Everything You Need to Know About The Homewrecker in ‘The World of the Married’, Han So-hee!


The Phenomenal Second Woman In The Marriage – Han So-hee

Han So-hee is a South Korean actress, born on November 18th, 1994. She made her debut as part of the main cast in the series Money Flowers in 2017 and 100 Days My Prince in 2018. Han So-hee increased her popularity with her most recent K-drama World of Marriage aired in 2020.

Her acting was the main topic of conversation among many of the viewers and she even ended up receiving a lot of hate and was even bullied after the drama. This means that her acting was very convincing and greatly complemented the story. Curious to find out what she did in the drama? Let’s get to know Han So-hee in World of Marriage and some of her other acting roles in this Channel-Korea article!

Han So-hee’s Appearance in The World of the Married as Yoo Da-kyung


The World of Marriage is a drama about the life of a married couple with unwanted women coming into their life. This story showed how the wife handled her marriage and betraying husband and even faced the mistress. The marriage is seemingly perfect with the loving husband, Lee Tae-oh who is an entertainment businessman, and the wife, Jin Su-woo, who is a doctor who comes from a prominent doctor’s family. They also have a good son. On the other side, the husband is trapped in a dark relationship with Yoo Da-kyung, the young girl that leads to the conflict in his family.

Han So-hee plays Yoo Da-kyung who is the source of trouble for this family. However, throughout the drama, there are going to be some unexpected plot twists showing how the characters deal and behave with betrayal.

Han So-hee really managed to attract anger and various other emotions among the viewers with her great acting in this drama. She is even going to go so far as to meet the wife, Kim Yeong-min, she is going to visit her in the hospital and show something unnecessary.

Here are some clips and photos that capture her great acting in The World of Marriage of her interaction with the wife of the man she is having an affair with.


As interviewed by Soompi, Han So-hee revealed she was feeling pity for Yoo Da-kyung, for doing such things to the married man. She described Da-kyung as someone who is reserved and aloof but also more easygoing and laid back. She also admitted that her character is different from her role where Da-kyung is more emotional yet she is more rational when making decisions.


Han So-hee also shared that she adores Kim Hee-ae and wants to be like her in the future of her acting career. Kim Hee-ae is one of the famous actresses in South Korea. She likes to pursue a good main cast with strong characters like Kim Hee-ae playing the role of Jin Su-woo.

The World of Marriage made history by reaching the highest viewers rating and beating the hit drama SKY Castle. This drama brought Han So-hee into fame and also combined her with another popular actress in the drama and showcased her acting skills.

Han So-hee’s Rising Popularity


Han So-hee debuted playing a minor role in Reunited Worlds (2017) and also even appeared in SHINee’s music video from 2016, “Tell Me What To Do.”

She became popular during the on-going drama The World of Marriage for her role of the mistress of a married man. She was able to perfectly show how an emotional young woman falls in love with a husband who already belongs to his wife.

Han So-hee could easily express the emotions necessary to bring a scene into life, especially between her character and the wife whose husband she has stolen. Her acting is as the second woman in the marriage is quite natural.

Her beautiful face and outstanding physical appearance are really suitable for the role of a mistress that adds a “guilty pleasure” component to the drama. Some of the viewers said that she deserves to be a mistress and the man surely fell into her trap because of her charm compared to the wife.

Taken from her Instagram account, so many viewers sent her negative comments like, “You’re a mistress. You’re beautiful but you are a mistress. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Others commented, “Mistress, just wait for God’s punishment.”

The extreme comments she received on her personal account brought her into more fame and are the undeniable proof of her acting skills though.

Other comments, on the other hand, praise her acting and give her compliments.

Taken from Instagram, user @ipuyc wrote, “If it gets on your nerves, then just stop watching. It’s not that hard. It’s only a drama.”

User @putrihndyny commented, “Why do these people hate you? All thanks to your acting skill. Hopefully, you read my comment and realize that you’ve succeeded as an actor. I apologize for the comments from my fellow citizens, don’t mind them and keep moving forward.”

User @_nawangsarii put a joke in touch to her comment, “If ever you stole my boyfriend, I’d admit my defeat and surrender.”

In her interview on JTBC, Han So-hee also admitted that her role in The World of Marriage made a huge impact on many aspects of her life. As cited from Kstarlive.com, she said, “I have been receiving threat comments [for my role]. Even my friends’ parents also criticize me.”

For a good reason, this is one of her most remarkable roles so far and could potentially bring her a lot of progress in terms of career. Don’t you agree?

Han So-hee’s Previous Dramas


Han So-hee who attended Ulsan High School has made appearances in several South Korean dramas before hitting sky-high popularity with her role in The World of Marriage. For instance, Abyss, 100 Days My Prince, and Money Flower. So here they are!

Han So-hee in Abyss


In 2019, Han So-hee got a role in the tvN drama Abyss as Jang Hee-jin. She acted as a supporting character, and the story of the drama is about a charming prosecutor who is involved in an accident and dies. She later on is revived due to the mysterious bead Abyss. Yet, she becomes a different person compared to before. Interestingly, her physical appearance depends on how good their spirit was.

Han So-hee plays Jang Hee-jin/Oh Su jin, a supporting character who is a money-loving girl, daughter of the serial killer Oh Yeing-cheol. She is engaged to Cha Min but goes missing mysteriously before the wedding.


This scene captured when she realized her mother is missing but suddenly reappeared with a bucket of flowers for her.

Han So-hee in 100 Days My Prince


100 Days My Prince is a story about the palace where the prince will get the throne but suddenly he becomes an ordinary person after which he gets into trouble and various accidents and even loses his memory.


Han So-hee played the role of Princess Kim So Hye who is the wife of the Prince (Lee Yul). However, the two were forced into the marriage. She never gets attention from her husband which is why she falls in love with Moo Yeon who is the personal bodyguard that eventually becomes a paid assassin.

The Prince was the witness of the betrayal of his father when he was a child. After the Prince lost his memory, the storyline reveals his identity and becomes more interesting.

Han So-hee in Money Flower


Money Flower is a K-drama released in 2017. It shows a story about the relation between characters when dealing with money that could handle them in the chain of desire, greed, and love.


Han So-hee plays Yoon Seo-won who is the secret lover of Jang Boo Cheon. She is also part of the staff on information working in the central group Cheong-A. For her part in this drama, she got a nomination in The Best New Comer of Actress category at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards.

The Money Flower also tells about the revenge journey of Kang Pil Joo who got into a love affair and the world of greed.

That’s all about Han So-hee, the famous mistress from The World of Marriage and her acting career. Are you interested to learn more about her acting? Let’s root for her next drama or movie project! Don’t forget to write down a comment and kindly share your thoughts in the section below!