The Difference Between Korean Netizens and International Fans in K-pop Fandom

Korean Netters Hate International Fans?

Sometimes Korean Netters hate international fans, some of the reasons for that are specified below.

  1. They think K-pop belongs to them and they don’t contribute anything to the K-pop artists, except in Japan and China, because they bought souvenirs, goods related to their favorite artists, and Japanese fans attended many concerts. Those things helped to make K-pop artists have significant income and become bigger. Although all of this is happening, Korean netizens still hate international fans, in general, because of it.
  2.  International fans are so much more fanatic. If one member leaves the group, they are always hoping about their unity. But, on the other hand, international fans showed more support for their ex-member.
  3. Korean netizens thought that international fans were very delusional about K-pop artist’s relationships. International fans tend to pair up K-pop artists that look compatible with each other on YouTube videos and other media. This may occurr because Koreans are more private about their relationship status, so they hate to see international fans trying to matchmake one to another.
  4. International fans are demanding with English. They always comment in live videos to K-pop artists that he/she should be using English in order to make them understand what the artist is saying. Korean netizens hate that since K-pop is from South Korea. it is normal for K-Pop artists to use their own native language. Such as below,
    “Oppa, English please” “Unni, English please”
    Why does a Korean artist need to write in English…?
    Sure it would be great if they wrote something in English but it shouldn’t be a requirement? I don’t understand when some international fans demand things be written in English as well..
  5. International fans pretend to understand everything, when, in fact, they don’t. The language barrier is a factor inn this issue. International fans want to know the news but they speculate at first, and Korean netizens become disturbed.
  6. International fans love to preach to Korean fans, who sometimes make harsh judgments about their idols or about certain events.

In summary, no one is right in this comparison, both groups of fans have their own perspective due to their language, culture understanding, customs, and history, but the most important thing is that we need to filter all of our comments online, no harsh messages and bullying statements. We are humans who are not perfect, and need love and support. Let’s be wise using our social media.

That’s all about the difference between Korean netizens and international fans in K-Pop fandom. Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts below!