Takuya Terada Leaves Cross Gene! Get the Details Here!


Everything You Need To Know About Former Cross Gene Member Takuya Terada

Takuya Terada was born on March 18th, 1992. He is an actor and singer from Japan and also a member of the “Asian Global Group” Amuse, Inc., Cross Gene. Takuya Terada is also known as Japan’s representative in the Korean television variety program, JTBC Non-Summit.

Cross Gene’s Takuya Terada To Star In His first Musical ‘Altar Boyz’!


Cross Gene’s Takuya Terada will take his first step in a musical by joining the cast of Altar Boyz!

According to Amuse, Inc., “Takuya has been confirmed to join the Korean musical Altar Boyz for the upcoming shows on September 15th and 16th at Japan’s Tokyo Maihama Amphitheater.”

Altar Boyz began its Broadway run in America, back in 2005. The musical is a comical satire about boy bands and Christian music. The story follows five individuals who come together to create a Christian boy band.

Altar Boyz will start its first show on August 25th and continue to August 27th, and will consist of six musical performances.

Takuya Terada Leaves Cross Gene


Confirming Takuya’s departure through Korea’s official Amuse website, the four members of Cross Gene also sent a special message to the fans.

Takuya Terada is reported to have left Cross Gene.

Amuse Korea has confirmed that Takuya Terada will no longer be a part of Cross Gene as reported through the Cross Gene official website on Wednesday (December 12th, 2018). “For all the fans who support Cross Gene, on December 10th, member of Cross Gene, Takuya Terada, has been declared ‘graduated’ from the group.”

Through his statement, Amuse stated that Takuya Terada no longer extended his contract because he would continue his career in a different field from Cross Gene. “We are very sorry to have conveyed this sudden news to the fans who have shown their support so far for Cross Gene. Takuya has been a member of Cross Gene for 7 years, but now he will continue in other fields different from Cross Gene along with the expiration of the contract.”


The news of the departure of this Japanese idol was also confirmed by other Cross Gene members. Cross Gene is a group consisting of members from China, Japan, and Korea. The remaining four members: Shin Won-Ho, Sangmin, Seyoung, and Yongseok issued a letter regarding Takuya’s departure.


“To the fans who always support us, thank you very much. Sorry, because suddenly we have to tell you unpleasant news. To be honest, we continue to work hard until now, although it is uncertain, whether we will be able to stay together. so, we can survive so far thanks to your support and enthusiasm. We don’t want Cross Gene to end, for the sake of all of you.”

Not only that, but the remaining four Cross Gene members also conveyed a touching message and support for Takuya Terada in his new career that is different from the group that debuted in 2012. “Although sad because we will continue our journey on a different path from Takuya, our fellow member who has been accompanying us for about 7 years, we want to show our support for Takuya and appreciate his decision to continue on a new path.”

From now onwards, we will continue Cross Gene activities with four members. We will continue to work harder and create a new future with all of you.

We will do our best so that we can meet you directly in 2019. We will be grateful if you can wait and be a little patient. And we hope you will continue to support Cross Gene,” they concluded.

The most recent updates coming from Takuya Terada are regarding his role in the musical Altar Boyz in Japan, in August last year. Before that, in 2015, Takuya also successfully performed in the Mnet comedy-drama The Lover, as well as in several Japanese films. Maybe after this, Takuya will continue his career in acting or in the world of modeling.