The Boyz’s MBTI Types: Which Member Do You Have the Closest Personality To?


An ENTJ is extraverted, intuitive, a thinker, and judging. It is the personality type that often describes people who are outspoken, assertive, and confident. This type of personality enjoys spending time with other people and sometimes has strong verbal skills. The Boyz’s member who has an ENTJ personality is Ju Hak-nyeon.

Ju Hak-nyeon’s MBTI – ENTJ – T

The Boyz's Ju Hak-nyeon MBTI

As an ENTJ, Ju Hak-nyeon is known as someone who has a lot of ideas and is sometimes impatient. He is assertive and outspoken, and he isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. Hak-nyeon describes himself as someone who has a lot of energy and is confident. He also says that he is expressive.

This description matches with his type of MBTI as an ENTJ is someone who is assertive and has strong communication skills. Hak-nyeon is also known as someone who is well organized and plans ahead. But, he admitted that, sometimes, he can be insensitive whenever he is around people so it is kind of troubling for him.

The ESFP Group

An ESFP is a performer or entertainer. This type of personality usually loves being the center of attention, spontaneous, and outgoing. ESFP is the type that has a strong awareness of their surroundings and is also very understanding and perceptive about people. The Boyz’s members who belong to the ESFP group are Sangyeon, the leader, and Q.

Sangyeon’s MBTI – ESFP – T

Sangyeon who is sorted as an ESFP is a true entertainer. He never fails to entertain people and enjoys being the center of attention. To the other members, Sangyeon is a brother who is fun and reliable. He is easygoing and likes to socialize.

Sangyeon who is the leader of The Boyz is also the type of person who is simple and positive through different situations. He dislikes the idea of being negative because whenever he is being negative, he thinks a lot, and it makes him feel suffocated.


Q, just like Sangyeon, was sorted as an ESFP and is spontaneous. Q is known for his habit of easily dancing to a song, especially girl group songs. He sometimes starts dancing without realizing it when he hears a song somewhere. He likes to entertain the members around him so that they don’t get bored as he easily gets bored.

Though Q is the type of person who is simple and focused on the present, he admits that, sometimes, he can be too hard on himself even when he tries not to be. He’s the type that is aware of other people’s feelings. That’s why, when it comes to honesty, he said he needs to know the situation before he says something honest.

It’s interesting to see how the MBTI results of The Boyz’s members reflect on their personality, isn’t it? So, which member has the closest personality to yours? For other articles about The Boyz, check out Channel Korea, and don’t forget to share the article on Twitter!