Tang Joon-sang: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Filmography

Tang Joon-sang in Racket Boys

Tang Joon-sang

The popular actor from the Move to Heaven series, Tang Joon-sang, admitted that his months of training for the drama Racket Boys finally paid off. He managed to show Yoon Hae-kang as a talented player like a professional player.

The Korean drama titled Racket Boys is currently very popular with the public. Not only because of the storyline, but also thanks to the badminton skills of the young actors. One of them is Joon-sang who plays Hae-kang, the mainstay of the high school badminton team.


“I had to describe professional techniques and moves, so I had to train hard. It was quite tiring and physically strenuous, but once I saw how it turned out in the scenes, it felt worth it,” Joon-sang was quoted by the Korea Times.

Racket Boys tells the story of a badminton team from a small-town high school trying to win in the national junior league. The screenplay was written by Jung Bo-hoon from Prison Playbook, while the director position was occupied by Jo Yeong-gwang from Heart Surgeons.


Hae-kang moves from the city to join an almost hopeless team, when her father and former professional badminton player, Hyun-jong (played by Kim Sang-kyung) becomes the coach to save the team.

He was disillusioned with his small-town life and quit baseball to join the team. However, when he opened up with his friends in the team, he began to find other goals for the sport of badminton.

The 18-year-old actor, who was previously an Asperger’s teenager in the series Move to Heaven, said he became more mature thanks to the drama Racket Boys. “I think I learned a lot from this series because I worked with actors of the same age as well as veteran actors who are much older. I came to learn how to interact with different people and work in harmony through this series,” he said.

Tang Joon-sang’s Awards and Nominations


Despite his young age, Tang Joon-sang is arguably a South Korean actor who often appears in musicals. Because his acting skills are getting better over time, he could even easily get into several nominations and win some awards.

Here are Tang Joon-sang’s awards and nominations:

Year Award Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2021 Asia Contents Awards Newcomer Actor Move to Heaven Nominated
Cine 21 Awards Best New Actor of the Year Move to Heaven and Racket Boys Won
SBS Drama Awards Best Young Actor Racket Boys Won

Tang Joon-sang’s New Drama in 2022 The Worst Boy in the World


After successfully starring in the K-Drama Racket Boys and Move to Heaven which both aired in 2021, the career of young actor Tang Joon-sang is increasingly shining. He is able to compete with other actors who already have a lot of experience. In fact, Tang Joon-sang managed to win the Best Youth Actor award at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards which was held on December 31st, 2021.


One of the Korean news media, OSEN, reported that the actor will play the main character in the latest series titled The Worst Boy in the World. Although the drama is planned to be broadcast through Disney+, it is reportedly still in discussion with various OTTs.

Responding to the report, a representative from Tang Joon-sang’s agency, CLN Company, also confirmed. “Tang Joon-sang has received an offer to star in The Worst Boy in the World and is reviewing it positively,” said one agency representative.

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