K-Drama Review: ‘The Best Hit’ Is a Bizarre Love Triangle Mixed with Fantasy


Find Out More About The Best Hit

Offering a slice-of-life mixed with fantasy, The Best Hit is a breath of fresh air compared to the typical dramas that have been previously produced in South Korea’s television industry. In general, it’s about how young people can achieve the dreams which seem beyond their grasp. Despite the overall intensity of the subject, The Best Hit regularly inserts comedic elements to lighten the mood, be it puns, slapstick, or punchlines, which is part of what makes it so appealing to its viewers.

In this article, Channel-Korea tells you everything you need to know about The Best Hit, including giving you a synopsis, lead cast, fun facts, ending, ratings, and original soundtracks. So, stay tuned!

The Best Hit Synopsis


Otherwise titled Hit the Top and The Best Punch, this series is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm. It’s directed by Yoo Ho-jin, Cha Tae-hyun, and Kim Sang-hoon, and written by Lee Young-chul and Lee Mi-rim.

Running for 32 episodes, The Best Hit tells the story of a pop idol in early 1990s, named Yoo Hyun-jae (played by Yoon Shi-yoon), who accidentally traveled through time as he slid down from the stairs of his building and out into the street. When he opened his eyes, it turned out that Hyun-jae had mysteriously arrived in the year 2017, where he was almost hit by a car driven by a group of friends: an aspiring musician who is also secretly registered as an idol trainee ,named Lee Ji-hoon (played by Kim Min-jae), a part-time worker who has taken the civil service exam every year for the past three years, named Choi Woo-seung (played by Lee Se-young), and an aspiring rapper who’s surreptitiously stays in Ji-hoon’s loft, named MC Drill (played by Dong Hyun-bae).


Notably, The Best Hit has a wide focus that involves lots of other keynote characters, such as Ji-hoon’s adoptive father Lee Gwang-jae (played by Cha Tae-hyun), who currently runs a small entertainment company and was Hyun-jae’s manager in the past, Ji-hoon’s mother, Hong Bo-hee (played by Yoon Son-ha), who was a retired female singer and allegedly Hyun-jae’s past girlfriend, the CEO of Hyun-jae’s old agency, Lee Soon-tae (played by Lee Deok-hwa), and Hyun-jae’s past duo partner, Park Young-jae (played by Hong Kyung-min), who in the present time lives as a successful entertainment company owner.

Viewers won’t get bored watching The Best Hit, as its plot line doesn’t just revolve around  Hyun-jae, Ji-hoon, Woo-seung, and MC Drill’s daily life, but also addresses the truth about Hyun-jae’s sudden disappearance, Ji-hoon’s real parentage, and the romances of some of characters. If you’re looking for a fresh, funny, slice-of-life show with a little bit of romance, then The Best Hit should get added in your watch list. It easily gained 3.5 stars out of 5 stars for its plot line, characters, and development of the story.

The Best Hit Cast


As previously discussed, The Best Hit has a sizable cast of lead and supporting characters which affect the flow of the story. Here’s some more detailed information about the major players from The Best Hit, below.


Yoon Shi-yoon played the show’s main protagonist, Yoo Hyun-jae, a rising pop idol in the early 1990s, who debuted as a member of duo group. He’s best described as confident, slightly arrogant, and lives life on his own terms. Hyun-jae mysteriously disappeared after a typhoon hit the town. The official word was that he died because of an unknown illness, and the public never got to see his body. However, in reality, he was accidentally sent through time to the year 2017.

Lee Se-young plays the heroine of the drama, Choi Woo-seung, a hard-working woman who never gives up on her goal of becoming a government worker, hence her annual attempts to take and pass the exam. She’s sassy and no-nonsense, making her one of the more likable female protagonists in K-Drama land.

Kim Min-jae played as the second male lead of the cast, Lee Ji-hoon. He’s a 20-something guy who also studies for the civil service exam, but still keeps chasing his dream career as a singer, despite his father’s warnings. Ji-hoon has a crush on Woo-seung even though she keeps him in the friend zone.

On the other hand, Ji-hoon’s adoptive father Lee Gwang-jae, played by Cha Tae-hyun, is the CEO of an entertainment company who simultaneously works as the road manager for his artists and occasionally manages the bakery under his agency’s building. His dark past as an idol manager made him bitter, hence his repeated warnings to Ji-hoon to not pursue a living in the entertainment industry. Similar to his son, Gwang-jae has a one-sided love with Bo-hee, Ji-hoon’s mother.


The supporting characters in The Best Hit can’t be underestimated, either, because their roles are as impactful as the roles of the four stars. Yoon Son-ha played Ji-hoon’s mother, who tries to come back to the entertainment industry as a singer after seeing that Gwang-jae’s financial state isn’t enough to support their household. She used to date Hyun-jae when both of them were rising stars, so their relationship considered a controversial one.

Hong Kyung-min played Park Young-jae, Hyun-jae’s former partner in the duo J2, who currently owns a huge entertainment agency. Despite his success, Young-jae still holds a grudge towards Hyun-jae because, during their career, Youngjae always felt overshadowed by Hyun-jae’s undeniable presence.

Lee Deok-hwa played Lee Soon-tae, the CEO of Hyun-jae and Young-jae’s old agency, who lives with Gwang-jae, Bo-hee, and his granddaughter, Mal-sook (played by Lee Han-soo). Though his agency was considered a failure, Soon-tae still tries to restore it. Meanwhile, Dong Hyun-bae played the main trio’s friend, MC Drill, Ji-hoon’s fellow trainee, who wants to debut as a rapper. MC Drill is known for his playful nature, but little did his friends know that he actually hides secretive past, as well.

WJSN’s Bona and ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo also joined the cast of The Best Hit. Bona played as Do Hye-ri, an idol trainee who’s known for the strength of her performances. Although it wasn’t mentioned explicitly in the drama, viewers can see that Hye-ri suffered from anorexia as she was pressured to keep an ideal appearance as a newly-presented idol. On the other hand, Cha Eun-woo played MJ, a popular male singer debuted under Young-jae’s agency, who’s often given Hyun-jae’s lost musical material, which he is then forced to claim as his own. In the latter stage, MJ meets Hyun-jae and learns that he needs to be an artist who’s recognized for his true colors, instead of copying other’s work.


Besides being known for its a comical slice-of-life aspects, The Best Hit also became a series with celebrities galore, as many popular figures made appearances on the drama, including Jang Hyuk, as the mysterious man riding the static scooter, Lee Kwang-soo, as Woo-seung’s ex-boyfriend, Kim Sook, as one of MJ’s hysterical fans, and Lee Soon-jae, as the man in the convenience store, as well as other celebrities and idol groups such as Ko Chang-seok, Choi Hwa-jung, Ahn Gil-kang, Kim Jun-ho, Kim Jong-min, Defconn, MC Gree, Kan Mi-yeon, WJSN, and Monsta X.