The Bromance is Strong with Ji Soo and Nam Joo-hyuk, Take a Look at 7 Adorable Photos of Them Together!

According to Soompi, their friendship has only gotten stronger after they appeared in the drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and they admitted that they’ve had great chemistry since they first met, and they continued to build their friendship when they called each other during their free time, just to simply meet one another or hang out.

Nam Joo-hyuk also mentioned that he really wants to work with someone he knows for a long time since it will give an advantage for his acting. He also looked forward to being on the same project as his friend in the future.

The actor, who played Han Yi-an on the drama Who Are You: School 2015, Nam Joo-hyuk stated, “I really wish to meet Ji Soo again in the same project to show another side of our bromance. I would gladly accept the offer in anytime.”

They are not only showing their bromance side on the small screen, or just taking a selca together. You can see from an uploaded post on Nam Joo-hyuk’s Instagram that he and Ji Soo were having fun together in their free time, playing a VR (Virtual Reality) game.

You can see in the black and white video, Ji Soo is wearing a weapon, and he’s ready to shoot while playing the game. Meanwhile, Nam Joo-hyuk recorded the video, and giggled seeing his best friend playing the VR game.

Netizens who’ve seen this video are really happy to see their friendship, and how much Ji Soo really enjoyed visiting Nam Joo-hyuk’s home.

On another occasion, Ji Soo appeared as a surprise guest at Nam Joo Hyuk’s ‘2017 Nam Joo Hyuk Private Stage Some-Day‘ event on February 26th, 2017. The actors were wearing matched outfits, all in black, with white shirts. Ji Soo made a surprise appearance during a phone conversation, and he showed up on stage before sitting with his best friend, Nam Joo-hyuk. The event was also attended by Lee Sung-kyung, who sat in the audience to support her ex-boyfriend.

On April 1st, 2017, Ji Soo held a fanmeeting event, ‘Impossible Story’, with a theme of a new home, Ji Soo invited his fans to a secret room, then he went into the audience and greeted them by singing ‘A Little Girl‘ from Oh Hyuk. Ji Soo successfully melted every heart in the audience when a childhood pictorial and his diary appeared on the screen as the first part of the fanmeet.

Ji Soo also received a cake as a gift to celebrate his 25th birthday (Korean age), which fell on March 30th, 2017. In the next session, Ji Soo wanted to be closer and share feelings with fans, and he acted in a playful drama of the situation. This part was Ji Soo’s own idea. Suddenly, a surprise guest star appeared, and it was none other than Nam Joo-hyuk.

After the fanmeet ended, Ji Soo flattered his fans by standing at the exit door and giving all the fans a handshake one by one as they left.

As we can see, Ji Soo and Nam Joo-hyuk are really close and they made a great duo, just like siblings. They even look alike!

However, do you ship Ji Soo and Nam Joo-hyuk?