Let’s Check Out Male Group The Boyz Charming Performance on ‘Road to Kingdom”

Behind The Performance



Behind the incredible performances that the group put, there must be a lot of stories and preparation to be able to derive the satisfying results. The Boyz sat for an online interview with media outlet The Ringer to talk about their performances on the show.

Regarding the performance of their 90-second stage, the members gave their comments on it. “When I first heard that I was going to be thrown, I was actually so scared. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. But once we repeated it a lot, and once Younghoon and the other members got the timing right, it shifted from impossible to possible. And eventually, even when Younghoon would throw it wrong, I would be able to catch the sword in the center,” the main dancer Q said, recalling the experience.

Younghoon added, “If I was to throw it wrong, it would feel like I was messing up the whole performance, so I felt really pressured. I practiced so much—I threw it literally, like, thousands of times.”

When asked to recall their first performance involving the heist-style stage, Sunwoo said, “I was really scared, because I was afraid that I might get hurt, or the ones beneath me might get hurt. The members below me, they were the ones without fear. They made the performance possible.”

Meanwhile, Eric added, “We couldn’t have done it without teamwork and the amount of time we put into practice. And to be honest, Sunwoo did it better in practice and rehearsal. But at least he didn’t fall.”

“In practice, Sunwoo would usually step on my back for the final part of the jump. During the actual performance, Sunwoo stepped on my shoulder—I was really worried. But he landed, and him being safe was the most important part. After that, it was all fun and games,” Jacob commented.

For their most shocking fireball performance in the 3rd episode, the members went on sharing their excitement.

“The fire came out of my hand,” said Juyeon.

“It’s a trade secret,” mentioned Eric.

“He’s a firebender!” Kevin made a witty remark.

Juyeon then went on explaining, “To be honest, when Hyunjae and I extend our arms, Q would be kneeling below, and he would light flash paper in Hyunjae’s hand. You wouldn’t see Q lighting it because of the camera angle. The camera would only show our hands and Q would light it up from underneath.”

“The flash paper itself is super flammable and it burns super fast, so even though the heat is really high, it just doesn’t sustain itself long enough for Hyunjae to get burned. It’s just an instant flash,” Kevin added.

“Another move we didn’t think we’d be able to do was the Chajeon Nori stunt, which the choreographer based on a traditional Korean game. The first time we went up on the rope, it was actually a lot higher than we thought and it was a lot shakier since it was being supported by people. There were actually a few times Hyunjae almost fell off, and we kept burning our hands on the rope,” Sunwoo concluded.

For their collaboration performance with Oneus, The Boyz admitted that they were tearful during the performance.

“Watching it come together and watching the story flow into a concert scene where they dance and laugh together, it really struck us as team members supporting them,” Kevin admitted.

“We all cried,” Jacob said.

“I think the performance was perfect. As we were preparing, we got a lot closer to Oneus. We talked a lot, joked around, and made lots of good memories. Because of that, when we were performing, we were able to have better synchronization. We were able to tell our story better because we had gotten so close while we were preparing for the show. I also became close with ONF’s J-Us and Pentagon’s Yeo One. We made a lot of good friends over the course of Road to Kingdom,” Sangyeon said.

While they also admitted that their “Shangri La” performance was among their top favorite.

“Actually, when I first heard that New was going to be one of the members carrying me, I was very worried. I thought to myself, I shouldn’t put weight onto the area that New was carrying, but he was a lot stronger than I had expected. It was only a success because I put a lot of trust in him. New is the star of the show!” Sunwoo said. “I don’t know why I’m always put on tall things. Maybe the choreographer doesn’t like me. [Laughs.] I’m kidding, but I don’t know why I’m always at the top. In the beginning, it might have been a pure chance that it was me, but in order to continue the story, I guess it made sense that I’d be the one going up. I keep doing it, but no matter how many times I go on something high, it’s still scary and I haven’t gotten used to it,” he went on explaining.

“‘Shangri La’ was a memorable performance. We all really liked the human piano moment,” Q added. “If you watch carefully when the piano dance break happens, our formation actually spells out V-I-X-X,” Kevin commented.

Finally, the group shared comments about their final performance of “Checkmate” that brought them the show’s crown.

“The cube scene was supposed to represent our strategy and how we thought of everything in advance. In chess, it’s all about how you think of your moves and every possible outcome in advance, so we wanted to show how all our work on this show has led us to the final checkmate,” Kevin shared.

Hyunjae added, “For the dance break with Juyeon, it was my first time dancing with a rope. We weren’t very experienced in expressing ourselves in this manner, so Juyeon and I practiced a lot.”

“Another part that was hard is where Eric throws a cane and I catch it and dance. But the cane was heavier than I expected, so it took a lot of practice to find the right balance,” Haknyeon commented.

“We want people to pay close attention to the final line in the song, ‘다시 한 번 시작 되는 Game,’ which means ‘A game that is starting once again.’ We’re going to Kingdom,” Kevin concluded.

Regarding their future activities and performance on the main show, Kingdom, the group shared their gratefulness and thanked their fans.

“It’s such an honor to have won Road to Kingdom. It was only possible because of all the fans that loved and supported us. I think we all realized how every group is so hardworking and how good they are, how talented they are. We just want all the groups that competed to be more well known and to succeed,” Eric said.

Younghoon added, “As we were filming Road to Kingdom, I saw that we were able to pull off any genre. That made me realize that our team can do anything, and it helped us grow.”

And Sunwoo closed, “We’re looking to challenge ourselves with newer concepts and images of our team for Kingdom. Our goal is always the same. It’s for us to be able to show ourselves more to the public as well as prove our ability as a group.”


Ranking Progress

Here is the ranking progress of The Boyz’s performances throughout the show:

  • 90-Second Performance: Rank 1st, 560 points
  • Song of King: Rank 1st, 10,000 points
  • My Song: Rank 1st, 10,000 points
  • First Elimination: Rank 1st, 20,000 points
  • Collaboration: Rank 3rd, 1,000 points
  • Your Song: Rank 2nd, 9,765 points
  • Second Elimination: Rank 2nd, 30,765 points
  • Video Views + Digital Points: Rank 1st, 30,000 points
  • Finale Live Votes: Rank 1st, 35,000 points
  • Total + Overall Ranking: Rank 1st, 95.765 points



So, those are all the things you need to know regarding The Boyz’s journey in Road to Kingdom. Which one of their performances is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!