Let’s Check Out Male Group The Boyz Charming Performance on ‘Road to Kingdom”

2nd Performance – My Song

Then, the contestants proceeded to the next stage where each of the boy groups performed one of their representative hit songs, that is rearranged and different from their usual stages of the song.

In the Thursday, May 28th, 2020 episodes of the Mnet show Road to Kingdom, the seven teams competed in the My Song mission, where they had to tell their stories while presenting their own songs. Ranking for this round was determined by 30 percent of the contestant’s votes and 70 percent of the online audience.

In this episode, The Boyz returned to a perfect score and remained in the first place, after having both scored the top position in the 90-second appearance mission and first round.

They performed a re-arrangement of their song “Reveal” with a touch of medieval-style and highlights of various aspects such as name, fight choreography, living painting, and a real fireball. There was a moment of panic when it seemed that Juyeon and Hyunjae appear to have their hands fired up.

In that episode, the first and second round rankings are combined to determine which group will be the first team to be eliminated from Road to Kingdom, and it was announced that the group Golden Child will be sent home.


3rd Performance – Part 1 (Collaboration) + Part 2 (Your Song)

At this stage, the 6 remaining boy groups will have 2 performances for this round: the first being a collaboration performance, and the second being the performance of a song chosen by another boy group.

Unfortunately, in this episode, The Boyz didn’t reach the first place as they earned a third-place instead of the collaboration performance.

In part 1 of the performance, The Boyz made a collaboration cover of Sunmi’s “Heroine” with the fellow competitor Oneus. This performance only involved five members of The Boyz—Sangyeon, New, Sunwoo, Juyeon, and Q—while the rest of the group took part in another performance.

Their performance was colored by a deeper message of their becoming idols’ journey. They use various props to depict the story, starting from their trainee clothes, scenes from their auditions and rehearsals, and concerts.

In the same episode, they performed another song as part 2 of the performance. Similarly, they did a cover performance of VIXX’s “Shangri-La” mixed with Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” with a touch of graceful stunts in terms of choreography. There was an incredibly brave moment when Sunwoo (who’s known to have a fear of heights) stood on a door that was carried by the four other members.

At the end of the episode, boy group TOO had to leave the show.


Final Live Comeback Stages

Finally, the 5 remaining boy groups will each perform a newly produced song live.

In the final episode that was broadcast on Thursday, June 18th, 2020, the five groups performed their best stage acts, with the newest songs. Oneus with the song “Come Back Home,” Verivery with “Beautiful-x,” while Pentagon performed the song “Basquiat.”

There are also The Boyz who sung the latest song titled “Checkmate” for the first time, and ONF that brought “New World.” From the competition of the five comeback songs, The Boyz and ONF were announced as the top groups.

At the beginning of the episode, Road to Kingdom announced that two groups could win this event. Namely the group with the highest cumulative score from all rounds of the competition, and the group with the highest score in the final round.

Even so, if a group meets both of these criteria, then only one group will go to the Kingdom, the main show. The score itself is calculated from various aspects such as fan voting, the number of YouTube views, to the digital score of the five participant groups’ comeback songs.

The final results show, both in accumulation and specifically in the final round, The Boyz is the group that has achieved the highest score. That way, The Boyz got the right to appear in the competition Kingdom.

Their final performance of their hit song “Checkmate” successfully accumulated a total of 95,765 points based on the number of online views, scores on their EP quality, and viewers’ votes received during the live broadcast. Thus, they took home the trophy with grace.

During their acceptance speech, the group shared their gratefulness, “We are so truly grateful to the staff who support us behind the stage and to The Bs,” referring to the name of the group’s fan club. “We are excited to compete in the next show, Kingdom, in which we think we will gain a lot of experience,” they concluded.

It is no wonder, since the group has been known for its number of interesting stage acts. They then successfully became the main and only winners of the Road to Kingdom competition.

On the other hand, there has been no leakage about which groups will compete with The Boyz in the Kingdom survival show. Mnet also has not provided further details about the implementation of this survival show.