Get To Know a Former Member of the Band The East Light, Seung-hyun

The East Light's Seunghyun

Everything You Need To Know About The East Light’s Former Bassist: Lee Seung-hyun’s Profile, Facts, Debut, and Future Activity!

Do you guys know about The East Light? They were one of the bands that debuted in November 2016 in South Korea. Some of the members also have great achievements and it is undeniable that their talent in music can also produce cool songs. Unfortunately, The East Light had problems with their agency with cases of violence against the members in 2018, and this has been handled by the police.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of The East Light who is also a former bassist of the group. He is also known as the younger brother of The East Light’s drummer and leader. Can anyone guess who he is? Well, he is The East Light’s Seung-hyun! Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about The East Light’s Seung-hyun starting from his full profile, fun facts, debut, until his latest activities in the article below!

The East Light’s Seung-hyun’s Full Profile

Real Name: Lee Seung-hyun (Hangul: 이승현)

Stage Name: Seung-hyun (Hangul: 승현)

Birth: December 31, 2001

Star Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: A


  • Bangbae Middle School
  • Seocho High School
  • Kyunghee University (Department of Post-Modern Music)

Position in the Group: Bass

The East Light’s Seung-hyun’s Facts
  1. The East Light’s Seung-hyun is The East Light’s Seok-cheol’s younger brother.
  2. The East Light’s Seung-hyun won multiple events and concerts.
  3. The East Light’s Seung-hyun loves soccer.
  4. The East Light’s Seung-hyun plays soccer and loves to collect soccer-related items (plastic models, cleats, uniforms, etc.).
  5. The East Light’s Seung-hyun wrote that his special talent is his big mouth; he’s able to put a whole sandwich in it.
  6. The East Light’s Seung-hyun’s favorite soccer players are Christiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos.
  7. The East Light’s Seung-hyun is good at drawing according to himself.
  8. The East Light’s Seung-hyun likes every bassist, but if he had to pick one as a favorite, he would pick Victor Wooten.
  9. The East Light’s Seung-hyun and his older brother left the band after Seo-cheol opened up about abuse and violence from their producer and CEO regarding the members being repeatedly beaten up with a baseball bat until they bled.
  10. The East Light’s Seung-hyun and his brother filed a complaint against Media Line Ent.
  11. The East Light’s Seung-hyun is one year older than The East Light’s Sagang and Jun-wook, who were born in 2002, but he sees them as friends and went to school in the same grade. He entered elementary school with his younger siblings.
  12. The East Light’s Seung-hyun is said to be good at cooking, but the meal that he is most confident about has not been revealed yet.
  13. The East Light’s Seung-hyun doesn’t speak very much on the radio or on TV because he is a bit shy, and he says that he deliberately spares his words because it often happens when he speaks. According to the members, his broadcasting appearance and daily life are opposite because he’s usually noisy and likes a good joke.
  14. The East Light’s Seung-hyun played the bass from dawn to evening and hears people nagging.
  15. The East Light’s Seung-hyun’s stage name after leaving the band is # Play-Hz +.

Seung-hyun’s Debut With The East Light

The East Light was a boy band consisting of six teenagers, Lee Seok-cheol, Lee Seung-hyun, Lee Eun-sung, Kim Jun-wook, Jung San-gang, and Lee Woo-jin. They debuted with a single on November 3, 2016, titled “Holla.”

Unlike the singles that are usually released by K-pop groups, The East Light focused on new themes and concepts as a band consisting of young people playing musical instruments such as vocals, bass, guitar, and drums.

In the “Holla” music video, the members of The East Light also look like they are really having fun playing music in their garage like most Western band concepts. They were also wearing blonde wigs and curly hair that looked very cute with their mechanic costumes in the music video.

The East Light’s Band Disbandment and Seung-hyun’s Future Activity

In 2018, the XSportsNews media reported allegations of physical and mental violence against members of The East Light by their producer while the CEO who saw the violence just watched without doing anything. Seok-cheol and Seung-hyun, members of The East Light, at a press conference confirmed the news reported by XSportsNews.

“I was so scared. I ran away. We were scheduled for a V Live event that day but I really felt the agency was going to kill me so I hid on my veranda,” Seung-hyun said.

Although not so popular, the upload of former The East Light bassist, Lee Seung-hyun, became a hot conversation among South Korean netizens. Seung-hyun uploaded a picture of a knotted rope commonly used to describe suicide.

The photo with a black background successfully made people worry about Seung-hyun’s condition. Worried that something might happen, netizens finally flocked to leave positive comments on the 2001-born idol’s Instagram page. Unfortunately, the upload has been deleted by Seung-hyun and only the support from netizens is left.

Meanwhile, as is well known, the name Lee Seung-hyun and his brother, Lee Seokcheol, caused a public uproar last year for his confession that he was physically abused while at the Media Line Entertainment agency. The case itself ended with the producer and CEO of the agency being given prison sentences and fines.

At the time this article is being published, there has been no news from the former member of The East Light, Lee Seung-hyun, because after he decided to leave the band with his brother, the agency also revealed that the band was disbanded. Lee Seung-hyun also doesn’t have any social media, and the latest news found is that he is attending a university and is focused on education.

Nevertheless, let’s continue to support Lee Seung-hyun so that he can stay happy and get motivated to start his career again in the future!

Well, that is all of the information of The East Light’s Lee Seung-hyun starting from his full profile, fun facts, debut era, until his latest news. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!