Everything About Teen Top’s Niel: Profile, Dating, and Most Recent News


Teen Top’s Face Of The Group Niel Profile!

Are you familiar with Neil, a member of the South Korean boy band Teen Top? He is the most popular member among all the others since he has taken on many different roles as an idol and has an incredible charisma that has lifted him up to fame.

Besides that, he also had a solo debut and released a digital album as well!

Well, if you are curious enough to know about Teen Top’s Niel, let’s get ready to check out his full profile below!

Niel’s Profile and Facts

Full Profile


Real Name: Ahn Daniel (안다니엘)

Stage Name: Niel (니엘)

Place and Date of Birth: Taean, Mallipo, South Korea, August 16th, 1994

Zodiac: Leo

Weight: 62 kg

Height: 178 cm

Education: Heungjin High School

Occupation: Singer, Idol

Band: Teen Top (틴탑)

Position in the Band: Visual (Face of the Group) and Main Vocal

Agency: Top Media

Official Sites: Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/official_teentop/?hl=id)




  1. Teen Top’s Niel has an older brother named David and a younger brother named Bo-sung
  2. When he was a child, Teen Top’s Niel used to be a child actor
  3. He loved playing soccer when he was still in Elementary School but he hasn’t been an active player anymore these days
  4. Teen Top’s Niel is one of the best friends of INFINITE’s Sung-yeol
  5. Teen Top’s Niel shared a room with his fellow member, Ricky, since the two are the loudest members of the band
  6. Teen Top’s Niel’s hobbies are listening to music and he has a habit on relieving stress by picking on Ricky
  7. Teen Top’s Niel is known to have an Emotional Vocal every time he sings a song
  8. The stage name Niel is using is actually the shortest version of his real name Daniel
  9. When he was a child, Niel really admired Se7en very much
  10. Teen Top’s Niel is categorized as the most talkative member while the quietest member is Changjo
  11. Teen Top’s Niel felt jealous of his fellow members, L. Joe and Ricky since they had to practice a kissing scene for an Elle photo shoot and MNet Japan
  12. He has the same height as his fellow member, Chang-jo
  13. Teen Top’s Niel said that he wants to fall in love as soon as he grows up

Niel’s Dating Rumors

Around July 2015, there was a dating rumor that involved Teen Top’s Niel as a subject. The rumor has been circulated around Twitter as the information was gathered from a Sasaeng. Niel was rumored to have a girlfriend who is a non-celebrity.

Seeing their interaction through the media social, netizens found a woman’s account on Instagram and suspected her of being Niel’s girlfriend.


Teen Top’s Niel and the woman who has a username @yunypu were following each other on Instagram and that time when Teen Top’s Niel liked one of her posts, he suddenly canceled it realizing that his fans would become curious about the nature of their interaction.


The fans wouldn’t leave this case, especially since they found out Teen Top’s Niel and the unknown woman have an item in common. South Korean couples usually wear an item that represents their special relationship.

Netizens found out that Teen Top’s Niel and the girl have been revealing that they are a couple by posting some photos on their personal social media wearing a couple anklet. Teen Top’s Niel was also caught wearing the couple accessories during the jacket photo shoot.


Another fan also become a witness of their special relationship after the recording of a variety show, CulTwo Show, where Teen Top’s Niel walked with a woman in bobbed hair on June 29th, 2015, while they were going out of the SBS building.


After the dating rumor had surfaced on the internet, it was strange that Neil actually deleted his Instagram account after receiving multiple questions from the curious fans regarding the nature of his relationship with this girl. Later on, the account that was suspected of belonging to Teen Top’s Niel’s girlfriend was also locked. None of Teen Top’s Niel’s fan page masters hasn’t given a response to the dating rumor yet.

Another evidence had been revealed as Teen Top’s Niel and Chunji went on a vacation together with an unknown person.


The alleged girlfriend was spotted walking with Teen Top’s Niel while wearing matching clothes. She also posted a picture of her at the airport with the same clothes on her personal Instagram account and it could clearly be seen that the same girl who walked with Teen Top’s Niel was there at the airport.


The photos of Teen Top’s Niel and his girlfriend went viral on the internet as fans took more pictures of them at the airport before they went on a vacation together.


After she posted a picture of her on Instagram, fans were coming to her asking whether the dating rumor is true that the two had a special relationship with each other but she quickly deleted her previous picture.

On the other hand, Teen Top’s Niel still acted like he didn’t care about the dating rumor but his agency, TOP Media responded to the dating rumor and announced that Teen Top’s Niel was going on a vacation with 3 people, which is Chunji and the lady. When it comes to revealing information about who the lady is, TOP Media said that she is just a friend of Teen Top’s Niel.

Both of them didn’t give any further information regarding the dating rumor but the lady has been suspected of being Teen Top’s Niel’s girlfriend for 1-2 years and they still meet each other frequently.

The alleged Teen Top’s Niel’s girlfriend was rumored to be a woman who is a wealthy socialite and is 10 years older than him.

Niel’s Solo Career

Besides being a member of Teen Top, Niel also made his solo debut in February 2015.


In January 2015, Niel announced that he would be making his solo debut on February 16th, 2015, and released his very first video titled “Lovekiller” that featured rapper Dok2.

He also released a solo mini-album with the title oNiely, containing 7 songs among which the song “Affogato,” a hit song at the top of the Gaon chart, which he wrote himself.

Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Only You” Black Eyed Pilseung Black Eyed Pilseung 3:03
2. “Lovekiller (feat. Dok2)” (못된 여자) Black Eyed Pilseung Black Eyed Pilseung 3:29
3. “아포가토 (feat. C.A.P)” (Affogato) Niel Niel 3:26
4. “Lady (feat. L.Joe)” Black Eyed Pilseung Black Eyed Pilseung 3:31
5. “전화해” (Call Me) Ye-Yo Ye-Yo 3:28
6. “에필로그” (Epilogue) Brand Newjiq DJTY 3:27
7. “천사의 노래” (Song of an Angel) Lucid Fall Lucid Fall 4:22

“Lovekiller” is a song that has a disco vibe with a medium-tempo played with an acoustic guitar sound that was composed by Black Eyed Pilseung, who has also written some of Teen Top’s songs too.

Later on, Niel released a repackage album, on April 14th, 2015, with the title oNiely ‘Spring Love’ featuring the solo singer, Juniel.


Acting Career

Teen Top’s Niel announced his debut on the big screen in May 2018. Filming for the movie titled Swag started on May 14th, 2018, in Seoul, around South Korea, before they move the filming location to Los Angeles.

Swag is a movie directed by Lim Sung-kwan and produced by Purple Straw Film. The story of the movie revolves around the fate of a little boy who comes from a rich family and is trying to find a way in his life’s journey to becoming a musician.

Teen Top’s Niel plays the leading role and he speaks up about his feelings regarding the new movie he starred in, “I can feel the pressure as the leading role in this movie since it’s my first experience in acting. The role has been related to my life because I am a singer in real life and I have also been working a lot with music too. With my role, I wanted to show the people about a story of a person who becomes a serious artist and matures in the future.”

Before starring in the movie, Swag, Teen Top’s Niel had previously acted in the drama musical Altar Boyz in July 2017, with other fellow celebrities, such as 2PM’s Chansung, Cross Gene’s Takuya, MYNAME’s Seyong, and 5URPRISE’s Yoo Il.

Latest News of Niel

On January 22nd, 2019, Teen Top’s Niel covered “Behind You,” which was originally sung by J.Y. Park.

Teen Top’s Niel covered the song for the project of Friends Pop & Pop Collaboration.

Around December 2018, Teen Top’s official channel on YouTube also shared a teaser of Niel hinting that he has something coming up in early 2019.

There’s still not any further information about ‘what-will-be-something-new’ this year but it might be Niel’s solo live concert that was expected to start in 2018 and continue on this year.



Well, that was all the information and latest news of Teen Top’s Niel. As the news and facts about him have been gathered, we all know that he is indeed a hardworking idol and he deserves more attention from the public. Let’s support Teen Top and also Niel’s solo career in the future!