THE BOYZ’s New: Profile, Facts, Debut, Solo Activity, Controversy, Etc.

The Boyz’s New’s Appearances on Variety Shows

new the boyz

New has appeared with solo activities. In The Show’s 200th Stage, he sang Baek Ji Yong’s “Don’t Forget Me.” He also appears on Idol Radio often along with other group members. He seems to sing a lot on Idol Radio~

Check out the videos here:

The Boyz’s New’s Controversy

new the boyz

In 2018, some Korean netizens showed a picture of Chanhee and Sunwoo, saying that they were the ones who posted comments that were circulating.

It showed a post of an image of the misogynistic posts in question and contained posted ridiculous comments about women on SNS in the past. Because of the news, K-netz demanded Cre.ker Entertainment remove New and Sunwoo from The Boyz. A released statement was posted on an online community demanding feedback from the agency.

Cre.ker Entertainment released an apology in response to the fan statements.

“Hello. This is Cre.Ker Entertainment. First of all, we thank all fans who support THE BOYZ. We sincerely recognize the issues that have been worrying our fans in relation to THE BOYZ. With a heavy heart, we are aware of the matters that fans are concerned about regarding The Boyz.” they said.

“Through continuous conversation, we are intensively and thoroughly looking into the criticisms from the fans, and we are deliberating on how we can fill in the holes where we are lacking. In addition, we bow our heads in apology to everyone who felt discomfort for our inability to recognize the issue before fans voiced their concerns,” they added.

“Meanwhile, we respectfully ask that you refrain from false, exaggerated criticism that is based on rumors. We will do our best to prevent such happenings from repeating itself in the future. Thank you.”


That’s all about The Boyz’s New! Have you watched his performances on stage and his singing skills? Give a look and ear to The Boyz’s Q~ Also, watch their group performances at Road to Kingdom! Anyway, don’t forget to leave your thought below and share.