Everything You Need to Know About The Ark: Profile, Discography, Disband, etc.

The Ark’s Impactful Debut in 2015


On March 23, 2015, Music K Entertainment, as The Ark’s agency, announced the debut news for the 5 members of The Ark. The agency also said that The Ark wasn’t a one-concept girl band, but it was a girl-group with a colorful concept because each member had her own charm.

The Ark first caught the attention of K-pop fans when they uploaded a video of themselves covering Boy In Luv from BTS on their Youtube channel, that got them called the woman version of BTS. Even BTS watched the video and gave them encouraging words. The Ark released their debut song, titled The Light, on April 10, 2015, then made their stage debut on April 12, 2015, in Inkigayo. In the year of their debut, they received a lot of attention from K-pop fans for their boyish look and energetic performance on the stage, that sometimes resembled a boy-group, as well as for the fact that each member already had experience in the entertainment industry before they debuted as The Ark.

At the time, the most attention-grabbing things about The Ark were Yuna, who was an ex-trainee of YG Entertainment that was rumored to become part of a new YG girl-group, and Minju, who was a finalist of ‘Superstar K Season 3’

Disbanded Because of Lack of Popularity


Debuting in a competitive industry in South Korea is never easy. With many idol groups being debuted every year, every group’s agency must be able to build the group’s own “character” that distinguish them from the others, also, think about how the idol groups would have different concepts every time they have a “comeback”. So, how to achieve those things? the agency must have the power to cover the costs of launching a new group, because one of the biggest factors in the production of those groups is the financial capacity of the agency.

If an idol group can’t raise enough income, they may change their concept, or, at worst, disband. Unfortunately, The Ark was one of many idol groups that met with disbandment.

The Ark was officially disbanded in 2016, with a statement by the agency said that Yuna and Minju’s departures from the company was the cause for the disbandment.

The disbandment shocked The Ark’s fans, making them wonder what really happened to The Ark and the agency until the now ex-member, Yuna, answered all the scattered questions.

Yuna said, “We have no power to manage it. At that time, there was a problem with the agency and our debut didn’t get the positive feedback. Then, our lead vocalist decided to leave the agency due to a vocal cord problem and when we were looking for a new lead vocalist, the group finally disbanded“.

At that time, each member of The Ark had done our best“, she said, regretfully.

Where Are They Now?


Experiencing disbandment didn’t make the group members desperate and leave the entertainment industry. Instead, it made them become more independent about exploring their skills and figuring out what genres of music spoke most to them. Even after the split, the members of the group stayed close and even made a dance cover video for the first time after the disbandment.

Beginning with Yuna, she upgraded her rap skills on the rap competition show ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’, but was eliminated in the 8th episode. After that, she signed an exclusive contract with Maroo Entertainment as a trainee. In 2017, she participated in the survival reality show ‘The Unit’, where she finished in 10th place and barely missed the opportunity to debut in UNI.T.

On the other hand, Minju had put in a lot of effort, but she still needed to give more. She unexpectedly joined the show ‘K-pop Star Season 6’ in 2016 after The Ark’s disbandment and successfully became one of the ‘Top 4’. Then, in the middle of 2017, HYWY Entertainment revealed that Minju had signed an exclusive contract with them and was preparing for her debut with a new girl-group, named DAYDAY, which consisted of five members, including Lee Soo-hyun from ‘Produce 101’ and Kim Eun-bi from the first season of ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, but, after the debut was postponed and there was no clarity, DAYDAY reportedly broke up in October 2017. Then she joined Maroo Entertainment.


Reunited in Maroo Entertainment, Yuna and Minju finally debuted as a duo named KHAN on May 23, 2018, with the single I’m Your Girl? and Yuna changed her stage name to Euna.

In 2017, Halla also participated in the survival show ‘The Unit’ and successfully reached the ‘Top 9’, hence she had the opportunity to be part of UNI.T, which officially debuted on May 18, 2018, but only survived until they were disbanded in October of the same year, because they didn’t get enough attention. Previously, in 2016, Halla reunited with Jane as the members of ‘Real Girls Project’, a project group of the TV Drama The Idolmaster KR.


Last but not least, Yujin is planning on returning to the music industry as a soloist. Based on a photo posted on her Instagram on December 24, 2018, she explained that she will be active as a solo singer under the stage name “MAIL”.

That’s all the information about The Ark. Even though each member of The Ark is already on their own path, let’s support them for their own upcoming projects, whether they would be a singer, an actress, and so on, and hope they would be happier than before! Lastly, don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment section below.