The Full Stories of ‘Tears of Heaven’ Actor Seo Jun-young

seo jun young

Short Profile of Seo Jun Young

Seo Jun Young was born 31 years ago on April 24, 1987, and started his acting career in the early 2000s in the popular film series Winter Sonata as Yong Ki. He gained a lot of attention and offers to play in other films and dramas.

But, sadly, in 2016, Seo Jun Young was involved in a sex scandal that shocked many fans. Some of them even refused to believe it was him and hoped that the person in the video was someone else. But, some believed it was him and expressed their disappointment.

Today, let’s learn more about the actor. Here we go!

Seo Jun Young’s Height

From the information we know, his height is around 178 cm or 5’10”. He is quite tall compared to an actor’s standard height in Korea.

Seo Jun Young’s Official Instagram Account

Seo Jun Young had his own Instagram account @seojy0424. But, sadly, he isn’t active on Instagram now. His last post was on November 30, 2016. Here are some of Seo Jun Young’s photos that we got from his Instagram account:

The last picture above is also the last picture that was upload by Seo Jun Young before becoming inactive. Well, we hope that he will make a comeback on Instagram soon and start posting again!

Seo Jun Young’s Full Filmography

Here are some movies, dramas, and music videos that Seo Jun Young appeared in:


  • Winter Sonata – 2000
  • Bewitching Action – 2006
  • Eighteen – 2010
  • Bleak Night – 2011
  • My Black Page – 2012 (Barrier Free version: Korean Dubbed)
  • Broken – 2014
  • Kwon Bob: Chinatown – 2015

Speed – 2015

Television Series

  • 2005: – Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (Park Jae In) on SBS
              – Marrying a Millionaire (Kim Tae Hoon) on SBS
  • 2006: – Sharp 3 (Park Yi Joon) on KBS2
  • 2007: – Heaven and Earth (Song Ji Min) on KBS1
              – The Devil (young Kang Oh Soo) on KBS2
               – War of Money: Bonus Round (Kim Byul) on SBS
               – Kimcheed Radish Cubes (Jung Dong Min) on MBC
               – Yeon Gaesomun (Yeon Heon Seong) on SBS
  • 2008: – King Se Jong the Great (Grand Prince Su Yang) on KBS1
              – My Pitiful Sister (young Lee Deok San) on KBS1
  • 2009: – A Goose’s Dream (Min Seung Gi) on OBS
             – Again, My Love (young Lee Jung Hoon) on KBS2
             – He Who Can’t Marry (Tae Yeol, Yoo Jin’s ex-boyfriend) on KBS2
             – Soul (young Shin Ryu) on MBC
  • 2010: – Drama Special: The Scary One, the Ghost and I (young Kim Yong Soo) on KBS2
             – Grudge: The Revolt of Guminho (Chunwoo) on KBS2
             – Smile, Mom (Lee Kang So) on SBS
  • 2011: – Deep Rooted Tree (Grand Prince Gwang Pyeong) on SBS
              – My One and Only (Ki Woo Chan) on KBS1
  • 2012: – To the Beautiful You (Ha Seung Ri) on SBS
  • 2013: – Drama Special: Sirius (Eun Chang/Shin Woo) on KBS2
             – Unemployed Romance (Song Wan Ha) on E Channel
             – Wang’s Family (Gwang Bak’s school classmate (cameo episode 18)) on KBS2
  • 2014: – Drama Special: The Dirge Singer (Yoon Soo) on KBS2
             – Secret Door (Shin Heung Bok (guest in episode 1-2)) on SBS
             – Tears of Heaven (Lee Ki Hyun/Cha Su Tan) on MBN
  • 2015: – Super Daddy Yeol (Shin Woo Hyuk) on tvN
             – Sweet Temptation: Reborn (Sang Min) on T-Ara Web Drama

2016: – The Promise (Kang Tae Jun) on KBS2
         – Another Oh Hae Young (Gold’s blind date, cameo in episode 15) on tvN
         – Beautiful Mind (Lee Sang Joon (cameo in episodes 2 and 90) on KBS2

Music Videos

Year Song Title Artist
2004 “Let’s Break Up” Yoon Gun
2005 “As We Live” / “Sin and Punishment” SG Wannabe
2007 “Be Burnt Completely Black” M to M
2008 “Lalala” SG Wannabe
2010 “Good” Daybreak