Check Out The Amazing Tattoos of GOT7’s Bambam and The Meaning Here!

got7's bambam

Did You Know That GOT7’s Bambam Has A Lot of Tattoos?

Some people considering tattoos as a work of art, but in some countries like South Korea, China, and Japan, it becomes slightly sensitive since somehow it still finds as something associated with ‘gangster.’ After South Korea has gradually relaxed the terms of tattoos used, people started to follow the trends!

One example, Bambam from the boy group GOT7 seems pretty confident with those tattoos, even showing them off. In this article, Channel Korea will give you an explanation of his tattoos, so stay tuned!

Before we started with Bambam tattoos, let’s talk about GOT7 first! The charming boy group was scouted under JYP Entertainment and consisted of Bambam, Jackson Wang, Park Jin-young, Mark Tuan, Jay B, Kim Yu-gyeom, and Choi Young-jae. So, are they having tattoos just like Bambam? In the group, members who have tattoos are Mark, Yugyeom, Bambam, Jackson, and Youngjae. The tattoos have various meanings, even a message for AHGASE (GOT7’s fandom)!

Get To Know GOT7’s Bambam’s Tattoo Collection Here!

GOT7’s Bambam is one of those K-Pop idols who amaze the fans with his alluring tattoos, especially when he used a sleeveless top or even shirtless where they could have to notice Bambam’s tattoo! Currently, he has approximately 9 tattoos, but he could add more anytime in the future. So, here is the whole guide to know better about Bambam’s tattoos collection:

Bambam’s Chest Tattoos

Bambam does have several tattoos on his chest, which made it the most attractive side among the other part. On the left side of his chest, there was a phrase of ‘Kissin’ On My Tattoos’ that sounds a little bit flirty but adorable at the same time! For the right side, there was also something similar with spade symbols as the tattoos.

Move to the lower part, Bambam has one tattoo on his torso that says ‘King’!

Bambam’s Tattoos on His Arm

Onto the next one, Bambam has several tattoos inked on his arm! On his inner side of the right arm, there is a tattoo of 97 numbers with Roman numerals marked as his birth year.

Bambam also inked another 97 number with red color!

Bambam also got the ‘Rockstar’ tattoo on the other part of his arm, which somehow looks appealing!

One of the most charming tattoos was printed on Bambam’s left arm. It was a picture of three faces symbol which the fans believed that it also an expression of different personalities and facets!

Bambam’s Back Tattoos

Some fans might go crazy over Bambam’s sexy back, but he also finds another way to made it more attractive: a beautiful back tattoo has been printed! It says the phrase ‘Forever Young,’ which also the name of GOT7’s song!

Bambam’s Tattoos on His Foot

The fans could spot a tiny inked on Bambam’s foot through one of the V Live sessions! The tattoo was written as ‘That Way’ that somehow looked very beautiful on his pale foot!

Fans’ Reactions About His Eye-Catching Tattoos

GOT7’s Bambam drives the fans crazy not only through his visual and magical skills but also with the attractiveness of his tattoos! So many fans have praised his tattoos and compliment him with various comments and reactions, just like this:

“This is so cool! I love all his tattoos… so this tattoo means kissing on all his tattoos??”

“Bambam tattoos!! I’m on panic mode.”

“Is this a new tattoo? I can’t keep up anymore.”

“Those tattoos are just perfect!”

“Bambam showing off his tattoos yet again, I’m respectfully looking.”

So, do you also think that Bambam and his tattoos are perfectly made?

That’s wrap-up everything about GOT7’s Bambam and his tattoo collections! Despite the contrary of tattoos meaning in South Korea, many K-Pop idols are bravely express the art of tattoos on their bodies, just like GOT7’s Bambam! So, what are your favorite tattoos from GOT7’s Bambam? Let us know your answer through the comment section, then don’t forget to share our article on your social media!