The Charismatic Leader of The Boyz: Sangyeon’s Profile, Fun Facts, Debut Era, Visual Appearance, and More!

the boyz sangyeon

The Charming Leader of The Boyz: Lee Sang-yeon

As a leader, Sanghyeon has proven his good leadership to bring The Boyz‘s members into unity. He also has tons of specialties such as singing and songwriting. Do you want to know more about The Boyz’s Sangyeon? Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Sangyeon, so stay tuned!

Full Profile of The Boyz’s Sangyeon

the boyz sangyeon

Birth Name: Lee Sang-yeon (이상연)

Stage Name: Sangyeon (상연)

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, November 4, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Nationality: Korean

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Years Active: 2017- Present

Label: Cre.ker Entertainment

Associated With: The Boyz

10 Fun Facts about Sangyeon That You Need to Know!

the boyz sangyeon
  • Sangyeon has an older sister.
  • Sangyeon is Catholic, and his Christian name is Tobiah.
  • He attended Hanlim Multi Art High School.
  • In school, Sangyeon was known to be quite shy.
  • Sangyeon is considered the father of the group.
  • He loves to snowboard, compose music, and drive.
  • Sangyeon’s MBTI type is ESFP-T.
  • Sangyeon loves to make fried rice balls.
  • He doesn’t like sashimi or any food that contains raw meat or fish.
  • One of his specialties is to impersonate actors from old movies or dramas.

Learn More about The Boyz’s Sangyeon’s Career Journey Here!

the boyz sangyeon

Currently, Sangyeon is known as a good leader of The Boyz who has a lot of talent and charm. Previously, he was a trainee under Cre.ker Entertainment for several years before finally debuting as a boy group member in 2017.

Sangyeon’s Pre-Debut Era

the boyz sangyeon

Since he was younger, Sangyeon’s visual has looked very attractive! Although he used to be known as a shy person, this has been changed as time went by. Check out The Boyz’s Sangyeon’s pre-debut appearances:

the boyz sangyeon predebut
the boyz sangyeon predebut
the boyz sangyeon

How He Finally Debuted With The Boyz

the boyz

Sangyeon made his debut with The Boyz on December 6, 2017, by releasing a mini-album entitled The First with “Boy” serving as its title track! The group was formed under Cre.ker Entertainment and originally had 12 members: Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Ju Haknyeon, Sunwoo, Eric, and Hwall.

In the group, Sangyeon is in charge of the leader and main vocalist positions. Previously, The Boyz released a pre-debut MV entitled “I’m Your Boy” on October 11, 2017, which gained a lot of attention. It was followed by their official debut project afterward. They also released a second mini-album The Start with “Giddy Up” as its lead single.

the boyz
the boyz sangyeon

The group held its first fan meeting on October 28, 2017, following its first overseas appearance in Macau for the 12th Asian Film Awards. The Boyz received various music awards such as Rookie Award (2018), Best New Male Artist Award (2018), World Rookie Award (2019), and many more!

The Boyz’s Sangyeon During Live Stage Performances

the boyz sangyeon

Sangyeon looked very manly and amazing through one of The Boyz’s “The Stealer” live performances! With the combination of the dark and punk concept style, his charm was increased even more. Moreover, Sangyeon also showed off his powerful dancing with those amazing muscles!

Through the “Reveal” live stage performance, Sangyeon came with another charismatic and manly vibe! With a black outfit and ashy hair color, Sangyeon’s visual was no joke! Not to mention, his powerful dance and amazing vocals during the live performance were amazing!

The Boyz’s Sangyeon and H&D’s Hangyul: Are They Twins?

the boyz sangyeon & HD hangyul

The Boyz’s Sangyeon and BAE173‘s Hangyul have made fans go crazy over them after the two of them took a selfie together during Mnet’s M! COUNTDOWN. It was revealed that Sangyeon and Hangyul knew each other since he used to be an MBK Entertainment trainee.

Fans’ attention also focused on their visual appearances since Sangyeon and Hangyul were standing next to each other with a similar appearance. Do you want to see that? Let’s take a look at the similarities between The Boyz’s Sangyeon and H&D’s Hangyul here:

the boyz sangyeon & hd hangyul

This is the picture of Sangyeon and Hangyul together that drew a lot of attention due to their similarities!

the boyz sangyeon & hd hangyul

From their side profile, Sangyeon and Hangyul look the same! Their facial features have made people think that they might be twins.

the boyz sangyeon & hd hangyul

Some points from their appearances should be highlighted such as Sangyeon and Hangyul’s pointed noses, thick eyebrows, and their full eyes!

That is all of the information regarding The Boyz’s Sangyeon! Ever since his trainee days with an entertainment company, Sangyeon finally made his dream come true by debuting with The Boyz as the group’s leader as well! We hope for every good thing for him and are looking forward to the future of him with The Boyz!

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