Let’s Check Out the Appearance of Yang Dong-geun and His Children on ‘The Return of Superman’

Yang-Dong-Geun-양동근-YDG's Family

Meet YDG’s Family in The Return of Superman!

YDG, also known as Yang Dong-geun, is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, breakdancer, and actor from South Korea. He’s more famous as a rapper, but is also recognized as an actor in South Korea, as evidenced by his many roles both in dramas and films. He’s even been cast in several musical dramas.
in 2016, Yang Dong-geun participated in the South Korean reality-variety show, The Return of Superman, that airs on KBS2. the concept of this show is that celebrity dads are left to care for their kids alone for 48 hours, without the help of anyone, while their wives leave the home to enjoy some relaxing time off. The wives are shown leaving the home before the 48 hours begins, and come back to greet their family once the 48 hours have ended. During those two days, the dads and children are either doing a task the wives have written out for the dads to complete, or the dads are exploring new activities with their kids. Occasionally, celebrity friends of the dads will stop by to interact with the kids.
let’s find out more about YDG’s family’s appearance on The Return of Superman!

Yang Dong-geun and Yang Seo-heun

양동근의 가족-Yang-Dong-geun-Yang-Joon-seo
In the introduction of the YDG family, Yang Dong-geun explained that, initially, he and his wife knew each other after the music video shoot for a campaign song. At first, Yang Dong-geun said that he didn’t try to hit on her, but he figured they would end up together eventually. Yang Dong-geun also revealed that the first one of them to reach out to the other was his wife. His wife explained that it was true that she sent the message first, but it wasn’t like she was trying to marry him, then. That’s a misunderstanding.
Yang Dong-geun related that he kept telling his wife “I’m going to have kids with you,” and then Joon-seo was born. That’s the reality of their second story, that Yang Joo-seo’s birth brought the two together today. Yang Joon-seo was born on March 28, 2013. He has a younger sister who is two years younger than he is. Following are some moments from Yang Joon-seo with his father and Joy, his younger sister.

in the first episode with this family, Yang Dong-geun looks uneasy and is on his way to the place where his wife, Park Ga-ram, would soon give birth to their second child.
Shortly after Yang Dong-geun arrived at the hospital where his wife was going to give birth, Yang Dong-geun and Park Ga-ram’s first child came along with Yang Dong-geun’s mother. The child was named Yang Joon-seo, who was then three years old, or four years old in Korea.
As soon as Yang Joon-seo arrived, he immediately sought his mother, so Yang Dong-geun brought him to see her. After going inside, Yang Joon-seo kissed his mother and started staring at her continuously, without saying anything. It seemed he was embarrassed because there was a camera. Yang Dong-geun asked him to wish his mother luck, but Yang Joon-seo was still shy. His mother said that Joon-seo’s eyes at that time were different from usual, his eyes looked sad, then kissed him again.
He held the one of his mother’s hands that was being infused, and his mother said that the hand he was holding was hurt and she asked him to blow it to make her felt better. Joon-seo immediately blew on it, very gently.
Six hours after checking in, Joon-seo’s mother started having strong contractions, and soon gave birth to Joon-seo’s little sister. During the birth process Joon-seo waited outside, while his father, Yang Dong-geun, stayed with his wife as she was struggling to give birth. Yang Joon-seo’s new sister was later given the name Joy.

In episode 128, after Yang Dong-geun and his children got ready, the three of them went out and found an intersection. Before crossing, Yang Dong-geun taught Joon-seo about the traffic signs to cross.
Yang Dong-geun asked Joon-seo, “Do you see the red light?” and then he continued, “We will cross when the light turns green. okay?” Then, not too long afterward, Joon-seo raised his hand when he was about to cross. Seeing this, Yang Dong-geun said, “That’s right. Raise your hand as you cross the road.” Then, carrying Joy and Joon-seo, Yang Dong-geun crossed over. They finally reached their destination by bus and walked a little. While they were walking, Yang Dong-geun told Joy that they are taking Joon-seo to kindergarten. It was apparently the first time Yang Dong-geun had walked Joon-seo to kindergarten while carrying Joy, and Yang Dong-geun said, “My goodness, this is quite a feat.
Of course, there are still many father-son moments between Yang Dong-geun and Yang Jeon-seo in ‘The Return of Superman‘ that you should watch, because both of them are very adorable.

Yang Dong-geun and Yang Joy

Yang-Doong-geun-Yang-Joy-YDG Family
In the narration of this show explained that they named their new daughter Joy, so that she’d never lose her smile and always be happy. Joy has thick hair like her father, Yang Dong-geun. One of the things that make her so appealiing are her chubby cheeks, which are adorable. Joy was born on October 11, 2015, and was only 6 months old then.
Although she couldn’t talk yet, she is still very charming in the show.

Before his wife left their children to Yang Dong-geun, she said that parenting would make him physically tired, but would also make him mentally happy. His wife also cheered Yang Dong-geun shortly before she left.
Shortly after his wife left, Yang Joon-seo was still sleeping in the living room, but Joy had woken up. Yang Dong-geun talked to Joy and carried her to the window to look at the scenery outside, and then put her in her baby chair. Then he turned on some music and played with Joy. The baby was surprisingly able to get in sync with her father and respond to the music. After a few minutes, Yang Dong-geun was exhausted and turned off his music. in his personal interview, Yang Dong-geun admitted he was surprised to see Joy  was able to react to the music already, and then he proudly thought that maybe Joy took after him.

After sending Joon-seo to kindergarten, it was time for Yang Dong-geun and Joy to spend time together. They went out to the park near their house and walked for a while. since it was spring, they also took a selfie together with the flowers that were blooming in the park..
After their walk, they sat on a bench and rested for a while. Yang Dong-geun prepared a bottle of milk for Joy, but while he was trying to get it ready, a grandmother who recognized him approached them. Yang Dong-geun asked the old lady to hold Joy while he got her bottle ready. After finishing, Yang Dong-geun thanked the grandmother and then tried to feed her. Joy enjoyed her lunch in the park with her father.
Joy’s cuteness is always obvious in the show, and will certainly be very entertaining for the viewers. Even without Joy doing anything, she is still adorable. There are still many moments between Yang Dong-geun and Joy, and also Joy’s interactions with the other children in ‘The Return of Superman‘ that you must see!

Yang Dong-geun and Yang Shi-loh


On November 27, 2016, which is episode 158, Yang Dong-geun’s family traveled to the OB/GYN together. It was revealed that his wife was pregnant with their third child. As the ultrasound of the baby flashed onto the screen, Yang Dong-geun couldn’t tear his eyes away as he smiled at the healthy and active baby. His wife brushed away tears of happiness and relief when she revealed in her interview with the writers that she had previously suffered a miscarriage.

His wife also shared her husband’s reaction to the news of her pregnancy, saying, “As soon as he heard, he said, ‘Yes!’ He wants to keep having kids and so we’re still in negotiations about that part.

On April 28, 2017, Yang Dong-geun was again blessed with a son, who was later given the name Yang Shi-loh. Unfortunately, at the time, Yang Dong-geun was no longer participating in ‘The Return of Superman‘, although there were certainly many who hoped to see Yang Dong-geun take care of his three childre,n including Yang Shi-loh, on this show.

Fun Facts



In his first appearance, Yang Dong-geun expressed his reasons for following ‘The Return of Superman.‘ He said, “At last, I’m joining ‘The Return of Superman’ thinking about how imperfect I would seem as a father, it gives me a headache already. However, I could have a chance to spend more time with my children, and I expect myself to be a better father. I’m determined to do my best.

At the end of 2016, Yang Dong-geun’s family also had their first photoshoot in support of the campaign for stray dogs, together with ‘International bnt.’ In an interview after the photoshoot, Yang Dong-geun’s wife, Park Ga-ram, expressed her affection for dogs and emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one’s pets.


Yang-Dong-geun-family-YDG's Family

Even though he no longer participates in ‘The Return of Superman‘, both Yang Dong-geun and his wife are active on social media and often post photos and videos of their children. Both have personal Instagram accounts, Yang Dong-geun (@king_ydg) and Park Ga-ram (@viviana_park)




Through Park Ga-ram’s account, she shared some photos of their third child, Yang Shi-loh, who was just born at the time.


Not wanting to lose, Yang Dong-geun also actively shares his activities with Joon-seo and Joy, the three of them are seen spending time together and having fun.


It’s very adorable when Joon-seo and Joy come along to look after their younger brother, Shi-loh, who is still a baby. Such caring siblings!


Joon-seo is getting older and has been able to look after Joy as her ‘Oppa’, soo manly and cute at the same time.


Aren’t they so lovely?



The three are growing up together and are even more adorable.

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Our Joon-seo grew up and will soon become a man.


There are many more updates and moments of Yang Dong-geun’s family contained in their Instagram. Follow their accounts if you want to continue to get news updates about them.