The Ideal Type of Woman According to the members of High4

What is the Ideal Type of Woman According to High4’s Members?

Every person has an ideal about the type of his/hers future spouse, and so in this article we are going to discuss the ideal type of woman according to the idols from the boy band High4.

High4 (하이포) is a South Korean boy band that debuted in 2014 with four members, managed by N.A.P. Entertainment, and currently consists of three members – Alex, Myung-han, and Young-jun; in February 2017 the member Sung-gu had announced he was leaving the group.

Are you the ideal type of woman for the members of High4? Let’s check it out!

High4 Members Talk About Their Ideal Type Of Woman

1. Alex’s Ideal Type

Alex’s ideal type is girls who have a nice personality. The ideal girl has to be really nice, to have a sense of humor, and she should also be funny. But as long as they have a connection they’ll be fine.

2. Myung-han’s Ideal Type

Myung-han likes girls who have a clean and innocent image.

3. Young-jun’s Ideal Type

Young-jun’s ideal type is very simple. He would like a girl who looks only at him and loves only him.

4. Sung-gu’s Ideal Type

The last one, the ex-leader Sung-gu, said that he likes girls with pretty smiles.

High4’s Interview About The Ideal Type of Woman

In 2015, High4 had an interview in Malaysia for their First Showcase Promotional Tour. In the interview they were asked about their ideal type of woman and their collaborations with solo artists IU and Lim Kim.

Check out the interview below.

High4’s First Showcase Promotional Tour in Malaysia

Q: If you were allowed to have a girlfriend, what would your dream girl be like?
Alex: I like girls with nice personalities. As long as we have a connection, and if she is really nice, has a sense of humor and is funny, then I’m fine with that.

Sunggu: A girl with a pretty smile!

Myunghan: My ideal girl is one who has a clean and innocent image.

Youngjun: I would like a girl who looks only at and loves only me.

Q: High4 filmed with IU and Kim Yerin (Lim Kim) before. How do you guys feel about them? Are they like your ideal girls?

Myung-han: While filming with our seniors IU and Lim Kim, they showed and taught us a lot. And so, we want to be able to move forward as High4 with what they have imparted to us, and become recognized for our talents.

Alex: Sung-gu is actually a very close friend of IU’s, so he sees her as a sister. We didn’t have the opportunity to actually talk to her as she has a very busy schedule and we have our own schedules. As we only got to see her during the filming for the music video itself, we did not have much time to interact. However, she is a really nice person.

Good luck always for High4!