Many Reasons to Fall In Love with the Charming BTS Member Kim Tae-hyung!

Taehyung’s Love For Children

According to some portal news, BTS’ V has an undeniable love for children. He just loves to get in touch with children and interact with them. He’s always drawn to babies as soon as they’re nearby.

V loves to show his affection for children by squeezing their chubby little cheeks, or nibble their little ears. And whenever he gets a chance, V just has to take some pictures with them. How adorable!


Taehyung’s Acting Skills

As if it was not enough with the singing, dancing and photography skills, BTS’ V is also naturally talented in the acting field. In 2016, V debuted in the acting field by playing a supporting character in the Korean historical drama Hwarang.

V’s character Han Sung is a man of kind and friendly nature. He pursues peace and harmony among the people. However, he is also a character who acts to ignite the conflict between friendships and families.

Many fans said that his facial expressions are seriously top-notch. They said in the Amino Apps platform, “I don’t have a single complaint about his emotive acting. His eyes convey a large collection of sensations and it’s evident that he likely was a kid who looked in the mirror and would do little dramas with himself. He also, for a character with as minor of a role as he has had so far, has a good presence. When he’s there you can tell as he really is quite handsome even among the company he has.”


Taehyung’s Rap Skills

BTS’ V is widely known as one of BTS’ vocalists along with Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin. But for your information, he auditioned with BigHit Entertainment performing rap songs (as a rapper) and he was initially chosen to be one of the rappers of the group.

V is also good at rapping, but because he wanted to sing so badly, J-Hope, who was initially chosen to be one of the singers switched places with him and trained to be the rapper instead (so V could train to be the singer).

According to in their news on August 13th, 2019, V posted a video of himself rapping on BTS’ official Twitter account.

“ARMYs are swooning. Well, they always are, to be honest, but they have a new reason to swoon today. The BTS boys are already in the habit of randomly posting charming videos to their Twitter account, but on the morning of August 13th, V posted a video of himself rapping. And the video of BTS’ V rapping Amine’s “Blackjack” is the subject of today’s collective BTS ARMY swoon,” said in their article.



Taehyung’s English Skills

All the BTS members understand English and often speak English during interviews. After spending so much time abroad, it’s only natural that the boys picked up some English.

Although RM is the only member who is fluent in the language, each of the BTS members can understand and can speak a little English.

BTS’ V is not really fluently in English and still needs a translator to speak with him or asks for RM’s help. But, recently V started to learn more of the English language. He has also become more and more active when it comes to an interview conducted in this language.

Like when they were at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), for example, V had a red carpet interview with E!

We heard screams wherever you go. They follow. Shout out to the BTS ARMYs what you want them to know because they are everywhere,” a reporter asked.

And then, V took the mike to say in English: “Every moment is a precious memory. We’re so happy we can be a part of this with our fans.”

The leader RM and the other members cheered V up.


Taehyung’s Savage Side

Did you know that actually, V is just as savage as his teammate, Suga? Suga is widely known for his talent, rapping, and savageness. Surprisingly, V is sometimes saying something sassy and savage, too.

There is that time when he told Jin to stop talking because “dead skin cells are coming out of your mouth.” Or when he said he’d rather cut off his ring finger than accept Suga’s proposal.

This is what you will find when one of the most kind-hearted people becomes sassy.


Taehyung’s Luxurious Outfit

Day to day, BTS is no stranger to sporting luxury brands, and members routinely wear Berluti, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Bottega Veneta – as captured at the airport, on the red carpet, and on stage. Fans have noticed that V and Jimin are big Gucci fans, whilst group leader RM has an affinity for Japanese streetwear.

Comfort meets high-end fashion in V’s wardrobe, which can pretty much be summed up in one word: Gucci. V is often dressed head-to-toe in the designer brand. It’s no longer strange for fans to see V wearing Gucci outfit whenever they have the luck to see him.


Taehyung’s Song Covers

Aside from their own songs, BTS members are known for their beautiful cover songs, too. They create new vibes of the songs that they cover.

V not only sung but also produced his own version of Adele’s hit power ballad “Someone Like You.” The cover was released with an accompanying video on the group’s YouTube channel as a gift to fans on his birthday.

The two and a half-minute black and white video features V walking alone down a narrow, empty road alongside a brick wall. The short clip ends with a close-up in slow motion. He opted for a more soothing and toned down sound than its original counterpart with a quieter piano, complimenting his husky voice, according to