Jun-wook’s Profile: Former Member of the Band The East Light Who Won the Top Performance Award in an Asian Guitar Competition

The East Light's Jun-wook

Everything You Need To Know About The East Light’s Former Guitarist Kim Jun-wook

The East Light was a South Korean band that debuted in November 2016 and stole a lot of attention because it consisted of members who were still very young and talented. The songs they created were are also liked by fans and the public because they sounded very fresh and easy to listen to.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of The East Light who was the guitarist. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about The East Light’s Jun-wook starting from his full profile, fun facts, debut era, until his latest news in the article below!

The East Light’s Jun-wook‘s Full Profile

The East Light's Jun-wook

Real Name: Kim Jun-wook (Hangul: 김준욱)

Stage Name: Jun-wook (Hangul: 준욱)

Birth: January 10, 2002

Star Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Guitar, Composer

Official Site: Instagram ( theeastlight_junwookkim )

The East Light’s Jun-wook’s Facts

The East Light's Jun-wook
  1. The East Light’s Jun-wook won the Top Performance Award at an Asian guitar competition.
  2. The East Light’s Jun-wook loves listening to music.
  3. The East Light’s Jun-wook writes and composes his own songs.
  4. The East Light’s Jun-wook appeared on an audition program where the CEO of his agency saw him and scouted him afterward.
  5. The East Light’s Jun-wook was announced as a guitar prodigy.
  6. The East Light’s Jun-wook’s special talents are moving his finger joints freely and refraining from laughing.
  7. The East Light’s Jun-wook’s new stage name after the band disbanded is HONEY NOISE.

The East Light’s Jun-wook’s Pre-Debut Story

The East Light's Jun-wook

When he was 10 years old, when he was alone at home and bored, he would think about what to do started playing music with a guitar in the living room. Then, he dreamed of becoming a producer and started composing.

Afterward, he received the Best Performer Award at the Yamaha Asian Beat Competition in 2014 and appeared as a genius guitar musician on SBS’ Star King in the same year. After watching the broadcast, Media Line Entertainment scouted him, and he debuted as a member of The East Light in 2016.

The East Light’s Jun-wook’s Debut With The East Light

The East Light's Jun-wook

The East Light (Hangul: 더 이스트라이트) was a South Korean band that debuted under the management of Media Line Entertainment. The group had 6 members: Lee Seok-cheol, Lee Eun-sung, Lee Seung-hyun, Kim Jun-wook, Jung Sa-gang, and Lee Woo-jin. The East Light debuted on November 3, 2016, with the release of the first single titled “Holla.”

Being 16 years old on average might have been a good strategy for the industry, but to The East Light, age was just the environment around them. They were happy to be able to listen to more music, but there were people who sometimes viewed them with prejudice because they were young.

The East Light's Jun-wook

“’What kind of music does the student play?’ However, if we work hard, I think someday he will look after us well,” they said. “‘Students should study. Do they play music?’ One of the downsides of being young is that there are prejudices like ‘studying would be much easier than music’,” Kim Jun-wook said.

The East Light’s Jun-wook’s Band Disbandment and Future Activity

The East Light's Jun-wook

While working as a member of The East Light, the producer of the agency and Moon Young-il habitually assaulted and abused the members. As the controversy arose, the agency was in a major crisis, and on the afternoon of October 22, 2018, the agency terminated the members’ contracts and the group was disbanded. Eventually, it went to trial, and in the first trial, Kim Chang-hwan and Moon Young-il were convicted.

The East Light's Jun-wook

Afterward, EXO’s Baekhyun made his debut as a producer by composing and arranging “My Time.” He is currently working as a composer and producer under the name HONEY NOISE. You can also simply follow The East Light’s Jun-wook’s Instagram account and keep up with his new activities and work in the future!

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