The Boyz’s Sunwoo: Profile, Sister, Age, Injury, Etc.

The Boyz’s Sunwoo’s Injury


Just because we see the good things from K-pop idols doesn’t mean that they are always having a good time. They might be always smiling and cheering you up, but some idols have moments when they are having bad times. Just like any other job, being an idol also means that there’s a risk.

Sunwoo, for example, once had to take an absence because of a health issue. On September 24, 2020, Sunwoo had injuries which were neuralgia and neuritis. This made his shoulder be in pain especially when he moved it. Because of this, Sunwoo had to leave The Boyz’s activities to minimize the injured shoulder.


Thankfully, Sunwoo has recovered, and he can continue with The Boyz’s activities.

Actually, a lot of idols suffer from injuries since they dance a lot. Red Velvet’s Wendy even had to take a hiatus for almost a year just to recover. It’s a good thing that Sunwoo has returned and greeted the fans at The Boyz’s promotion activity.

Hopefully, Sunwoo and other idols won’t face this incident again in the future!

The Boyz’s Sunwoo’s Family: Parents and Sister


We mentioned how Sunwoo is a dependable “oppa” in his family. Although he is the youngest member in The Boyz, he has a little sister that he takes care of. And, Sunwoo is such a good older brother to his sister. Sunwoo’s sister is 2 years younger than him. Their relationship must be close!

Sunwoo talked a lot about his little sister to The B. Sunwoo once said that his little sister is taller than him. Knowing that Sunwoo’s height is almost 180 cm, then Sunwoo’s sister must be tall.

Sunwoo talked a lot about his younger sister to the point that he revealed her name accidentally to the fans. But, he was unaware of that so when fans told him that he revealed her name, Sunwoo was shocked.


It must be nice to have a brother like Sunwoo. But, do you know that Sunwoo’s sister is a fan of Juyeon? Sunwoo said that he was relieved since her bias was Juyeon. Sunwoo is hilarious!

The Boyz’s Sunwoo Is Accused of School Bullying


In February 2021, there was a lot of news about bullying, violence, and other scandals regarding celebrities when they were in school. It seems like it started from one celebrity to another and then suddenly all news was filled with those scandals. Some agencies have denied them, but the news is ongoing.

One of the idols that are being accused of a scandal from school is Sunwoo. There was a post on an online forum in South Korea saying that the poster was a schoolmate of Sunwoo in middle school.

They said that when Sunwoo was in middle school, he assaulted his ex-girlfriend when they were in their first year. They also said that Sunwoo often made sex jokes and even went smoking and drinking outside the school.


The poster added that Sunwoo sexually assaulted the female students to the point that they didn’t like to see Sunwoo get all the love as an idol. These actions that the poster accused were just like the gangster in school who often skips classes and is violent.

But, Cre.ker Entertainment responded to this and said they would confirm the truth immediately. They would take legal action if the rumor is false.

What do you think about this? Do you think a guy like Sunwoo actually did that?


Anyway, it’s been a great time to learn more about Sunwoo. He’s indeed such a charismatic rapper. As you can see, being an idol is not always great. Sometimes, they have to suffer injuries or be accused of bad rumors. Hopefully, Sunwoo will grow and be a better person in the future. Which of his charms that you like the most? Let us know your opinion in the sections below!