Profile of Jeon Bo-ram: Former T-ARA Member Turned Actress

t ara boram profile

South Korean Girl Group T-ARA’s Vocalist—Jeon Bo-ram: Full Profile, Facts, Career Journey, and Latest News

One of the K-Pop girl groups known for their popular song “Roly Poly” play an important role in the Hallyu wave as they are famous for songs that are always catchy and easy listening. However, unfortunately, T-ARA were involved in several scandals and controversies related to members as well as unfair treatment from their management, MBK Entertainment. Behind their shining careers, T-ARA were trying their best so that the 6-member group can survive in the music industry. Previously, in mid-2017, MBK Entertainment announced that Bo-ram and So-yeon would not renew their contracts with T-ARA.

The two of them decided to go on their separate ways with their respective new agencies. The departure of these two members marks the end of T-ARA known as a six-member group and the start of their career with four members. So, what are the news from T-ARA’s Bo-ram, right now? Let’s check out the detailed information about her full profile, facts, career journey, and latest news, in this article below, provided for you by Channel-Korea!

T-ARA’s Bo-ram’s Full Profile

t ara boram profile

Real Name: Jeon Bo-ram (Hangul: 전보람)

Stage Name: Bo-ram (Hangul: 보람)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, March 22nd, 1986

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 155 cm (5’1″)

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Religion: Protestant

Position in the group: Vocalist, Sub-Rapper

Active Period: T-ARA (2008–2017)


  • Dolma High School (Transfer) → Anyang Arts High School Oriental Art Department (Graduation)
  • Myongji College Drama Visual Science (Specialized Bachelor)

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T-ARA’s Bo-ram’s Facts

t ara boram profile
  1. T-ARA’s Bo-ram attended the same university as T-ARA’s Qri
  2. T-ARA’s Bo-ram attended the same church as T-ARA’s So-yeon
  3. T-ARA’s Bo-ram’s favorite color is yellow
  4. T-ARA’s Bo-ram is good at drawing manga characters
  5. T-ARA’s Bo-ram’s family members are mostly celebrities
  6. T-ARA’s Bo-ram’s mother is a well-known actress, Lee Mi-young, her father is Korean singer Jeon Young-rok, and her sister is Woo Ram, who was promoted as a member of D-Unit
  7. T-ARA’s Bo-ram gave 100 million Won to her mother as pocket money during her promotion days
  8. T-ARA’s Bo-ram was added to the group after former T-ARA members Jiwon and Jiae left the group
  9. T-ARA’s Bo-ram is the oldest member of the group with Qri, but Bo-ram is 8 months and 20 days older than Qri
  10. T-ARA’s Bo-ram won the championship among 26 prominent girl group members in the 2009 Chuseok special, Sweet Girl
  11. T-ARA’s Bo-ram was selected as the least organized member in various entertainment programs during her early days of debut. Bo-ram always said, “I put it in a place that stands out or is easy to find,” but unlike Qri’s space that is neatly organized even when sharing a room, she is said to be the type who works hard like crazy when eating
  12. T-ARA’s Bo-ram is a member who really likes to eat, she said it would be weird if she didn’t chew something
  13. T-ARA’s Bo-ram hasn’t changed many hairstyles, except at the beginning of her debut, and she always wears bangs until now
  14. T-ARA’s Bo-ram dyed her hair during the “Sugar Free” era
  15. T-ARA’s Bo-ram was added to the group along with Qri and Soyeon before the group released their song “Lie”
  16. T-ARA’s Bo-ram used to be the second leader of T-ARA from July 2010 to July 2011
  17. T-ARA’s Bo-ram used to draw and designed a hotel room located in Yeouido, Seoul
  18. T-ARA’s Bo-ram arranged the layout of the furniture and picked out every accessory in the room for the place she designed
  19. T-ARA’s Bo-ram is a big fan of Johnny Depp
  20. T-ARA’s Bo-ram is the shyest member
  21. T-ARA’s Bo-ram is the member most comfortable to hug because of her small body, according to T-ARA’s Eun-jung
  22. T-ARA’s Bo-ram is the member who cries the easiest
  23. T-ARA’s Bo-ram released her first digital single in 2008 titled “Is It Today”
  24. T-ARA’s Bo-ram’s first digital single entered the Top 100 of Korean music chart and used to be very popular
  25. T-ARA’s Bo-ram debuted as a musical actress in 2010 in I Really Really Like You and played alongside her father
  26. T-ARA’s Bo-ram made an appearance as an actress in the web drama titled Shall We That’s as Joo-hee that aired in 2020
  27. T-ARA’s Bo-ram also made another notable acting appearance through the K-Dramas The Angel of Death Comes with Purple High Heels (2010), Soul/Possessed (2009), and Sweet Temptation (2015)
  28. T-ARA’s Bo-ram appeared on TV Chosun’s Life Documentary My Way with her sister Woo Ram that aired on June 12th, 2019
  29. T-ARA’s Bo-ram made an appearance in K-Pop group music videos, such as 2PM’s “Tik Tok” and Keebe’s “Feeling You”
  30. T-ARA’s Bo-ram’s roommate in the dorm was Qri, while in overseas activities it was So-yeon
  31. T-ARA’s Bo-ram left T-ARA in May 2017 alongside So-yeon due to their expired contracts
  32. T-ARA’s Bo-ram would date a man who is younger than her

T-ARA’s Boram’s Pre-debut Story

t ara boram profile

Bo-ram is a girl born to three generations that come from a family who worked as celebrities. Bo-ram is the daughter of a singer and movie star, Jeon Young-rok. Her father Jeon Young-rok remarried after the divorce, so she has two more half-brothers. However, since her siblings are younger, they are less exposed to the public.

Bo-ram’s grandfather is Hwanghae (real name is Jeon Hong-gu, born in 1920 and died in 2005), and her grandmother is Baek Seol-hee (real name is Kim Hee-suk), who was popular for her acting career in the 1950s and 1960s. Bo-ram’s mother is also a talented actress, Lee Mi-young, and her uncle is Lee Chang-hoon, a comedian famous for Maeng-gu.

t ara boram profile

For reference, Bo-ram herself is the eldest daughter and has Jeon Woo-ram as her younger sister. Jeon Woo-ram also works under the stage name of D-Unit’s RAM, but is currently vocalizing under the stage name Rami in the band FIVE RUN STRIKE. Additionally, although she is not a well-known celebrity, she also has two younger brothers. The first brother is Jeon Yoo-bin, and the second younger brother is Jeon Hyo-bin. Thanks to this background, media exposure was the most frequent at the beginning of T-ARA’s debut.

t ara boram profile

Like Qri, she was a member who had the worst singing ability. Because of this, in some songs of the group, she didn’t have parts at all, and in most of the other songs, she had very few parts. On MBC’s Video Star, Bo-ram said that she is a dancer and wearing a microphone is embarrassing. But still, her father and grandmother are singers in the family and since she was planned to debut as a singer before joining T-ARA, her singing skills have gradually improved compared to other sub-vocalists, such as Qri.

Before joining Core Contents Media and becoming a member of T-ARA, Bo-ram was a student of Myongji University, majoring in Theater and Visual Arts, along with her age friend who was also a T-ARA member, Qri. In 2008, exactly one year before T-ARA was formed, Bo-ram released the song “From Memory” as part of the album of the same title and “Is It Today” as part of the album Lucifer Project Vol 1 as the two debut songs.