Let’s Take a Peek at The Boyz Members’ Astrology Signs, Elements, and More!

The Boyz zodiac

Let’s Take a Look at The Boyz Members’ Astrology!

As fans, sometimes, we want to be close with our idols by knowing everything about them and their personal life, including their personality from astrological signs (better known as zodiac signs). Astrological signs are a forecasting of a person’s personality traits, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Everybody has their own zodiac sign, including The Boyz members. In order to get closer to their idols, fans want to know and match their zodiac signs with The Boyz members.

So, to get more information about The Boyz members’ zodiac and elements, you can keep reading this article because we have already provided everything you need about The Boyz’ zodiac signs. So, stay tuned!

The Boyz Members’ Zodiac Signs and Elements

The Boyz zodiac

As we all know, there are many horoscope symbols and names. However, we usually know there are just 12 astrological signs with unique animals as symbols. Among the 11 The Boyz members, there are zodiac signs and elements based on their birthdays. So, here are the lists of The Boyz members’ zodiac signs and elements:

Name Zodiac (Sun) Rising Moon Element
Sangyeon Scorpio Libra Leo Water
Jacob Gemini Leo Pisces Air
Younghoon Leo Pisces Libra Fire
Hyunjae Virgo Capricorn Aquarius Earth
Juyeon Capricorn Sagittarius Leo
Kevin Pisces Capricorn Water
New Taurus Pisces Taurus Earth
Q Scorpio Gemini Water
Juhaknyeon Pisces Cancer Sagittarius
Sunwoo Aries Scorpio Leo Fire
Eric Capricorn Pisces Scorpio Earth


Besides the 12 horoscopes, it is also increasingly complex with other terms such as “moon sign” and “rising sign.” The sun sign has 12 symbols and is determined from the sun position when people are born. The function is to influence the person’s personality.

Then, the “moon sign” is more about inner thoughts, emotions, and everything that we hear. Meanwhile, the “rising sign” term is the opposite of the moon sign. It will show our outside which we use when meeting new people to keep our personal selves hidden.

The Boyz’ Sangyeon’s Zodiac: Scorpio

Based on his birth, Sangyeon is a Scorpio. This zodiac sign belongs to the water element and is in the eighth position of 12 signs. Scorpios represent devoted workaholics and are unique and mysterious. This zodiac sign suits Sangyeon who works very hard, is always on time, and is loyal.

If Scorpios desire something that they want, they will eagerly pursue it to the highest level. In other words, Scorpios are very ambitious. Sangyeon also did the same. Sangyeon became the leader in his group by trying very hard to make it bigger.

Sangyeon’s Moon & Rising Signs: Leo – Libra

the boyz sangyeon zodiac

Different from his sun sign, Sangyeon’s moon sign is a Leo. Behind his personality of being a Scorpio who is known to be ambitious and a workaholic, his inner side is generous and kind-hearted. Because of his generosity, Sangyeon is called the “father” of The Boyz.

Meanwhile, for his rising sign, he reflects Libra. A Libra is known as the best mediator and is a thoughtful person. But, sometimes, a Libra can be a shy person. When Sangyeon is with new people, he shows his mask by being a shy and quiet person.

The Boyz’s Jacob’s Zodiac: Gemini

the boyz jacob zodiac

As a Gemini, Jacob inherited Gemini traits such as intellect, hyperactivity, curiosity, and playfulness. Rather than being two-faced, he’s gracious, patient, and very outgoing. It fits him. For example, when other members give a suggestion to him, he never gets upset.

In his group, Jacob is an “angel” because of his kind-hearted, sociable, and playful personality. Jacob is a true Gemini!

Jacob’s Moon & Rising Signs: Pisces – Leo

the boyz jacob moon sign

Even though he’s a Gemini, Jacob inherited a Pisces and Leo character as his moon and rising signs. Jacob’s inner side is a Pisces. He feels sensitive and pours all his emotion into his passions.

His rising sign is Leo. As a Leo, Jacob is strongly ambitious and full of passion to spread motivation to people around him. He’s very independent and slightly introverted when he meets someone for the first time.

The Boyz’s Younghoon’s Zodiac: Leo

the boyz younghoon zodiac

Leos are known for their passionate nature, sensibility, and courageousness. Based on his zodiac, Younghoon’s personal definition is very humble, smiley, and peaceful.

According to Younghoon, his personal definition of himself isn’t too far off: peaceful, smiley, and free (or liberated). “He’s composed no matter what situation arises,” Ju Haknyeon followed up. My additions include being laid-back and magnetic. According to Haknyeon, Younghoon is very focused and peaceful until he doesn’t know what kind of situation is arising.

Younghoon’s Moon & Rising Signs: Libra – Pisces

the boyz younghoon moon sign

Younghoon’s moon sign is Libra. Someone who has this moon sign sometimes struggles to make decisions. Libra as a moon sign is easily attracted to pretty things, so if they’re sad, a Libra will heal themselves by doing beautiful things. Meanwhile, his rising sign is Pisces. Pisces are known for their fast-changing emotions. They’re too kind and show sociable traits. So, it fits Younghoon who is called outgoing.

The Boyz’s Hyunjae’s Zodiac: Virgo

the boyz hyunjae zodiac

The visual of The Boyz is a Virgo. As a Virgo, Hyunjae is a perfectionist and always pays attention to details. Based on his zodiac sign (sun sign), Hyunjae is a good thinker in achieving his dreams. He also isn’t easily offended by other people’s words.

Hyunjae’s Moon & Rising Signs: Aquarius – Capricorn

the boyz hyunjae moon sign

Having an Aquarius moon means it takes time to feel comfortable with himself. Hyunjae admitted that he has a strong mental barrier. However, Hyunjae is easily touched by cute babies and animals. He once said this in Arena Homme Plus Korea Magazine.

Meanwhile, his outer layer is Capricorn. As a Capricorn, he shouldn’t underestimate himself. This causes him to be a perfectionist, and he becomes insecure and is used to being a shy person.

The Boyz’s Juyeon’s Zodiac: Capricorn

the boyz juyeon zodiac

Same as Hyunjae, Juyeon is a visual of the group, and it reflects his zodiac sign, Capricorn. Capricorns are incredibly optimistic and charismatic. They are also known for their modest nature, positive thoughts, and patience. Among all the traits, it has been proven and claimed by Juyeon.

Juyeon’s Moon & Rising Signs: Leo – Sagittarius

the boyz juyeon astrology

With Leo as the moon sign, the people with this sign are very playful, and they need attention but are not thirsty for it. But, sometimes, they forget about other people and sound self-centered. His rising/ descendant sign is Sagittarius.

A Sagittarius usually describes themselves as straight to the point, cheerful, and liking to give opinions.

The Boyz’s Kevin’s Zodiac: Pisces

the boyz kevin astrology

The lead vocalist’s name was given by his parents because they were inspired by the cast of the Hollywood movie Home Alone. Based on the Pisces forecast, people with this sign have high imagination, and they’re also good at art. This suits Kevin. He’s good at art like drawing and art design, and it can be seen from his social media posts.

Kevin’s Moon & Rising Signs: Capricorn – Sagittarius

the boyz kevin astrology

Capricorn moon likes to do productive things. They take all the responsibilities very seriously and tend to react emotionally when they fail to get something or if they didn’t fulfill their commitments. Meanwhile, Kevin’s rising sign is Sagittarius. As we know, Sagittarius is very positive and one of the most optimistic personalities.

The Boyz’s New’s Zodiac: Taurus

the boyz new zodiac

The Boyz’s New is super observant and attentive. New sees himself as a happy and sociable person. As a Taurus, New is focused and serene. For example, he really loves music, and it makes him focus. Taurus is very organized, and it is claimed by him, too.

New’s Moon & Rising Signs: Taurus – Pisces

the boyz new zodiac

He has the same sign for the moon sign, namely Taurus. But, the difference between the sun and moon signs is in the way he expresses his emotions. He would like to do productive things that show his emotions such as writing and releasing his first solo in 2022. With Pisces as the rising sign, they are known for their goodness and receptiveness and can seem to diffuse their persona.

The Boyz’s Q’s Zodiac: Scorpio

the boyz Q zodiac

Scorpio is a skeptic and will not trust in anything without strong evidence. Q (Ji Chang Min) describes himself as a peaceful, sensitive, and happy person. Q also reflects his zodiac by being known as a perfectionist regarding his performances. Haknyeon even said that he puts his performance first.

Q’s Moon & Rising Signs: Taurus – Gemini

the boyz Q zodiac

People with the Taurus moon are very strong-willed, emotionally very assertive, and have a loyal bond of friendship. They show their patience, but, sometimes, they can be stubborn and can change their mind.

Q’s rising sign is Gemini. Gemini people are very talkative, bright, and curious about everything. But, the Gemini rising isn’t two-faced.