Teen Top’s Ricky, Profile and Facts


Forever Fake Maknae, TEEN TOP’s Ricky!

Yoo Chang Hyun, also known as Ricky is a part of the South Korean boy group called TEEN TOP under TOP Media. He is the second youngest member to represent TEEN TOP, alongside C.A.P (leader), Chunji, Niel, Changjo, and formerly L.joe. He had a closed audition together with Chunji and was the first member to join the group, whereas the other four members had an open Lotte World audition. He officially debuted as a TEEN TOP member on July 9, 2010 with Clap.

Despite being on maknae lines together with Changjo and not being the most popular member of the group, he has so many charms and experiences working in the entertaiment industry since he was young. To get to know him better, keep on reading!

TEEN TOP Fandom Name : Angels
TEEN TOP Official Fan Color : Pearl Light Lavender
TEEN TOP Official Accounts : (Twitter) TEEN_TOP, (Facebook) TeenzOnTopOfficial, (Youtube) teentopofficia

Full Profile of Yoo Chang Hyun (TEEN TOP’s Ricky)


Real Name : Yoo Chang Hyun (유창현)
Stage Name : Ricky (리키)
Nickname : Lovely Boy, Rickhanna
Position : Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Fake Maknae
Birthplace : Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Birthdate : February 27, 1995
Blood Type : AB
Western Zodiac : Pisces
Chinese Zodiac : Pig
Height : 172 cm
Weight : 55 kg
Hobby(s) : Watching Movies, Playing piano
Specialty : Acting
Languange : Korean, Japanese
Education : Namgang Middle School, School of Performing Arts Seoul, Hoseo University
Sibling : Two older brothers, and one of his older brothers is E:psilon of AlphaBAT
Fansclub Name : Lovelies
Agency(s) : T.O.P Media (South Korea), Universal Music (Japan)
Instagram : @RICKY_TEENTOP_
Official Site : Cyworld & Daum

You may see his self introduction in the video below!

TEEN TOP Member Ricky’s Real Height


At a height of 172 cm or 5’7½”, he’s shorter than the tallest member, Changjo, by 7 cm. Ricky and L.Joe (former member) were known as the shortest members in the group, and both of them already admitted that they used ‘the stone height enhancer’ to make themselves look taller on stage. Ricky was teased by the other members a lot about his height, and once was humiliated about being a liar for not telling people his real height.

However, although he is not taller than anyone in the group, Niel particularly approved of Ricky‘s good looks. Compared to other members, he has a very manly, built body, and that’s why Niel thinks he’s handsome (overall).

Ricky, The Fake Maknae of TEEN TOP


When you spot Ricky among the other members for the first time, there is a chance that you might mistake him as the youngest, when it’s actually Changjo who is the youngest. Also, he likes telling people that he is TEEN TOP’s maknae and has the most childish personality, that’s why he is called as the fake maknae of the group. Also, it was revealed that because he has a cute and lovely image in TEEN TOP, he ended up using Ricky as his stage name because the name helps you imagine those things perfectly.

He is responsible for TEEN TOP’s noona fans, who love his smile. Although he always claims he is the maknae, he is the most hot tempered member, yet he gets bullied the most by his hyungs. Not to mention, he has lots of aegyo and is kinda talkative.

TEEN TOP Member Ricky’s Favorite Things

  • Ricky likes wearing suits better than jeans.
  • He likes Sci-Fi and action movies.
  • He likes to play board games, especially Monopoly.
  • He doesn’t like to eat pickles.
  • He likes sweets, such as cakes and candies.
  • His dream is to be able to act, because he was a child actor.
  • If he was a girl, he’d want to date Chunji.
  • He likes mint choc-chip ice-cream.
  • His role models are Big Bang & Shinhwa.
  • He is a big fan of T.O.P of BIGBANG. He admires him a lot.
  • His idol crushes are After School’s Uee & T-ara’s Hyomin.
  • When asked about his ideal type, he said: “I like someone who acts cute a lot, and someone who understands me.”
  • He was closest to L.Joe (the former member), but gets on well with everyone.

TEEN TOP Member Ricky’s Habits & Personality

  • Ricky is the loudest member of Teen Top, but according Changjo, when he is with his parents, he is very quiet.
  • Chunji said that he and Ricky share similar tastes in music and movies, and that their personalities are very similar. Ricky added that they are both are the ones who mourn the most in the group.
  • He is the most boyish and comical, he likes to shout and do crazy things to lighten the atmosphere.
  • Ricky likes to lean on his hyungs, step on them, and randomly brush up against them. This has made Cap really mad in the past.
  • Ricky likes to stare at his band members when they sing during radio lives.
  • Ricky is the Teen Top member who sweats the most.
  • In the TEEN TOP dorm, he shared a room with Niel, because they are the loudest members.
  • Ricky is crazy good at math. He’s a genius. He does math calculations super fast in his head.
  • According to the other members, Ricky is the shyest/most embarrassed member of TEEN TOP.
  • Ricky likes to hide behind his hyungs whenever he feels shy or embarrassed.
  • Ricky tends to remain silent whenever his hyungs tease him. When the teasing becomes too much, he either smiles it off, wacks his hyung away, or comes up with a witty comeback.
  • Ricky is the type of person to internalize problems. He won’t say his displeasures out loud. But at the same time, he says he easily forgets about these bad memories.
  • Ricky is one of the easiest to make cry, next to Chunji.
  • Ricky is very scared of ghosts.
  • Ricky cares for Changjo a lot. He lets Changjo use all his lotions. When all the Teen Top hyungs were against Changjo in a debate about whether or not Changjo’s temper was too much, Ricky stuck through to the end defending Changjo, and was a kind friend.
  • He doesn’t wear much clothes in the dorms, according to his fellow group members.
  • Ricky was the first person to talk to L.joe. This made L. joe very happy, because he was lonely in Korea.
  • Ricky tends to mispronounce his words.
  • Ricky’s double eyelids disappear when he lays around for too long (for example, watching movies all night in bed).
  • His leg power is no joke. He is crazy strong. (You can see that on his appearance on rising brothers).
  • Ricky considers Changjo his hyung (brother) because on the second day after Teen Top debuted, Changjo became sick and Ricky was at his side all the time, at any time, and gave him his medicine. He was very spoiled.
  • L.Joe said that although Ricky makes Changjo angry, it is seen that they love each other very much, and also congratulates Ricky for having achieved what he wanted.
  • He gets really embarrassed watching himself play HyunBin in TEEN TOP’s parody to Secret Garden. Whenever he watches it,  he puts his fingers in his ears and looks away.
  • When he feels overly stressed , he smiles to make himself feel better.
  • He cares a lot about his health, so he takes vitamins everyday.
  • Meeting fans personally at fan signings makes him happy.