The Handsome Model-turned-Actor Sung Joon’s Stories: Dating Rumors, His Friendships With Other Models, and Much More!

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All About Multi-Talented Entertainer, Sung-joon

Sung-joon is a South Korean model and actor who made his debut in 2007. He first began his career as a model and then turned to acting in 2011. Sung-joon has starred in several popular dramas, such as the 2011 White Christmas and the 2015 High Society. Let’s get to know better the multi-talented entertainer, Sung-joon.


Sung-joon’s Full Profile and Facts

Sung-joon profile


Real Name: Bang Sung-joon

Date of Birth: July 10, 1990

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Actor, Model

Years Active: 2007 – Present

Agency: O& Entertainment



  1. His family consists of his father, mother, an older sister, and him.
  2. Since his father is the eldest son in the broader family, all of his relatives always gather at his house during New Year Eve.
  3. He always talked to his friend’s mother during elementary school.
  4. He used to play a lot of pranks and was very odd.
  5. He set his focus on his study during senior high school.
  6. He loves drawing abstract paintings that can express his feelings.
  7. He can play the guitar and knows how to play “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,” which is the first complete song that he has learned.
  8. He has once taken muay thai lessons.
  9. He likes to act in roles that portray musicians.
  10. His favorite musician is James Blake.
  11. He likes to listen to hip hop music.
  12. During his school days, he used to be a quiet boy.
  13. He was the MC for the 2011 MBN “Show! K Music” and the 2013 JTBC “Miracle Korea”.


How Tall is Sung-joon?

Sung-joon height

Sung-joon’s actual height is around 187. His tall appearance makes his co-stars feel a bit awkward because of the amazing height difference between him and them. UEE was his co-star in the SBS drama High Society and she revealed that she always needed to wear heels in order to minimize their height difference.


How Good is Sung-joon’s English?

Sung-joon can speak English very well. His speaking ability could be seen in several scenes of his dramas and movies, and also when he was an MC for a TV show. Below is a compilation of Sung-joon speaking English.


What is Sung-joon’s Instagram Account?

About actor Sung-joon

Sung-joon created his Instagram account, thuggyduck, and posted his first post on June 20th, 2014. Until now, he has shared 184 posts with his 499k followers.

Sung-joon also has another social media account, which is Twitter. His twitter name is @six2K. It was created in September 2010 and now he already has 619 tweets and 125k followers.


Sung-joon’s Career as a Model

Sung-joon as model

Sung-joon started his career in the entertainment industry as a model, before becoming an actor. He was a model for 4 years, beginning in 2007. Sung-joon’s modeling style is the skinny style of clothes. Sung-joon believes that proportions are very important for models, which is why he feels very lucky as a model.

In an interview, Sung-joon shared that he was very nervous during his first runway appearance.

Everything looked white — the person sitting in front of me and the stage I was walking on. And I felt, ‘My first show at last. I am finally here, wow!’

Throughout his modeling career, he once won an award in 2014, namely the “7th Style Icon Awards” in the New Icon category.


Sung-joon’s Career as an Actor

Sung-joon as actor

He rose as an actor with the 2011 KBS2 drama White Christmas. The director praised him for his good looks, which made a great impression during his first job as an actor. Since then, Sung-joon has starred in many movies and dramas to this day. In 2012, Sung-joon won an award from the Excellence Award on the “26th KBS Drama Awards” in Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama category for Drama Special: Wetlands Ecology Report.


Sung-joon’s Career as a Singer

Sung-joon Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Sung-joon was the leading actor in the 2012 tvN drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. In the drama, his role was that of a singer in a band called EYE PURIFICATION. As Byung-hee, his character was someone who is interested in finding a muse that will inspire him to write great music. The drama depicts the friendship, love, and passion for music. In the drama, Sung-joon, who played the role of Byung-hee, sang several songs, which are included in the drama. Here are several of the songs that were sung by Sung-joon.

2012 – Jaywalking

2012 – Wake Up

2012 – Today

2012 – Words You Shouldn’t Know

2014 – Love is Smiling


Sung-joon’s Interview Compilation

Sung-joon interview

From the time when he made his debut till today, Sung-joon has had a lot of interviews, for both TV shows and magazines, regarding his dramas’ or movies’ promotions. Here are Sung-joon’s several interviews on TV.

April 15, 2013 – Colors of Korea

March 31, 2016 – Hallyu World Official

February 27, 2017 – Entertainment Weekly

March 14, 2017 – Showbiz Korea

May 23, 2017 – Showbiz Korea


Sung-joon Photoshoot Compilation

Sung-joon photoshoot

2016 – Singles Magazine Photoshoot

2016 – Cosmopolitans with Han Ye-seul

Other Compilation


What is the Relationship Between Sung-joon and Kim Woo-bin?

Sung Joon F5

Sung-joon and Kim Woo-bin are members of the Model Avengers group. Model Avengers is a nickname which was first created in the tvN drama List of Names, when talking about 5 guys. Model Avengers consists of Kim Woo-bin, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim Young-kwang, Hong Jong-hyun and Sung-joon himself. The name was chosen because they took the leading roles in a lot of recent dramas. They also initially met while filming the 2011 drama White Christmas.

During an episode of the OnStyle – Style Log show, Lee Soo-hyuk and Hong Jong-hyun, who were the MCs of the show, invited Sung-joon and Kim Woo-bin for the playboyz segment. They displayed their friendship in episodes 3 and 4.


What is the Relationship Between Sung-joon and UEE?

Sung-joon UEE

Sung-joon and UEE play the leading roles in the 2015 SBS drama High Society. The drama is about Jang Yoo-ha (UEE’s character), who is the youngest daughter of a conglomeration family and hides her identity and becomes a part-time employee at a food market to find a man that will love her for herself.

During the drama shooting, Sung-joon and UEE started getting close from the beginning, especially by kissing lip to lip which brought them even closer later on. So when they began shooting, Sung-joon and UEE already felt relaxed acting like a couple. UEE also praised Sung-joon for his body, singling him out as the most unique among the co-stars she had worked with so far.


List of Sung-joon Film and Drama Appearances

Sung-joon Gu Family Book

Sung-joon’s first project launching his acting career is the 2011 KBS2 drama White Christmas. Since then, he has starred in a lot of dramas and movies. Several popular dramas starring Sung-joon are the 2012 tvN Shut Up Flower Boy Band, the 2013 MBC Gu Family Book, and the 2015 SBS High Society. Here is a list of Sung-joon film and drama appearances until now.

Sung-joon movies
Year Movie Title Role
2012 Dangerously Excited Min-ki
2013 Horror Stories 2 Cho Dong-wook [Segment “Cliff”]
Pluto Yoo Jin
2017 One Day Young-woo [Cameo]
The Villainess Jung Hyun-soo


Sung-joon dramas
Year TV Network Drama Title Role
2011 KBS2 White Christmas Choi Chi-hoon
SBS Lie To Me Hyun Sang-hee
2012 tvN Shut Up Flower Boy Band Kwon Ji-hyuk
KBS2 Drama Special – Wetlands Ecology Report Choi Goon
JTBC Can We Get Married? Ha Jung-hoon
2013 MBC Gu Family Book Gon
2014 tvN I Need Romance 3 Joo Wan
KBS2 Discovery of Love Nam Ha-jin
2015 SBS Hyde Jekyll, Me Yoon Tae-joo /

Lee Soo-hyun

High Society Choi Joon-gi
2016 JTBC Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist Choi Soo-hyun
2017 KBS2 Ms. Perfect Kang Bong-goo
TBA Mojito Chi Ji-woo