Get To Know TEEN TOP Leader and Rapper, C.A.P

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The Charming Leader of Teen Top, C.A.P!

C.A.P was famously known as the charismatic leader and rapper in Teen Top. People have been recognized and praised his music and achievement, which made his popularity grew even more. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain you the detail information about Teen Top’s C.A.P, so stay tuned!

Teen Top’s C.A.P’s Profile

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Birth Name: Bang Min-soo (방민수)

Stage Name: C.A.P

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, November 4, 1992

Age: 28 years old

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 71 kg

Blood Type: O

Position: Leader, Main Rapper

Years Active: 2010 – present

Label: Top Media

Associated With: Teen Top

Instagram: bangminsu1992

Youtube: 방가스튜디오

Facts About Teen Top’s C.A.P That You Need to Know

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  • One of C.A.P’s nicknames is Charisma Rapper.
  • His stage name C.A.P also came up for the reason that he loved to wear caps.
  • For his education necessity, C.A.P attended Seongname Information Industry High School and Dong Seoul University.
  • C.A.P has 2 older sisters.
  • C.A.P started rapping in his first year in middle school.
  • He got into Top Media agency through an open audition from Lotte World.
  • He also did some rap through his audition.
  • He loves drawing, exercising, and designing.
  • He made a lot of graffiti.
  • C.A.P’s ideal type is a girl with personal charm and good style. He also referred to Wonder Girls’ Yubin and 4Minute’s Jihyun as his ideal type.

Debut with Teen Top

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C.A.P made his debut as Teen Top members in July 9, 2010! He made such a great appearance with other members such as Chunji, Niel, Rick, Changjo, and L.Joe at that time. The group released the first single album entitled Come into the World, which was marked as their debut project as well. Meanwhile, Clap became the title track which came up with an amazing music video!

In the group, C.A.P was in charged as the leader and main rapper. Two years after their debut, C.A.P and other Teen Top members also released their second mini album entitled It’s on January 2012, following by their first award on KBS’ Music Bank and SBS’ Inkigayo afterwards.

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teen top

In 2013, the group held the first European Tour called as TEEN TOP SHOW! Live Tour in Europe 2013 and went to Germany, Spain, England, and France. It also followed by their huge concert in Seoul’s Olympic Hall in February 2014, and a bunch of overseas tour as in USA, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, and many more!

The group also made much great music, which led them to won many awards such as the single No More Perfume on You, To You, I Wanna Love, Missing, Ah-Ah, and other single as well.

Teen Top’s C.A.P’s Solo Activity

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Since the group Teen Top was in the hiatus break, all of the members include C.A.P also busy with their own activity. The leader seemed to be enjoyed his spare time, made a bunch of great songs in Soundcloud, and updated his daily activities through a vlog in his Youtube channel as well!

Controversy Surrounding Teen Top’s C.A.P

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C.A.P used to involved in a controversy since he has been criticized for his comments during a TV interview. It happened in January 2012 when C.A.P and other Teen Top members were appeared in Wide Entertainment News. At that time, they were being asked about what would they be in 10 years and C.A.P used to answering the question with a normal topic as he would like to be a father and raised his children in such a cool way.

It also following by a statement that accused people of gender discrimination. C.A.P revealed that he would give everything to his son in the future. Meanwhile, his daughter has to stay at home since it was a woman’s job to stay home. And if the daughter needed to be, C.A.P might hit her and locked her at home.

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According to his response, C.A.P revealed that he thought it dangerous for women to stay out. Later on, C.A.P has expressed his sincere apology for her inapropriate comment and promised the fans that he would be getting better in the future.

Teen Top’s C.A.P’s Solo MV’s Through The Years

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Outside his activity with Teen Top, C.A.P also involved within solo activity as well. In May 2018, he released his first solo single entitled For, welcomed by the fans wholeheartedly. The single was a mixture of rap, hip-hop, and pop which emphasized the new music concept from C.A.P, and he also involved within the writing process along with V-Hawk.

Check out the amazing music video of For here:

C.A.P released other amazing solo singles such as SseSseSse in December 2018, 수우퍼 in 2018, 92 in March 2019 which filled with C.A.P’s emotional and personal monologue, and On the Sky which marked as his collaboration single with V-Hawk in April 2019.

Teen Top’s C.A.P and His Youtube Channel

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C.A.P also used another platform to expressed his music, and he has been chosen Youtube as the platform! The Teen Top’s leader opened his channel in 2019 and constantly uploaded various content such as his single music video, daily vlog, ASMR type of video, and many more. Make sure to check out his channel and show him a lots of love and supports!

That was all of the information about Teen Top’s C.A.P! Despite his past controversy, C.A.P has proven that he was a great leader for Teen Top and a fantastic singer. Let’s always show him a bunch of support!