Teen Top’s Ricky, Profile and Facts

More Facts About TEEN TOP’s Ricky

  • He was the first member to join the group.
  • In Weekly idol, Ricky was named #2 Baby Idol, #5 Bullied Idol, #4 Idol who is always eating, and #5 Idol who shines during Weekly idol.
  • Members Niel and Ricky both jumped 1.65 meters (5’5″) and 1.6 meters (5’3″) respectively at the 4th annual ‘Idol Star Athletic Championships’, and won the gold and silver medals.
  • Suprisingly, he had the highest note when battling with Niel and Chunji on his hoobaes’ reality show Up10tion.
  • His hyungs like to call him ‘pig’ because Ricky was born in the year of the pig. Ricky doesn’t mind this at all.
  • According to some sources, Ricky had throat problems when he first debuted, so he was not able to have as big of a part in the songs. He felt bad for his group members, so he practiced his dancing a lot to make up for it.
  • When Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha asked Ricky if he knows how old she is, he shyly replied “twice my age“.
  • Ricky has a celebrity fanboy,  Takada Kenta from JBJ. Ricky once get a phone call from him where Takada Kenta asked him directly to be friends, and instead got treated as a sunbae; because they’re both the same age, just a month apart.
  • He considers 100%’s Rockhyun a teacher, because in his trainee days he taught him to enjoy singing and dancing, and they also have a good friendship. When Rockhyun performed on stage for ‘KBS The Unit : Rebooting Idols Project’, Ricky came and cheered him on sitting in the audience.
  • The bracelet that he donated for ‘Star Donation Event’ was the one that obtained the highest price in the auction, and was auctioned for 700,000 won (approximately $ 630 USD).
  • He got his driver’s license at the beginning of 2014.
  • When performing “Supa Luv“, he gets too eager to bend his back even lower in his Matrix dance move, which sometimes ends with him getting his feet twisted.
  • Chunji said that the member that made the best impression on him was Ricky because he thought he was ‘really cute’.
  • He and L.Joe had to perform a kiss scene for an Mnet Japan photoshoot (which was actually L.Joe’s first kiss).
  • When he reached the age of majority (20 years old), the first thing he did was obtain a driver’s license and watch a 19+ movie.
  • Ricky does a lot of moves where he has to extend his legs during dances, and he is very enthusiastic to add more power so his pants tear more.
  • He has torn his pants on 2 occasions, the 1st in the Clap promotions (trousers and closing), and the 2nd occasion was during the ‘After School’ program. Ricky said that his pants had just torn in a shameful area (crotch), causing everyone in the studio to laugh.
  • Ricky says his mom did not let him take out a credit card (in his name), even after he become an adult. Ricky’s mom only gives him $ 400. Ricky said: “I can not hurt my mother’s feelings” DJ: “He’s so cute!“.
  • On April 7th in a fanmeeting, each group member read a letter to the fans, but Ricky could not read it because he was crying, so he asked Changjo to read it for him.

TEEN TOP Member Ricky’s Filmography


Dramas Appearances

  • Entertain us (Mnet, 2014)
  • I Am Legend (SBS, 2010)
  • Looking For Dorothy (MBC, 2006)


  • 2015 : Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (with Boyfriend’s Donghyun, ZE:A’s Minwoo, and Cross Gene’s Seyoung)
  • 2014 : Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (with 100%’s Rockhyun)

TV Programs


  • Star Cam (with Teen Top)
  • MBC Flower Bouquet (episode 8)


  • Moon Night 90 (with Niel & Changjo)


  • Miss & Mr Idol (with Niel & Chunji)
  • MBC KPop Star Olympics
  • MBC Kpop Star Athletic Championship
  • Let’s Go Dream Team
  • Weekly Idol (2x with Teen Top)


  • Wide M Open Studio
  • MBC KPop Star Olympics
  • MBC Kpop Star Athletic Championship
  • Weekly Idol (2x with Teen top)


  • MBC Idol Sport Champion Ship (with L.Joe, Changjo, and Chunji)
  • MBC Idol Futsal Champion Ship (with Changjo)
  • MBC Infinite Dream Concert
  • KBS Global Request Show: A Song For You 3 (episode 10 with Teen Top)
  • ASC Arirang-After School Club (15/09/2014)
  • KBS Open Concert (16/09/2014)
  • KBS1 Love Request (20/09/14)
  • MBC Idol Music Festival: Kpop Expo in Asia (21/09/14)
  • Pops In Seul (22/09/14)
  • Weekly Idol (08/10/14)
  • Arirang TV Simply KPOP
  • MNET Moon Heejun´s Pure 15+ (with Chunji)
  • SBS Star King (with L.Joe & Chunji)
  • MBC Hitmakers (26/12)
  • KBS2 Dream Team Season 2 (15/2)
  • MBC Weekly Idol (18/11)


  • MBC Idol Star Athletics, Archery, Futsal Championship (19/2)
  • MBC Idol Sports Championship (19/2)
  • MBC Weekly Idol (episode 188 – 04/03/15 with L.Joe, C.A.P, and Niel).
  • KBS2 MV Bank Stardust (with Chunji and Niel, 30/04/15)
  • KBS Dream Team Season 2 (31/05/15)
  • Weekly Idol (24/06/15)
  • KBS Global Request Show: A song for you 4 (episode 1)
  • KBS Yettie TV (with C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, and Changjo)
  • MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • KBS Hello Counselor (ep. 240 with C.A.P, ChunJi, Niel, and ChangJo. 31/08/15)
  • KBS2 Dream Team Season 2 en Tailandia (with Niel)
  • KBS Let’s Go! Dream Team 2


  • KBS Gag Concert with Niel and Changjo (31/01/16)
  • MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • KBS Dream Team “Let´s be friends” Global Quiz Festival in Jeju Island


  • MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships
  • SBS Now Jeong Dae Man Mobidic Overwatch TEEN TOP vs BAP (episode 20)
  • KBS2 Immortal Song with Niel, Rockhyun and Hyuk Jin (18/02/17)

Radio Programs

  • 2011 : MBC ShimShim Tapa Radio (30/08/2011 with Niel)
  • 2011 : MBC ShimShim Tapa Radio (28/09/2011 with Niel)
  • 2011 : MBC ShimShim Tapa Radio (19/10/2011 with Niel)
  • 2011 : MBC ShimShim Tapa Radio (29/11/2012)
  • 2012 : MBC ShimShim Tapa Radio (06/07/2012)

TEEN TOP Member Ricky’s High School Life


Ricky was a student of Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA), which is a high school that attracts many idols due to its focus on the arts. He was accepted and graduated alongside many of his celebrity friends (95-liners) such as NCT’s Taeyong, Boyfriend’s Twins Youngmin & Kwangmin, Boyfriend’s Minwoo, APINK’s Namjoo, WJSN’s Exy, etc.


However it seems MYNAME’s Chaejin is Ricky’s closest celebrity friend. Based on the photos Chaejin took above, Chaejin wrote on his personal twitter that he was thankful for Ricky who treated him well, and took care of him a lot. In the photo, Chaejin and Ricky showed their cuteness through their pose while wearing a lovely, yellow uniform. Ricky and Chaejin, who were classmates at Seoul Performance Arts High School, took a photo during their graduation photo shoot, making memories.


There was also cute incident during his school life, back on April 30, 2013. Based on the photos above, it was revealed that the teacher scolded Zelo and Ricky for being late to class, because when the bell rang they were at mini mart buying and eating snacks.

About TEEN TOP’s Ricky, Pre-debut


Ricky was already experienced in working in movies and musicals before his debut as singer through TEEN TOP. He was known as a child actor, who debuted in Seo Taiji‘s music video for “Human Dream” in 2008, and played the younger version of Song Seung Hoon in “Love Song” as well. Ricky’s appearances as a young CF advertising model also garnered a lot of attention, back then.


Ricky and Niel’s childhood pictures were revealed through a famous online community site. Ricky, with his round eyes and nose, also looks exactly the same as he does right now. Netizens commented, “I’m envious because he had a close relationship with top stars ever since he was a child“, “Their faces are still the same, it’s as if they just grew taller.

TEEN TOP Member Ricky’s Childhood Photos


TEEN TOP Member Ricky’s Solo Performance

Ricky is a lead dancer of TEEN TOP. In the video above, he showed off his potential and cool moves on the 8th episode of “MBC’s Flower Bouquet” for the battle of charming. Check out his solo dancing performance in “Rainism” originally by Rain (Bi)! Wasn’t he too cute, even though he danced to such a childish song?

Well, the fans must’ve known already that Ricky doesn’t usually get a big part to sing when TEEN TOP releases a new song. But he proved to the world that he actually has an angelic and calming voice during his solo singing performance above! How was it? I bet it’s good to hear, right?