Get To Know the Former Leader of the Band The East Light, Seok-cheol

The East Light's Seokchul

Everything You Need To Know About The East Light’s Former Leader: Lee Seok-cheol’s Profile, Facts, Debut, and Many More!

Do you guys know about the South Korean band The East Light? Even though the members’ career journeys were short due to being involved with violence from their company which was revealed in 2018, the name The East Light will certainly become history in the music industry. Many have become their fans and also support every member who parted ways at this time.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a former member of The East Light, which is Lee Seok-cheol. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about his full profile, fun facts, debut era, and his latest news that you should know!

The East Light’s Seok-cheol’s Full Profile

The East Light's Seokchul

Real Name: Lee Seok-cheol (Hangul: 이석철)

Stage Name: Seok-cheol (Hangul: 석철)

Birth: January 11, 2000

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 172 cm (5’8″)

Weight: 65kg ( 143lbs )

Blood Type: B

Position in the Group: Leader, Drummer, DJ


  • Bangbae Middle School
  • Seocho High School

Official Site: Instagram ( d.dj_dinosaur.lee.s.c )

The East Light’s Seok-cheol’s Facts

The East Light's Seokchul
  1. The East Light’s Seok-cheol is The East Light’s Seung-hyun’s older brother
  2. The East Light’s Seok-cheol played a character named Lee Cheon in the K-drama My Boy that was released in April 2014
  3. The East Light’s Seok-cheol’s special talent is singing high notes and winning at staring contests (he once won against their manager)
  4. The East Light’s Seok-cheol won various international music competitions
  5. The East Light’s Seok-cheol played the drums ever since he was young
  6. The East Light’s Seok-cheol is good at making ugly faces
  7. The East Light’s Seok-cheol studied classical percussion and mainly played the timpani and marimba
  8. The East Light’s Seok-cheol collaborated with military bands and city symphony orchestras
  9. The East Light’s Seok-cheol dislikes doing aegyo
  10. The East Light’s Seok-cheol used to learn ballet
  11. The East Light’s Seok-cheol is learning deejaying
  12. The East Light’s Seok-cheol created the DJ version of their song “Holla”
  13. The East Light’s Seok-cheol loves listening to music
  14. The East Light’s Seok-cheol is now in the producer group Pa22word
  15. The East Light’s Seok-cheol’s new stage name after leaving the group is DJ DINO because his fans are from overseas instead of Seok-cheol’s real name which is difficult to pronounce
  16. The East Light’s Seok-cheol opened up about abuse and violence from their producer and CEO where the members got repeatedly beaten up with a baseball bat until they bled on October 19, 2018
  17. The East Light’s Seok-cheol and his brother Seung-hyun decided to leave the band and filed a complaint against their agency
  18. The East Light’s Seok-cheol said that he speaks harsh words in his sleep

Seok-cheol’s Debut With The East Light

The East Light's Seokchul

The East Light debuted with 5 members which consisted of Lee Seok-cheol, Kim Jun-wook, Lee Eun-seong, Jeong Sa-gang, and Lee Seung-hyun, and they held their debut showcase while releasing their first single “Holla” at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on November 3, 2016.

The East Light greeted fans with “Holla.” If looking at the picture below, many people will remember one of the legendary bands The Beatles. Perhaps with the concept given with their debut with “Holla,” The East Light hoped that their debut concept would bring popularity and would also be remembered in the history of music in South Korea.

The East Light's Jun-wook

After successfully making their debut with “Holla,” in the same year, in April 2017, The East Light released the music video for “I Am What I Am” as their next single. In this music video, the members are seen walking around the side of the road and singing the lyrics of this song with great passion. The members also look very charismatic while acting as the models in this music video and don’t look awkward at all. The music video also invites fans to enjoy the view of the middle of Seoul.

Through an interview that was held by Sport Chosun on June 18, 2017, each member shared about their feelings as young idols starting their careers as a band.

The East Light's Seokchul

Lee Seok-cheol who created another song in the tropical genre popular in the latest pop market learned DJing from Gu Jun-yeop at a young age. Lee Seok-cheol showed his passion and talent for music, saying, “I debuted as a band, but I have a goal of making infinitely good songs in the future.”