You will be happy,” Sehun wrote in his post caption.

Some netizens claim that this post of Sehun’s is intended for Seungri who is now having a hard time. Different from netters, fans actually believe that the post is for fans or for Sehun himself.

According to fans, Sehun’s post is most likely related to the issue on Weibo where he received scathing comments from fans of one of China’s idols until Sehun’s name appeared on Weibo hot search. Agreeing with the fans, the other netters pointed out that EXO’s haters took advantage of the opportunity to damage Sehun’s name.

“I’m not a fan of Sehun. But this is too powerful. Anti-fans must stop,” commented a netter. “I’m another idol fan, but Sehun really became a victim of rumors from the trolls. You trolls, stop,” said some other netters. “This is ridiculous haha,” a netter added. “They can’t accuse anyone who is close to Seungri. Stop,” added yet another.

In addition, fans also included other photos uploaded on Instagram, which showed that he was indeed hooked on posing V. Besides that, Sehun also often uploads encouraging posts.