Get To Know the Vocal Female Group The Barberettes

The Barberettes

Learn More About the “Winter Wind” Hitmaker: The Barberettes’ Profile, Facts, Formation Changes, Discography, and Tours!

Many K-pop fans know the many girl groups and boy groups that debut from time to time. Not only that but K-pop is becoming increasingly popular because of the increasing reputation of K-pop groups and also their competition in the music industry. There are also other groups with other genres that managed to steal the attention of many people and get many achievements.

Do you know about the retro group The Barberettes which was nominated for Rookie of the Year at the 2015 Korean Music Awards? In this article, there’s detailed information about The Barberettes starting from the member profiles, facts, activities, promotions, formation changes, discography, and concerts. Don’t skip any information in this article and find out more about The Barberettes!

The Barberettes’ Group Profile

The Barberettes (Hangul: 바버렛츠) is known as a South Korean group that consisted of 3 members, Shinae An Wheeler, Grace Kim, and So-hee Park. However, in 2015, there was a lineup change when Grace Kim announced that they will leave the group, and the position was replaced by the new member, Sunnie Lee Kyeong.

Let’s get straight to know The Barberettes’ full member profiles in the session below!

The Barberettes’ Shinae An Wheeler’s Profile

Stage Name: Ahn Shin-ae (Hangul: 안신애)

Born: Songnam, South Korea, July 30, 1986

Position in the Group: Creator, producer, leader, guitarist, main composer, and writer

Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts

The Barberettes’ Shinae An Wheeler’s Facts

  1. The Barberettes’ Shinae An Wheeler and Grace Kim were already singing solo for the same jazz band
  2. The Barberettes’ Shinae An Wheeler said that The Barberettes released their first album on May 27, 2014
  3. The Barberettes’ Shinae An Wheeler said that The Barberettes’ name was chosen because they wanted to name themselves after the cappella barbershop music style and added the “ettes” like many girl groups in the 1950s and 1960s

The Barberettes’ Sunnie Lee Kyeong’s Profile

Stage Name: Lee Kyeng-seon (Hangul: 이경선)

Born: South Korea

The Barberettes’ Sunnie Lee Kyeong’s Facts

  1. The Barberettes’ Sunnie Lee Kyeong said that she often used one microphone during performances to control harmony balances
  2. The Barberettes’ Sunnie Lee Kyeong described the group as “Korean doo-wop done in the 21st century”
  3. The Barberettes’ Sunnie Lee Kyeong said that the group was inspired by pop music, Motown barbershop, and doo wop that was created around 1960 and some groups like The Chordettes, The Ronettes, and The Andrews Sisters

The Barberettes’ Grace Kim’s Profile

Real Name: Kim Eun-hye (Hangul: 김은혜 )

Stage Name: Grace Kim

Born: Seoul, South Korea, April 11, 1987

Position in the Group: Vocalist

Education: Chung-Ang University

The Barberettes’ Grace Kim’s Facts

  1. The Barberettes’ Grace Kim said that they were stunned by The Kim Sister’s performances and called them their “biggest idols”
  2. The Barberettes’ Grace Kim said that they also used costumes, make-up, and choreography to re-create the effect of a retro group
  3. The Barberettes’ Grace Kim said that they were stunned by The Kim Sisters

The Barberettes’ So Hee Park’s Profile

Stage Name: Park So-hee (Hangul: 박소희)

Born: Suwon, South Korea, April 10, 1991

Position in the Group: Maknae, Lead Vocalist

Education: Sungshin Women’s University (Modern Contemporary Music)

The Barberettes’ So Hee Park’s Facts

  1. The Barberettes’ So Hee Park played piano since a very young age
  2. The Barberettes’ So Hee Park usually sang the low harmony except when singing the lead, like on the group’s single release
  3. The Barberettes’ So Hee Park was the youngest of the group and called herself the “Baby Barberette”

The Barberettes’ Formation Changes and Future Activity

On October 20, 2015, Grace Kim announced that she was leaving the group through Facebook. The last broadcast recording was ended on November 2. She said that she didn’t leave because of a quarrel with the other members, but she was preparing for a solo career. The Barberettes’ Grace Kim’s position was replaced by The Barberettes’ Sunnie at this time.

Park So-hee, the youngest member of the group, was a student that Shinae Ahn taught at a practical music academy. On March 29, 2018, she said goodbye to The Barberettes for a new path, and her departure announcement was revealed on The Barberettes’ official YouTube account.

The Barberettes was then a female two-member vocal group. It was also called a self-proclaimed time travel retro girl group. There is the English word barber meaning “barber.” The name was given to the group after asking a foreign friend to do a “barbershop acapella,” a genre derived from the singing of a black male quartet. The suffix “ettes” at the end of the group’s name is the plural form of “ette” and means “small” or “female.” So, in Korean, it’s like “barbershop sisters.”

In line with the nickname of a time travel girl group, they arranged and covered songs with an old-fashioned feel from the 60s and 70s, and everything from the style of the songs to the outfits seemed to be a retro concept. On November 10, 2014, The Barberettes appeared on KBS, and the members said they did not know that the words they joked about would come true.

The Barberettes was active in Hongdae clubs and performed as a guest at SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin-ho’s pop-up concert before its debut. In May 2014, The Barberettes’ made its official debut with the release of the full-length album Barberetts Collection #1.