The Journey Of Topp Dogg, The Boy Band Returning With A New Name – Xeno-T

Reborn As Xeno-T

According to some portal news, on February 21st, 2018, it was announced via Topp Dogg’s official fan cafe that the group was starting fresh, as a new group under the name of Xeno-T. The name is a combination of “xenogeneic” and “top-class,” the latter being a tribute to their fandom, “ToppKlass.” The post revealed that the group wanted a new start to showcase themselves better as a group and show new sides to themselves.

It was also announced that B-Joo changed the Korean writing of his stage name, and that Yano promoted under his birth name, Sangwon.

XENO-T officially debuted in Japan with their first Japanese single, “どこにいても” (Wherever You Are) on May 30th, 2018, along with the release of the music video.

That was all about Topp Dogg’s journey until they became Xeno-T. What do you think? Such a long, long way they have been going through. Keep supporting them and give love to all of them, guys! And don’t forget to stay tuned on Channel-Korea for more information about Korean Entertainment. We will see you guys in the next article. Bye-bye!