The Boyz’s Younghoon: Profile, Debut, Acting in Web Drama, Etc.

The Boyz’s Younghoon’s Appearances on Love Revolution

the boyz younghoon

In 2020, Younghoon became the first member of The Boyz to debut as a supporting actor in a web drama titled Love Revolution. Love Revolution itself is a web drama based on Webtoon comic. The drama tells the story of high school students’ love and friendship starring Park Ji-hoon (Wanna One) and Lee Ruby.

Younghoon played the second male lead Lee Kyung-woo, one-sidedly in love with Wang Ja-rim (Lee Ruby), aka the girlfriend of his friend, Gong Ju-young (Park Ji-hoon). Wang Ja-rim had been comfortable with Lee Kyung-woo since he is her boyfriend’s friend, but their relationship may change over time.

The production team of Love Revolution shared, “Please look forward to finding out whether Lee Kyung-woo, who had always hidden his love for Wang Ja-rim, will reveal his feelings and whether Wang Ja-rim will notice how he feels about her.”

They went on, “The unexpected chemistry between Gong Ju-young who is extremely scared of ghosts, Wang Ja-rim who is fearless and bold, and Lee Kyung-woo who pretends not to believe in ghosts but is actually easily scared will bring laughter to viewers.”

the boyz younghoon

Although somewhat shy in the real world, Younghoon has successfully played the matchmaker between Gong Ju-young and Wang Ja-rim. He matches the cartoon visual as a handsome man with double eyelids, a straight nose, an angled jawline, a tall height, and a good proportion.

His hairstyle in the web drama also became a topic of conversation. But, even though his hair covering Younghoon’s eyes, Younghoon’s visuals still shine in this drama.


The Boyz’s Younghoon’s Singing Skills

the boyz younghoon

In The Boyz, Younghoon filled the position of a sub-vocalist. However, as well as the main vocal and lead vocal, the group often spreads various parts of the song, so Younghoon has a wide range of vocals.

In “I’m Your Boy”, for example, Younghoon took on the treble part as he has a soft tone with the mid-bass vocal. But, although he has a deep and loud voice, he can also sing calm ballads.

Check out his voice in the clips below!


The Boyz’s Younghoon’s Focus Fancam

the boyz younghoon

Younghoon is a born performer. On top of having an impressive visual and figures, he also showcased a godly aura on-stage that seems like he can command the room.

Check out his energetic charm in the fancams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the face genius of The Boyz, Younghoon! So, what do you think about him? Have you fallen in love with his charms? Let’s chat with us in the comment section below!