Jin Bo-ra’s Profile: Active as The Grace’s Sunday and Turning Into a Musical Actress

The Grace's Sunday

Everything You Need To Know About The Grace’s Sunday’s Profile, Facts, Career Journey, and Discography

SM Entertainment is well-known as one of the biggest agencies in South Korea for giving birth to talented entertainers when it comes to boy groups, girl groups, and soloists. Since the early 2000s, SM Entertainment has also been known for several boy groups and girl groups that debuted with different concepts. But, only a few of them are able to maintain a good career until now.

If you’ve heard of The Grace, also known as CSJH, this girl group disbanded in 2021, and the members one by one decided to end their contracts with SM Entertainment. In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of The Grace, which is Sunday, that you should know! Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about The Grace’s Sunday’s full profile, fun facts, and career journey in the article below!

The Grace’s Sunday’s Full Profile

The Grace's Sunday

Real Name: Jin Bora (Hangul: 진보라)

Stage Name: Sunday (Hangul: 선데이)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, January 12, 1987

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 162 cm (5ft 3in)

Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)

Blood Type: O

Position in the Group : Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Religion: Christian

Education: Chung-Ang University (Faculty of Performing Arts, Theater Major / Leave of Absence)

Nationality: Korean

Marital Status: Married (July 12, 2020)

Official Site: Instagram ( @sunday040728 )

The Grace’s Sunday’s Facts

The Grace's Sunday
  1. The Grace’s Sunday’s MBTI is ENFJ.
  2. The Grace’s Sunday’s older sister is actress Jin Yesol.
  3. The Grace’s Sunday debuted as a soloist in Japan before being in The Grace.
  4. The Grace’s Sunday is in the subunit Dana&Sunday.
  5. The Grace’s Sunday admires Sheryl Crow, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, Whitney Houston, and Jamiroquai.
  6. The Grace’s Sunday likes drawing.
  7. The Grace’s Sunday is the J in CSJH. J stands for Jisung, which means “Soft Voice of Heaven.”
  8. The Grace’s Sunday changed her name to Jin Seo-yoon.
  9. The Grace’s Sunday worked as a solo singer in Japan, but in 2005, she made a re-debut as a member of The Grace.
  10. The Grace’s Sunday took first place in the singing part of a song and won the overall grand prize in Youth Best Contest.
  11. The Grace’s Sunday can speak English fluently as she appeared on a radio show in Japan.
  12. The Grace’s Sunday has strong sensitivity, likes short stories by novelist Jeong Bo-ra, and likes fantasy literature so she often writes like that.
  13. The Grace’s Sunday said that she has a strong attachment and cannot throw things away easily.
  14. The Grace’s Sunday likes the movie Stratosphere Girl (2004) which contains the Japanese atmosphere and streets that she used to walk down when she was living alone in Japan.
  15. The Grace’s Sunday appeared in several drama musicals such as High School Musical as Sharpay, Singing in the Rain as Lina Lamont, Zoro as Louisa, and many more.

The Grace’s Sunday’s Debut as a Soloist

The Grace's Sunday

Although not well known, Sunday had a career as a child actress when she was young. Occasionally, while posting pictures on Instagram, she would mention that it was a picture taken when she was a child, but at this time, it is impossible to confirm whether she took on a small role or which work she appeared in.

After that, Sunday, who dreamed of becoming a singer, won the grand prize at the 1st SM Youth Best Contest in 2001 when she was in middle school and was officially cast into SM Entertainment at the age of 14 years old.

Afterward, as a trainee, she appeared in the music video of “Maybe God Knows” by the senior group Fly to the Sky of the same company. After graduating from middle school, Sunday went on to high school but soon dropped out and moved to Japan.

At that time, SM Entertainment decided to raise Sunday as the second BoA and decided to prepare for a debut in Japan first. Eventually, Sunday moved to Japan when she was 15 years old, stayed there for about two years, and learned Japanese. She also took music lessons, etc.

In 2003, while preparing for her debut, Sunday’s preparation for her Japanese debut was broadcasted on SBS’ I Want To Know That on episode 258. At that time, the appearance of being trained in various things was revealed. It was a broadcast, but the screentime of Sunday was quite large to promote her as a newcomer in the same company.

The Grace's Sunday

After making a small appearance by appearing in the show, SM Entertainment officially declared that they would raise this girl as the second BoA and gathered some topics even before her debut. At that time, her name was known as Bora which was her real name without a special stage name. After that, she decided to change her stage name to Sunday.

In 2004, Sunday signed a contract with Avex, the largest entertainment agency in charge of affiliating with SM Entertainment’s singers in Japan, and produced under the production of the famous Japanese composer Yumi Matsutoya. They made their official debut in July with the single “Lira’s Unrequited Love.” At this time, even in Japan, the promotional slogan for Sunday was “Boa’s charm (younger sister) existence, Sunday debut!”

The Japanese agency Avex seemed to promote this song in various ways such as a tie-up to Lotte CF, and Sunday made an appearance. But, “Lira’s Unrequited Love” was promoted only through events nationwide without a single TV promotion. It failed at the box office without a reaction.

After mostly live events and Sunday’s activities on the radio, she joined the rookie girl group projects in SM Entertainment 1 year later. In April 2005, the famous Japanese hip-hop duo M-Flo had participated in the Japanese singles.

With the release of their 2nd album and “Liar Boy,” they seemed to continue their activities in Japan, and the song itself was well-received. And, unlike the debut single, on April 25, 2005, Sunday’s puppy, Wanday, appeared in the music video.

The Grace’s Sunday’s Debut With The Grace

The Grace's Sunday

Sunday debuted in Cheon Sang Ji-hee in Korea a week later without any further follow-up activities, and, ironically, her solo career in Japan ended here. According to the radio, Sunday was promoting in Japan and suddenly got a call from her Korean agency that told her to join Cheon Sang Ji-hee (The Grace). She then entered Cheon Sang Ji-hee in a hurry.

So, in the end, Sunday’s solo activities ended in vain in less than a year compared to the preparation period. Of course, as Cheon Sang Ji-hee debuted in Japan afterward, Sunday, who was fluent in Japanese, mainly focused on interviews, but existing fans were also saddened by the end of Sunday’s activities in Japan.

Unfortunately, The Grace hasn’t had any promotions since 2008 with their Japanese single titled “Here” (with CLIFF EDGE). In 2011, SM Entertainment announced that CSJH The Grace returned to the music industry through the member activities of Dana and Sunday as a sub-unit.

The unit group, called The Grace-Dana&Sunday, released a new digital single entitled “One More Chance” on July 11, 2011. This was their first full album since 2007. Since the last time they released an album, they have focused on Japan and individual activities like a musical with Dana and Sunday.