Korean News: The Latest Updates About Lee Dong Wook


The Latest News about Grim Reaper, Lee Dong Wook.

Lee Dong Wook, the famous grim reaper from the hit k-drama Goblin, under King Kong Entertainment, has some surprising news lately. After his role of a lifesaving doctor in the drama Life, in July 2018 people working in the hospital have been saying that he has taken his acting to a whole now level.

If you see his hilarious acting in the drama Goblin, where he had been paired with the beautiful actress Yoo In Na, this couple might be reunited in the upcoming tvN drama Touch Your Heart (tentative title). This exciting news has taken over the internet, forcing both of their respective agencies to comment on the validity of the news.


In response to the many questions people have been asking about the news, both of their agencies have commented that they are definitely considering the offers. Both Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na will be playing the new lead roles, as a couple in the drama Touch Your Heart. This news really made the fans excited about the reuniting of Goblin’s co-stars.

Touch Your Heart is a romantic drama about a top actress, who is on the downfall due to a scandal with the grandson of a chaebol, and a lawyer with a cold personality. Lee Dong Wook has been chosen to play the role of the lawyer Kwon Jung Rok. Yoo In Na has been chosen for the role of the top actress Oh Jin Shim. This drama is adapted from the Web novel with the same title, and it will be directed by Park Joon Hwa, the director of Because This is My First Life and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

But still this news has not yet been confirmed as Lee Dong Wook’s agency has only confirmed that he has received a proposal to take part in this drama. They issued a statement in which it is said that he is still reviewing the proposal, along with the other projects he has received. Because of his handsome and innocent face, many of his fans are hoping that he will take the role which they believe will perfectly fit with his acting character.

The First Model of Chanel’s Male Cosmetic


Starting from September 1st, Lee Dong Wook has been the face of Chanel’s first male Cosmetic Line, Boy de Chanel.

Chanel is crossing the beauty game trail with the launch of Boy de Chanel, its very first makeup line for men. The product launched on September 1st 2018, with the original collection set for initial release in South Korea. Surprisingly, Lee Dong Wook has been chosen as the first model to represent this brand of male cosmetics. Chanel, on its own, has already chosen some of their brand ambassadors from the Korean celebrities, such as G-Dragon from Bigbang and Jennie from BlackPink, who have always been in the front row of Chanel’s fashion shows. This is the very first time that a Korean celebrity has been chosen to model for Chanel, rather than act as a brand ambassador, according to Lee Dong Wook’s agency.

His agency, King Kong Entertainment has issued a statement for this news: “Chanel has chosen Lee Dong Wook for his stylish and confident masculine image, which they determined was a good fit for Boy de Chanel, they also added, Lee Dong Wook receives a large amount of love not only from Korea, but from all over Asia including Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, so we expect positive effects [from this decision].”