Teen Top’s Changjo: From His Profile to Opening Up About His Struggle with Bipolar Disorder

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Meet Changjo, The Mysterious Type in Teen Top

From working as a vocalist to becoming an actor, to even being involved in one of the survival rap programs, Changjo is full of surprises and always leaves fans guessing about what he will do next. He even struggles with bipolar disorder. Want to know more about him? Make sure you read this article until the last page.

Full Profile of Changjo

changjo teen top

Changjo is his stage name, his real name is Choi Jong Hyun (최종현). He was born in Chuncheon, South Korea on November 16, 1995, so his zodiac sign is Scorpio, the mysterious sign. He is 179 cm (5’10”) tall. His blood type is B.

Changjo positions in Teen Top are as main dancer, vocalist, and Maknae. He’s active in social media such as Twitter and Instagram and you can follow him under the username @whdgus1004 on Twitter and @t.changjo on Instagram.

Facts About Changjo

changjo teen top

Here are some facts about Changjo.

  • Changjo has an older sister.
  • Education: Chuncheon Middle School; Seoul School of Performing Arts; Hoseo University
  • He knows Taekwondo and Jeet Kune.
  • He is the quietest member of the group, but he has a hot temper.
  • His stage name, Changjo, means “to create” because he wants to create a new world through his dancing.
  • When he was younger he dreamed of being a bodyguard.
  • He acted in the drama Sweden Laundry (2014-2015) as well in the movie Makgeolli Girls (2015).
  • Changjo once said that his ideal type is Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha.
  • Changjo looks up to Taeyang from Bigbang dance skills.
  • He prefers to eat vegetables, especially cabbage.
  • He doesn’t like chocolate.
  • Back in the dorm, he shared a room with L.joe and Niel.
  • He enjoys pillow fights, but he loses. LOL, what are you doing?
  • He has an alien friend and a skateboard.
  • Starting from the Crazy era until Be Ma Girl he was the member who most often wore rings and bracelets.

Changjo’s Appearance in Show Me the Money

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On March 29, Teen Top′s agency, TOP Media, revealed, “Recently, Changjo made the decision to appear on ′Show Me The Money 6′ and submitted an application. The filming schedule is yet to be decided.”  Changjo is currently a member of idol boy-group Teen Top and he is continuing his role as a rapper through his appearance on Show Me The Money 6. Changjo also showed his rapping skills during his recent appearance on JTBC′s Tribe of Hip Hop.

Many fans are waiting for Chanjo to see how his skills will be reflected through his upcoming appearance in the rapper survival program.

Changjo’s Career as an Actor

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Besides being a vocalist for TEEN TOP, Changjo is also popular for his roles in some Korean dramas. Starting his acting career in 2010 by appearing in the drama I am Legend, his acting skill has gained viewers’ approval, especially when he starred in the drama Sweden Laundry where he played his role as the lead character. It was also his ‘official’ debut. He is a versatile performer who has a number of talents. Let’s just peel them off, one by one.