K-Drama Review: A Package of Action, Horror, and Comedy in ‘The Fiery Priest’

the fiery priest

A Mixture of Adrenaline and Humorous K-Drama: The Fiery Priest

If you’re looking for something refreshing movie, then K-Drama The Fiery Priest might be right for you! Even though the plot consisted of crime and slight action, but it also mixed with fresh humor, which made it more interesting. Aside from that, the plot and story-line of The Fiery Priest even something new that made you craving for them! Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the details about that, so stay tuned!

The Fiery Priest: Review

the fiery priest

Let’s get into the synopsis first! The Fiery Priest has narrated a story about Kim Hae-il (played by Kim Nam-gil) who worked as a pastor, but often he wasn’t able to control his anger. There was something in his past, which also made him have that behavior. Despite all of his passion, he has a kind heart for other people. One day, Kim Hae-il went to his hometown in Gundam and found out something. There was a bloody case that also involved a veteran Pastor there, and he was Lee Young-joon (played by Jong Dong-hwan).

The conflict has started when a pastor named Lee Young-joon was killed in such a mysterious way. Moreover, the case also closed by the prosecutor named Park Kyung-sun (played by Lee Ha-nee) as suicidal due to Lee Young-joon’s fault for sexual harassment and corruption of congregational money as well. However, pastor Kim Hae-il also wanted to reveal the truth behind that case. He also helped by detective Koo Dae-young (played by Kim Sung-kyun) and young detective, Seo Seung-a (played by Keum Sae-rok).

As time went by, several pieces of truth were collected. Kim Hae-il also met with other people who also lead him into a mystery about Lee Young-joon’s death. Kim Hae-il’s adventure on looking for truth with other prosecutor and the detective has begun!

The Fiery Priest drama poster:

the fiery priestasianwiki.comThe Fiery Priest general information:

Title: The Fiery Priest

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Directed by: Myoungwoo Lee

Written by: Park Jae-bum

Starred by: Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyun, Go Jun, Lee Ha-nee

Episodes: 40

Official Network: SBS TV


the fiery priest

Even though Kim Hae-il was known as a fierce Pastor, but he was often seen with his quirky yet hilarious act!

kim nam gil

The ‘fierce’ Pastor Kim Hae-il was turned into ‘arrogant’ Kim Hae-il who was known for his great ability while he was working in NIS! He confidently aimed the gun into the enemies!

the fiery priest

Both of Kim Hae-il and Park Kyung-sun were always there for each other, as a good partner in their team!

the fiery priest

Kim Hae-il couldn’t control his anger towards Police when they said that Pastor Lee was committed suicide!

the fiery priest

The other supporting characters also accompanying Kim Hae-il and made the atmosphere becomes even more hilarious!

Finale Episode

In the last episodes of The Fiery, Priest was unfold everything. But mostly, it was the friendship and the teamwork between Kim Hae-il and other characters that brought them into one, which made their relationship becoming even more reliable. After their long adventure and journey, while looking for the truth, it finally ended up. The suspect, the enemies, as well as the truth, has been revealed!

Kim Hae-il, Park Kyung-sun, Koo Dae-young, and other people were gathering at the church together while grateful that it’s all finally over. Koo Dae-young and the other violent crimes team have decided on their resignations. Meanwhile, Kim Hae-il was walking with Park Kyung-sun as well as accompanying her to turn herself in, due to involvement with the corruption case. Park Kyung-sun also thanked him for leading her into the right path.

Several times later, Kim Hae-il appeared with Koo Dae-young, Seung-ah, and Park Kyung-sun. Their relationship as a team remained the same, and then they turn as well as flee for their lives! Well, The Fiery Priest was one of the highly recommended series for you, especially if you were looking for comedy-genre K-Drama!

The Fiery Priest: The Casts

the fiery priest

Let’s meet with several main characters in The Fiery Priest here:

Kim Nam-gil as Kim Hae-il

kim hae il

Kim Hae-il was known as ‘fierce’ pastor. Despite his occupation, Kim Hae-il wasn’t being able to control his anger. But deep down, he was a kind person. There was a certain experience in his past which also made him becoming such a fierce person. He also a former agent of the National Intelligence Service.

Lee Ha-nee as Park Kyung-sun

lee ha nee

Park Kyung-sun was famously known as a smart prosecutor, as well as an ambitious person. She also loves to do her work nicely, which also made her reputation becoming really great. Park Kyung-sun was one of the congregation in Pastor Lee’s church place.

Kim Sung-kyun as Koo Dae-young

kim sung kyun

Koo Dae-young was worked as a detective in Gundam local police, and he also helping Kim Hae-il to solve the truth behind Pastor Lee’s death.