K-Drama Review: Between Friendship, Love, and the Throne in ‘The King In Love’

5 Reason Why You Should Watch ‘The King In Love’


Im Si-wan’s last drama before entering military service

This drama was the last project before Im Si-wan started his military service on July 11, 2017. Im Siwan enlisted as an active-duty soldier.

First Saeguk Drama for Im Yoona

Im Yoon-a’s natural beauty is again proven by her appearance in this saeguk drama.

Warm and Aesthetic Production

This drama shows a lot of beautiful scenery in Korea, which makes the drama’s atmosphere more romantic and aesthetic. Besides that, the designer of the saeguk fashion in this drama really should be appreciated, especially Rin’s costume, which really stands out.

Comeback from famous writer Song Ji-na

Song Ji-na is a popular screenwriter in Korea, whose most popular series are ‘Healer’, which starred Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young, and aired in 2014, ‘Faith’ (2012), ‘Eyes of Dawn’ (1991), and ‘Sandglass’ (1995).

Bromance between Im Si-wan and Hong Jong-hyun

From the first episode until the last, the chemistry between them is really no joke. Many the viewers felt the dilemma with this impossible love triangle because they couldn’t make the decision about whether to ship between Crown Prince Won with Eun San or Wang Rin with Eun San.